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“happy monday furriends! may the week go quick and painless 😹♥️” ~eloise

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“i’m a little fruit tart short and round 😹” ~eloise (check comments to learn where you can buy one of your own)

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“well if she won’t let me have the k-cups to play with i’ll take the box 📦” ~eloise

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When the feeder lady is watching tv instead of me. #bellyforattentiononly #notouchy 😾

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“meowmy got an meowsome new bag and harness at @yourcatbackpack at the @cpcatconvention today. she said maybe next year i can come if i’m good in my new bag?” ~eloise
on a side note there were great vendetta and fabulous people to meet. my meowmies goals go next year is to have her own booth ! @catladybox

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This is my favorite cat video. and you ?
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<< @animal_vdos @kitten.365 >> credits: @kafka_black: “ポフポフかふ氏”

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