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Who would like to wake up here?❤
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“it’s not about the numbers. it’s about having a few things you absolutely love. it’s about less, so you have more. it’s about the peace. the detoxing. the decluttering. the maintainability. it’s about using less of my willpower tank on choosing clothes so that i have more left over for the important stuff throughout the day.”
@gellymay sums it up perfectly. photo by her too.
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🚨🚨🚨this week marked four years open in the wicker park storefront and now the time has come to say “so long” to north avenue. this is definitely not goodbye from gather, but it is the end for this location of the brand. it has been an incredible experience in this bright, beautiful space but 2019 is looking to be brand new. i truly appreciate everyone who has made the shop feel like home over the years - especially the loyal customers, makers i’ve had the privilege to work with, & friends made - it couldn’t have been done without you. i hope that you’ll continue to follow along as the future of gather unfolds in the coming months - and come by for a final visit! the doors here will officially close mid-january. thank you so much for all the love & support of the shop!

this weekend will be the start of the ✨closing sale✨. all full price & sale items are 15% - 20% off. stop by to finish up some gift shopping, stock up on favorites like candles & cards, or finally pick up whatever it is you’ve been eyeing every time you stop in. there are so many amazing gifts available, but some of the most popular makers have limited stock - so hurry in if you have something specific in mind. i hope to see some familiar faces in the final weeks & if you still haven’t made it in then now is the time!

until next time - kristen✌🏻 (unfortunately price adjustments on previous purchases won’t be offered, some items may be excluded from discounts, and items purchased during the “closing sale" are final sale and cannot be returned or exchanged. for the time being 15% off will be offered online with “seeyousoon” at checkout.)

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I finally got the rv refrigerator panels installed and you know i wasted no time putting some pretty lettering up there 😆✨ i thought the quote was timely after the ruckus that was my insta stories last night and today. i’ve received dozens of messages (and so many people shared the stories, thank you!) from you guys who were shocked, outraged and ready to make some different choices for yourself and your families. i hope you aren’t left feeling overwhelmed but empowered to take things into your own hands. baby steps is the key! what is one small step that you will take to ensure the safety and health of your family in regards to food and wellness? share below and we can all encourage each other 🌿

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B&w minimalism magazine.

photo: @erictoddphotography

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B&w minimalism magazine.

photo: @richiej1_johns

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On the edge by @k2budapest

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hach was war das spannend heut...
anna @dannnehmeichkeinennamen und ich haben gleichzeitig in unseren stories die geschenke vom #miandeiwichteln ausgepackt. ich bin wirklich happy mit den kerzenständern und der tollen backmischung❤️danke dafür anna und danke nochmals an elke @miandei für diese super idee 🎄❤️jetzt bin ich richtig im weihnachtsmodus angekommen... zudem möchte ich generell einfach mal danke sagen für eure lieben kommentare,eure ❤️ und für die treue. insta macht mir mit euch soviel spaß!einige von euch konnte ich schon in echt kennenlernen das waren bisher auch meine highlights die ich hier erlebt habe #instaverbindet
so jetzt mach ich es mir noch gemütlich bei kakao und keksen und schaue bei euch vorbei 😉genießt das wochenende für mich ❤️ ————————————————

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