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Fuckin' @slayerbandofficial! ➡️➡️➡️
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Ufhfjfj i wish vince would announce a show in my area :(

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One of the things i love about this city is the level of freedom and mutual respect towards people. you can be whatever/whoeever you want to be and is nobody gonna judge you for it.
it reminds me of why i don't go out much at all anymore in dubai... it's so uncivilized in comparison.. people need to grow up :)

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| stared in the mirror and punched it to shatters, collected the pieces and picked out a dagger. i’ve pinched my skin in between my two fingers and wished i could cut some parts off with some scissors.🔗🕷

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O inverno está aqui! #got corre, que já estamos abertos! daqui a pouco tem game of thrones. vem!

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All in ma belly! 🤤 back at kuma's corner, my all time fav burger joint. first time trying the 'high on fire' and it was 🔥
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