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The lyrics does not bind with harry in any way at all, but i’m still in love with this edit 🙌🏻💙

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He sang little things too and i’m confused as to why neither liam or the crown sang the “you sing” part??? uh ok our fandom needs to kick it up a notch we’re slacking

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Peep new twitter username

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I hope louis knows just how beautiful he really is, from the inside and out @louist91 💙

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@valcaylen is looking for niall ticket to the show above, dm her if selling.

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New to me!!💕💕💕#fashionphile, #louis vuitton, #luxury

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Can't breathe

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Hola, bienvenidos a esta página, aquí será solo one direction, louis tomlinson, harry styles, niall horan, zayn malik y liam payne. lo publicaremos sobre otros artistas así que disfruten y deleitense con esta foto del tommo ❤️❤️ #onedirection #one #direction #louis #tomlinson #louistomlinson #harry #styles #harrystyles #zayn #malik #zaynmalik #niall #horan #niallhoran #liam #payne #liampayne

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End gun violence. @marchforourlives

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Precious baby

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