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My beautiful boys are so gorgeous and photogenic, posing for their photo.

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My calves are loving their grooming sessions by my farm tour guests. sally is lapping it up.

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How sweet are these two girls?

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Is this a naughty moo stealing the carrot or is he putting the finishing touches to his snowman? what do you think? .
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The girls definitely know how to show their excitement when moving into a new paddock.

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My beautiful boys are so gorgeous and photogenic, posing for their photo.

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Today dad and i put some electric fencing around a few young threes that the calves keep rubbing on and trying to eat. they were great spectators and decided dads little car was worth some attention instead. dad kept asking them to leave his rear view mirrors alone because they kept licking them.

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Did you know cows have 4 stomach compartments? after eating they sit and regurgitate, re-chew & re-swallow their food a few times moving their food to their next stomach. so even when they are sitting they a busy eating.

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Seth enjoyed feeding the alpacas today while amy brushed sally one of my calves and then hamish (one of the bigger boys). there was a bit of envy by the others who wanted to be brushed too.

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This image is exactly how i feel this afternoon, exhausted! dad and i had fun trying to coax the girls out of a paddock with lovely feed, so that we could get them up the driveway and into the cattle yards. unfortunately for me my girls are pretty cluey so they knew what i was up to. i’ve sold 4 of my cows who are carrying calves so i needed to get them to the yards for two to be collected today. it ended up being deferred today, so i’ve got a few more days before i say goodbye and send the 4 girls off to their new home.

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The mom & the baby 😍

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Our favourite furry friends just chilling this afternoon 🍂🐮🍁 #lovehighlandcows #winterdays #scotland #thestablebar7 #highlandcow #mortonhall

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When i originally put the calves in this paddock i was giving them a bit at a time, running a temporary electric fence so they had a strip. the frustrating thing about the calves having a thick winter coat still is that they don’t seem to feel the electric fence, so after about three days they went straight through it, so now they have the whole paddock. their little tummies are sooo.... round.

the big boys are doing well too. murray didn’t even bother getting up for his brushing, he just laid there and enjoyed the attention.

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After a cool wet start to the day, later this afternoon was spectacular. i love sharing my beautiful part of the huon valley with my guests. each end of the house has a luxury suite for couples. so this is what you wake up to. your stay includes your farm tour too.

i still have availability this summer, so if you’d like to come and stay, send me a message with your preferred dates (2 night minimum) and i’ll let you know if i have availability.

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I think my cows are a lot like dogs ( they just have horns). daisy obviously over ate today. she looked exhausted and was so sound asleep.

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Hi-lander!🐮 to ja bartek, poznajcie moje stado. od kwietnia żyjemy sobie na malowniczych, beskidzkich łąkach 🌸 #highlander #animals #highlandcow #beskidy #krowa #slowlife #lovehighlandcows #natura #byk #eko #beskidymountains #szkockiekrowy

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David had some fun with giving sam a few new hair styles this afternoon. lucky for sam the mohawk hairstyle wouldn’t stand up with wet hair.

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The girls cooled of in the dam today.

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Poor little sweethearts. it’s hot, real hot and they still have their winter coats. they all came up to the gate when they saw me, some were panting and some were foaming at the month. lucky for them i came to move them to a paddock with more shade.

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Saw a massive teddy bear basking in the sun. 🧸 #goldenhour (p.s please don't move these beautiful creatures from their grazing spot because of grumpy humans that can't control their dogs).


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It was such a beautiful day, topped off with an even more amazing sunset.

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I love these images of chantelle with sam. they say so much.

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Another fun day doing farm tours.

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Had the absolute pleasure of meeting this guy today. 🐂 #badass ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀


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My girls get very excited when i move them to another paddock. they are all pregnant and looking rather heavy but still move fast and show their joy. it’s a lovely sight seeing happy cows.

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Kate & sophie came out on a farm tour with dianne this morning, so that dianne could take lots of photos with my highlands. hamish was more than happy to be pampered and groomed. he kept asking for more by following kate and sophie around.

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It’s lovely when my highlands trust people so much that they don’t even bother getting up to be brushed. i was sitting right next to sam videoing him while he was being groomed by maddy & alec this morning. at one stage he rolled over a little to have his tummy brushed too.

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Waking up to these on our doorstep this morning amazing! #lovehighlandcows #netherglenny #netherglennyfarm #trossachsnationalpark

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The calves are awesome little passive of mowers. they’ve been eating the grass in the driveway, trimming the lower leaves on the silver birches and eating the grass at the base of the fence. this is them going back into their paddock after a busy day of eating. you can imagine they are looking very round at the moment.

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Look whose looking groomed and gorgeous. the only down side of these little sweethearts being so comfortable with us is that when trying to get them to move along the driveway to go back into their paddock after doing some passive mowing for me they can be a bit more stubborn to move.

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Today was another busy day with farm tours. i love watching the amazement on people’s faces when they walk into the paddock with my highlands and they come up to you asking for attention or in some cases you can go up to them and they don’t even bother getting up.

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Today got off to a bit of a lazy start with guests sleeping in and cattle relaxing and enjoying the day.

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My big boys are at it again having a scratch on the polaris atv.

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My big boys are getting a bit lazing when it comes to being brushed. murray didn’t even bother getting up. it’s great they feel so comfortable with us.

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I’m so happy, while gloria and kim gave some tlc to sam and macy, i managed to finally brush one of my ginger calves while she enjoyed the lick block.

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My calves are loving their grooming sessions by my farm tour guests. sally is lapping it up.

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Wondering how i can get that effortless windswept look...

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These little guys are looking very guilty. they keep pulling the tarp off the wood splitter. i’m not sure if they are hiding or saying ‘it’s not us, we’re not doing it’.

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My calves were curious about a tarp in the paddock which they had pulled off a log splitter, little mischiefs.

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