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i hate the fcking rain. had to walk to my school in it for 10mins & now i'm all wet, great 🙃
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song; beg for it by chris brown🎶
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Love me harder💞
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Yes or no? 😍

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[deleted musically]
i need friends who won't just ask me for a shoutout or what app i use 🤧
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Can’t wait till i get a tattoo 😍 @leaandleators @leaelui #leaelui

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It feels like everyone’s making loren look like the bad person when she’s not. that she’s the girl that has no talent and is famous just bc she’s pretty and that she can’t sing. just stop it.
she can’t decide how many followers she has, so you can just stop talking about that. like, don’t hate on her bc she has alot of followers just bc she’s pretty, she can’t really control how many followers she has. and “she can’t sing”, yes she can wtf. if you don’t like “my story”, that’s her first song. she’ll learn much more in the future and getting better. it’s really good to be her first song tbh.
stop saying things like this and think that she’ll not see it or she’ll not care, that she’s like a robot that has no feelings. just bc she’s an official person it doesn’t means that you can hate on her however much you want. she has feelings too, she’s an human, just like you. think about what you’re saying before you’re commenting something. is it really worth it? is it really worth it to make loren sad, when you think she’ll not care or not see, just bc you wanted to comment that? spend time on people you love instead of people you obviously don’t like.
i’ve also seen comments like “she’s talking much about that people should be confident with themself but she uses facetune, that’s not what i call confident”. so what? can’t she try to help people be confident with themself when she uses facetune or what? like everyone uses facetune too so u don’t need to hate on her bc of that.
loren is a person who’s trying to make people love themselves, be confident and just spreed a lot of love. does she really deserves all this hate?

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🎃 halloween is almost a week away 🎃

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Pretty girlies

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Not a good edit but how dis. #lorengray #lorengrayedits

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💫loren angel✨ - #adobedraw ➰ - #lorengray 🌻💫 - #lorengray

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So cute ❤❤❤

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The old kanye🤩💙
(this looked better without a coloring)
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collab with @okayylgb 🤗 .
she did the face and i did the hair and the rest
pls tag her @loren @loren xgray @loren @loren xgray .
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I'm so proud of her, words can't express how proud i am❤ i love her so muchhh👼🏻❤
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