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That’s a photo of my current setup. i use those gadgets on daily basis and they play a big role on my productivity.
i’m always saying about how important patience is. but let me highlight how being consistent and productive every day, makes a huge difference. and in order to achieve that, you need some necessary tools. as you may have noticed i try to eliminate any wires going around in order to keep things as minimal as possible. in the last two months i changed all of the gadgets i use on daily basis. i had a windows laptop which made things difficult when i was trying to connect it with my iphone, wired headphones, and another camera with which i had to take out the sd card and connect it with my laptop all the time. now i got a new one which sends files by wifi, but that’s a story that i will keep for a different photo.

trying to live a more minimalistic lifestyle is not only about getting rid of excessive stuff, but also making your life easier/ less complicated. one step at a time. small adjustments add up and soon enough they create a huge outcome ✨ •

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I loved spending some time in new york!

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Monday night vibes...

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108 meters of perret's concrete lighthouse. a very evil church.

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