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Banana pecan muffins done and cooling. i’ll freeze these as well with 16 per bag. my freezer is slowly filling up. now i’ve got two loaves of banana pecan bread in the oven. but i kinda forgot about supper so got to get that going.

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Time for some banana nut muffins! these are also super yummy and freeze well. i’m using pecans in them as my husband isn’t a huge walnut fan. but walnuts are amazing in these too.

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Muffins are toddler approved. he’s having a rough day while daddy is gone delivering and picking up trailers. he also didn’t sleep well last night so we’re both needing naps. which of course we won’t get. anyway. muffins to the rescue!

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Making some yummy black raspberry muffins out of our fresh picked berries. so good. going to freeze a couple dozen for after baby. 😍 gluten and dairy free. recipe coming to my blog soon!!

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S i s t e r s

sisters are special,
from young ones to old.
god gave me a sister.
more precious than gold ~ 💝

nevaeh & jaliyah by @mom_to_4_blond_boys
dresses by @miiestilo @miiallure1

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This got deleted somehow the first time😔 lets give this beach blanket a second try shall we!
so, i don’t own a drone but i really wanted that #viewfromabove photo so i had to get creative with the #gopro. its not the perfect picture i wanted, but these will do till i own a drone😅
there truly is no exilir in this blessed earth like the smell of salt and sand.

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My hearts here today ❤️

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》o v e r p o w e r e d
#overpowered .

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