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I could blame mum for everything she didn’t do as a mother. i could blame and cut ties with her cause she was part of the reason the divorce came about. i could magnify all her flaws for all the ‘harsh’ words she said to me all these years. but that’s something i won’t do, although i have felt neglected at times i feel and know she is still my mother and although we don’t agree with everything i do and say in life - she is still my mother. the person who always cared for me and wanted the best for me, even though it’s sometimes hard to hear. i still love her. she’s poured out her heart and love me all these years - and never gave up on me. when i told her first about my suicidal thoughts in the early days, she blamed herself for everything. i didn’t blame her - in fact i didn’t blame anyone but myself. it’s took her some time to understand that it wasn’t her fault and to accept me on who i am.

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Things you can do despite having a mental illness ... #drhappy #thehappinessinstitute #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #smashthestigma

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Self care is essential to maintaining good mental health. what are you doing this weekend to take care of yourself?
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Mental health awareness

link to video:

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Focus is what keeps me going every night , in the gym again and completed another 16 miles cardio again tonight , my focus making a difference. ending hate. stopping bullies. every mile counts.#faceforward #owwrunagainstbullying #stopbullying #antibullying #charitymiles #downsyndrome #suicideprevention #mentalhealthawareness #specialneedskids #childrenareagiftfromgod #disneychannel#bekind #focusedonmygoals #champs🏆 #fitnessgirl #gymtime💪 #workoutroutine #cardioqueen #enduranceathlete #lifetimefitness #healthandfitness #domesticviolenceawareness #kidsofinstagram

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#repost @saltfloatspaqt with @get_repost
floating offers a natural increase in dopamine and other neurotransmitters, which create feelings of euphoria and aid mental relaxation. during floatation, nuclei called amygdala (which is responsible for our flight or fight response) shuts itself off, turning off all your anxiety. with lower rates of help-seeking behaviour, floatation is an individualistic form of therapy where you can just be with yourself and welcome a state of deep ease to get those nuclei cells back to where you want them to be.

be where you want to be emotionally& mentally.
the result you get after walking out of salt float spa will be insurmountable, with feelings of restoration and rejuvenation. finding a balance for good mental health can at times be tricky, but attempting something new to see if you will benefit from it will equip you with the knowledge and skills to say, ‘hey, i tried that and it worked, or it didn’t.’ help get yourself to where you want to be in life emotionally and mentally, and take advantage of an innovative way to experience meditation, calm, peace and relaxation through floatation.

float today
0800 floats .
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Health talk: causes of depression. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• there are a number of factors that may increase the chance of depression, including the following: • abuse.-past physical,sexual, or emotional abuse can increase the vulnerability to clinical depression in a person. • certain medications.-some drugs can increase your risk of depression,that’s why you should only take drugs prescribed by the doctor or health worker and never do self medication. • conflict- depression in someone who has the biological vulnerability to develop depression may result from personal conflicts or disputes with family members or friends. • death or a loss- sadness or grief from the death or loss of a loved one may cause depression. • genetics.- a family history of depression may increase the risk. it's thought that depression is a complex trait, meaning that there are probably many different genes that each exert small effects, rather than a single gene that contributes to disease risk. • major events.- even good events such as starting a new job, graduating, or getting married can lead to depression. so can moving, losing a job or income, getting divorced, or retiring....a change in a way of life might become boring and pose risk to depression. • heartbreak -this is cause of most cases of depression,it’s hard for some people to move on from a break of relationship or marriage which drives them to withdraw into themselves in isolation from people or things they used to love . • serious illnesses. -sometimes depression co-exists with a major illness or may be triggered by another medical condition. • substance abuse- nearly 30% of people with substance abuse problems also have major or clinical depression.

if you feel depressed,please get the needed help,it’s a phase and it will pass .

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Rocking my paw patrol beach towel like!
so as its #mentalhealthawareness i wanted to share something very quick....feeling guilty or upset when people assume things about your life. #mindyourbusiness... lately i have had a few people raising eyebrows at everything i do from what i buy for my kids to the holidays i have had to take to what i wear....i am sure you have all felt that pressure too at some point where you feel guilty for spending or doing something for you or family, or where people make you feel you live a more #privilaged life than them....sooo they dont see all the f*****g hard work behind your life, the fact that you may give your kids the world because you didn't have that, or the fact that you are saving like crazy to afford a holiday, that you grew up in a council house with no dad and at some point were eating food from a newspaper on a floor that had no carpet (true story) so before you let people make you feel less worthy... tell them to #mindyourbusiness 💪🏽 #mentalhealthawareness#feelingguilty#hardworkpaysoffs

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This has to stop😩😩
this is why i have sponsored my local school in connahs quay to recieve the training
thankyou norry for your training programme
saddened, and upset, to read of another teenager who ended their own life because of bullying!!!!! james was only 13yrs old, and had been bullied at school by four pupils, all because....... he wore old trainers 😡
last friday the bullies pulled him to the floor and urinated on him😡
james was so upset he tried to take his own life that weekend.
heartbreakingly, the thought of going back to any school was too much for james and on tuesday evening his mum tragically found him dead in his room.
this is why i'm so passionate about getting these teacher training programs into every school.
85 schools in blackpool & fylde will be getting theirs on monday, and we will be making a direct difference.
sincere condolences and support for all james's family & friends ❤️x

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Following mental health awareness day 🧠 we want to offer a 10% discount on all classes using *code: mentalhealth10
it’s proven: physical activity has been shown to have a positive influence on our self esteem and self worth.😊 so whether you’ve been thinking about trying ((bounce)) for a while, or you know that winter is a tough slog for you or maybe you just want to make sure you continue to ((b)) through the cold evening.

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Depression is often accompanied by anxiety. anxiety means a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome. with receiving a notification saying a friend tagged you in a post or tag you in a photo, people with depression often worry what could it be. could it be a photo of me they took without my consent? a lot of questions would probably come into one’s mind. when tagged with an unflattering photo, most people would just let it pass or even make fun out of it. but people with depression are often unease by the thought of it. they are scared that other people would make fun of how they look like.
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Yep. excellent graph. this about sumarizes my past few years.

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Communication is the 🗝

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