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New || this lovely fan met zac! @zacefron credit to fan! :) not tagging her just for her privacy :) ❤️❤️

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New || zac is such a kind person! he was helping out one of his friends dogs because it was stuck! ❤️❤️ @zacefron

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New || everyone needs to go donate now!! it’s so sad to see so many people loosing their homes! let’s help zac donate some money! @zacefron link in bio or go to zac’s stories to donate :)) ❤️ let’s support zac and help all the people who lost basically everything in their homes! i pray everyone is okayy 🙏 @zacefron

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New || zac and dylan with a couple of friends in costa rica❤️

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Part two of this throwback video! @zacefron

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New || zac with his brother and a friend! @zacefron

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New || some pics of zac in peru! @zacefron credit to owners of pics! :)

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Throwback to when zac was promoting the lorax! he’s so young!!

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Throwback pic of zac being followed by the paps ❤️

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New || zac always pushing his limits, i’m so proud of him and what he achieves! @zacefron

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Throwback to when zac was ellen’s gardner 😂❤️ @zacefron @theellenshow

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Throwback to baywatch dayssss

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New || another pic of zac and a fan! credit to owner of pics! :))) @zacefron

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New || these fans are super crazyyyy @zacefron @dylanefron
credit to fan who filmed this :)

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Cutie ❤️❤️

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New || cute pics with a fan! credit to fan 😊❤️

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New || sorry i’m delayed everyone i’ve been super busy but here is zac’s ig stories from the past few days

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