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@taniikeda started the survivor love letter as a movement for s****l assault survivors and their allies to celebrate their lives!

today, let's flood the internet with them! @survivor.love.letter
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Spencerian script looks so pretty on these slim handmade paper envelopes. i wish there was more time to write letters like this one. .
*werbung wegen unbezahlter namensnennung*
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@regran_ed from @komalesque - lesson learned: never make a home in someone else.
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wonderful art by @broken_isnt_bad
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It's your another 23rd, dear @jestinesiewij 😘 happy continuation day 🍾🍷🎂
oh my... she really grown up.. thank you for this heart-taking letter on your birthday.. and the @amandabrownies you bought for us.. selegit rasa kuenya di hati yg berbunga2 ini 🤭🤗.
omo.. my girl sudah cap tjit.. untung mom nya msh abg (aku belom gocap) wuaahahaha.. wish you all de best, my honey sweety lemon squishy forever baby girl 💕💓 .
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一目惚れしたアドヴェントカレンダーを、憧れの @loveletter015 先生のアトリエに作りに行って来ました✨素敵過ぎて早く飾りたいのですが、飾れるのはもう少し先ですね☺️ 楽しみに待つことにします🎶
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A message of love to wave the weekend goodbye… from the loving, tender letters to véra, by vladimir nabokov:
“you turn my life into something light, amazing, rainbowed – you put a glint of happiness on everything – always different: you can be smoky-pink, downy, sometimes dark, winged – and i don’t know when i love your eyes more – when they are open or shut.” (prague, july 13th, 1924)
the woman in this painting by daniel dallmann offers her n***d neck, not only to the (clothed) man in the back, but also to us, the viewers. she’s powerful, because she’s vulnerable. man and woman are tied by love’s fragrance. a very sensual painting.
the art of (love)letter writing seems almost to have vanished. what a pity, not in the least because love letters are an everlasting testimony to the persons we were, once, at a blessed moment in time. they suppose a writer who takes his time though, and a beloved who is open to it. such a writer-muse combination is hard to find these days. véra possessed the peaceful, steady, susceptible elegance driving vladimir to the zenith of his art. what a charming, caring, strong woman she was (pic 2, véra and vladimir).
spring seems endless this year. in the shade of an olive tree i’m sitting, thinking about love letters i’ve written. i look at my pen and suddenly, somehow, the thought overwhelming me: my best are yet to come.
(pen nods “yes”, whispers: “true love never dies.”)

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Feeling massively soppy tonight so i’ve been reading through the box of letters that mark has sent me over the past 8 or so years. these are from the summer when we fell in love and then he had to vanish on tour to america for (what felt like) bloody ages. the content still makes me well up, but the way he’s addressed them just makes me grin unstoppably. always has been and always will be such a wonderfully silly sod

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“the victory garden plays” opens in five days! as a way of promoting the show and offering some insight into the character i’ll be playing, i’ll be doing a post every day about my character, alice ayers, before the play’s premiere. here’s today’s post:
day 3/7: alice’s writing

when i was in college, i was given an assignment to write a letter in the voice of the character i was playing for a scene project. since this play takes play during a time when corresponding by letters was sometimes the only way to communicate with someone, this seemed like a natural exercise to do for alice.

i decided to write the letter in cursive, mostly to make it look more authentically 40s, but also because alice strikes me as someone who would want everything she does to have some beauty to it, especially since this is a letter for her husband. i also chose to keep the letter short for a few reasons. since alice’s husband richard is fighting in the trenches, he most likely wouldn’t have a lot of time to read a long letter. i also think there’s a lot of true in the sentiment “the simplest phrase can have a dozen meanings.” alice is someone who isn’t afraid to express her feelings, so a few short but meaningful sentences seemed perfect for her writing style. i had a lot of fun writing this letter, and it definitely helped me better understand alice as person! “the victory garden plays” will be performed on october 28th at 3pm at the ossie davis theatre in the new rochelle public library. the performance is free, and donations to tutti bravi productions are greatly appreciated. hope to see you there!

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Dear ocean, thank you for making us feel tiny, humble, inspired and salty...all at once. 🌊💕

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I love you to the moon and back 🌙✨ wir hoffen ihr hattet einen schönen tag 🍂


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I wanna take my life just to give it to you. #loveletter #lilbopeep #lilpeep #gustavelijahahr #gbc #peepers #restinpeep

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(read caption)
اس قدر مسلسل تھیں شدتیں جدائی کی
آج پہلی بار میں نے اس سے بےوفائی کی
-ahmed faraz.
. (how long?) for how long can
a doomed lover
continue tumbling
downhill under the
weight of his urge
to be tortured until
his body breaks
in numerous places. .
for how long can
a thirst struck person
follow you barefoot
in this scorching desert
in hopes of an oasis even
you're not sure exists. .
for how long can
a hopeless romantic
survive without unleashing
the masochist that craves
to be punished at the
ruthless hands of love. .
for how long can
you keep the addict
away from the drug
by making him believe
you're the only supplier
in this whole wide world. .
for how long can
you supress the maddening
shrieks of the empty-handed
and prevent others like you
from providing him all
that you are unable to give. .
for how long can
you try to save your regime
from the incoming assault
that will liberate your slave
from this labor of keeping
your insecurities at bay
leave you with nothing
as you beg him to stay. . ©a.d

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The shame in love.

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This is my
"oh g*i bhens water mei" pose
this photo is ugly yet it doesn't fall in the top 100 ugliest even.
so i decided to post because why not?
this is me too. no one's always camera ready, not everyone is photogenic.your cameras are man made devices, they don't have a heart or the soul that could see you with the love a person will, they might not be able to contain your beauty, they might never be able to capture the part of you that makes the world a better place for someone, that is the reason of countless smiles and hopeful sighs. your pictures, your belongings, your sham of a flawlessness isn't something fate can't rip across and allah can't see through. he(swt) knows more than you ever would.

throwback to a good day.

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Just discovered these beautiful surrealist photos by @kylejthompson and i feel like putting my feelings on them.

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An abstract mystery.

photo by @kylejthompson

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The lies lie besides you in bed.

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چٹّا چولا لائی کناری
کچّی نکلی وے ڈھول دی یاری.

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this bludgeoning ego
of my own sadness
remains from the death
of a love
that refuses to be buried
it once was ours
the embalmed parts
of you and me
its lingering shreds
forcing me to submission
and tomorrow
i’ll keep chasing the same riptide
that dragged it away
this heat kept alive
by our own erasures
no way to forget,
and no reason to remember
but my love,
i’m sorry to tell you
that i was mistaken
in this grief
i’ve been kneeling
at the wrong altar
while praying to a god
that no longer holds
residence in this tabernacle

it is i,
whose absence is a piercing terror
across this silent mausoleum
it was my body lying inside that hearse
my funeral
or a purging of love
by a v****n heart
long before
it was defaced
in your very hands
and you didn’t
just lay roses
above my headstone
you sowed your pain
at their roots
they’re your cries after all
that i’ve been hearing
from down here

yes it’s me,
the reason for your frigid skin
your eternity of nights
i’m the one who’s hard to get over...
this beautiful poem by elle bor (@elleborwriter ) inspired me so much i had to share it.

and yes reposting my lost images now so, no. 1

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Decisions made in the dark.

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It's a relief to be finally over the phase of believing that i  deserve nothing and allow others to fuel this thought.
it takes an immense amount of courage and fearlessness to just accept yourself with all the pros and cons then giving up on the urge to change just in order to appease the eyes and minds that judge you for being a certain way.
it takes as much load of effort to quit wanting to be liked as it takes to actually be liked.
you may not be a very likable person, the tales of your perfection might not be the talk of gossip parlors but that doesn't strike out the possibility of you being a good person or even a person.
do not let their standards of  appeal become your standards of  existence. ©a.d

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Too much is always toxic.

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