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“not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted truly counts” - albert einstein 🙌🏼💥💕✨

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Hbd kwanzi! thank you for being the best friend to derek & i. you are one of the most kind, honest and generous people i have ever met & doing life without you would be a lot less fun. 🌿🎉

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Do you believe in signs? do you believe that there are no such things as coincidences?⠀
back in 7th grade a coach first enlightened me to this phrase- no such things as coincidences. at 12 years old that sounded neat but the weight of such a belief did not resonate. ⠀
in adulthood, i’ve been able to witness congruency. when certain people, messages, themes arise again and again. if people are here in our lives to reach us something, then there’s purpose in all interactions. ⠀
so listening is important. ⠀
the past couple days have resulted in repeated messages. book recommendations from unrelated people about the same topics; client presenting issues aligning with random podcast referrals; clients speaking of similar interests and teachers coming forward to help guide. ⠀
when we pay attention, life so clearly outlines direction. when we feel lost, we just have to listen. listen to the subtle hints, themes resurfacing, messages coming forward. ⠀
amidst busy and stress; amidst doubt and fear; amidst pressures and pain...there is clarity. ⠀
but it’s our choice to pay attention. to get quiet enough to witness the magic all around us. ⠀
too esoteric? too spiritual? ⠀
maybe. ⠀
but the thing is, when we learn to manage our brains racing reactions, when we learn to work with science, there is a profound happiness that arises in just living. ⠀
⏺what signs have you seen lately that you cannot ignore? or perhaps ignore because they ask of you more than you’re ready for? ⠀
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some days i'm very certain of my parenting and i feel like i'm doing what's exactly right for my child and my family. other days, i'm uncertain and hope that i'm not creating a monster that will one day collect chinese to -go boxes and neon green buttons. (you never know - the littlest ripple in your childhood can create the weirdest adult quirks🧛🏻‍♀️🌈 🦕 ) i decided that i was going to physically take jack to the store to pick out his own backpack 🎒 since i kept picking incorrectly. (fournados - amiright?🤦🏽‍♀️) well, it proved to be a test in my parenting skills because he picked the ugliest, most emoji 💩 filled, hot pink, back pack! i'm talking b*****d child backpack of wal-mart clearance item and overstock emoji movie (yes, there was a movie) memorabilia. i spent 20 minutes trying to convince him to buy a solid colored one, a super hero one, even one with cats 🐈 and spaceship 🚀!! but no. his heart ❤️ belonged to the emoji puke backpack. a small part of me was concerned over the fact that it's clearly a backpack that would be labeled as "girly." i worry that he'll be ridiculed but then again, i can't always be there to protect him and as he grows, these issues will continue to pop up until this next generation and the one after slowly eradicate gender specificity. i did stop to ask him what he would do if someone said that his back pack was ugly or just told him something he didn't believe to be true. his response? he said, "that's okay. i'll tell them ok and then walk away." bravo little one, bravo. 👌👏🏽here's to trying to raise good humans.

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What we practice on our mat is what we practice in our lives. yoga is movement. yoga is breath. yoga is meditation. but it is so much more. i have learned more within the space of my mat than anywhere else. my practice has been my biggest teacher...and i will always be an ever changing, ever growing student. 🖤

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“like the wind you'll guide, clear the skies before me, and i'll glide this open sea. like the stars, your word will align my voyage, and remind me where i've been
and where i am going.” #verilymoment #aquietstyle #simple #liveinthenow #artfullyseeking #collectivelycreate #darlingmovement #bedeeplyrooted #communityovercompetition #delightandbe #solovelysofree #sheislight #simplethingsmadebeautiful #simpleandstill #herestothecreatives #momentslikethese #upliftandinspire #smallmomentsofcalm

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More exciting news from the design workshop this week as we have received samples and have approved all 4 seat colours!! we still have a ways to go, but we are getting closer to production everyday and we are so excited to see everything coming together! 🙏❤️ #ombase #createspace #meditation #excitingtimes #teamwork

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See ya in 10 hours b***s ✈️ we’re off on our honeymoon, first stop 👉🏼 switzerland! spam us with your favorite european spots and must see places🇨🇭🇫🇷 ps. can y’all tell i was in charge of snacks? #mybagrunnethover http://liketk.it/2wxov #ltkeurope #mystopover

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When in the moment you just take in the moment. #liveinthenow

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Citrus and citrine bliss
we are feeling invigorated this week and thought that our diffuser aroma of the week should amplify those feelings. paired with citrine we are reminded to live in the now and enjoy the present!
happy wednesday everyone we are open 9am- 5pm today 🍊
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Sometimes there’s nothing better than acting like a kid again!🎠 today i rode roller coasters🎢, ate fried everything🌭🍟 and drank this adorable sugary drink🍬🥤 with no regrets!🙌🏾 (swipe for a closeup) hooray for a little mid-week fun!🎉 how do you guys embrace your inner child?👧🏾
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Happy tuesday everyone! a dear friend of mine sent me this in the mail, so i wanted to spread it to you: you are so loved!!! always remember that, no questions asked!

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Be happy in the present.

such an amazing take on living in the moment from my step-daughter olivia.
fresh out of college and starting her new life as an adult, she brings a perspective some of us “experienced” adults forget.

she writes... at this moment, i am a young woman who sees girls younger than myself already finding answers to questions they shouldn’t be asked yet.
what college they want to attend.
what kind of man they should marry.
what job they feel would be the most financially secure.
as someone who graduated three months ago, about to tackle her first adult job, i still don’t know what i want to do. i’m very much single, and don’t know what my life is going to look like a year from now.
so why are all these young girls i talk to already planning their life story, instead of enjoying the ride?
i think so many girls nowadays see their siblings, cousins, and parents aspiring for more all the time, they begin to plan their entire lives. sometimes, kids forget to be kids, and adults forget to enjoy themselves, and that takes away some of the fun of life.
so i challenge you to do one simple thing: be happy.

be happy with the present and remind yourself, and your children, to savor the moment.

take a moment for yourself to smile. appreciate the little things. indulge in a guilty pleasure (mine is grey’s anatomy). buy that pair of shoes you know you don’t need, but you want to wear on your next date night. play the board game your child or sibling has been asking you about all week. take that happy moment, and use it to remind your child we don’t always have the answers. it’s perfectly okay to not know about tomorrow. just enjoy what is happening today. maybe that is a science project, soccer game, or school dance. maybe it’s a family movie night.
regardless, that day is worth experiencing to the fullest, and whatever the future holds can take it’s sweet time.

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Sustainable vs. unsustainable

picture on the left might look appealing to you, or as i used to say #bodygoals but what you don’t see is
extreme dieting
1 hour of cardio a day
1 lifting session per day
no rest days
low carb
no “cheat meals”
zero energy
hormones completely out of whack
hair falling out


this is what i wanted at the time & this is what i got used to. this is the way that i thought the rest of my life would like look. everything about that photo is crazy, but the craziest part of it is i remember looking at that picture in that moment & thinking that i wasn’t lean enough!


picture on the right is me living & thriving!
laughing again
anxiety is basically gone
energy levels ⬆️
hormones are almost balanced
no diet=intuitively eating
loves working out again
cardio when i feel like it
alcohol (in moderation)
new hair growth!
2 rest days

so, it turns out that there is more to life than being shredded! i’ve truly learned over the last year that life is better when you’re nourishing yourself, taking time to rest when you need it, & not obsessing over every inch of your body!
_____ “you can’t hate yourself happy. you can’t critique yourself thin. you can’t shame yourself worthy. real change begins with self-love & self-care.”
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“dogs live in the moment. they don’t regret the past or worry about the future. if we can learn to appreciate and focus on what’s happening in the here and now, we’ll experience a richness of living that other members of the animal kingdom enjoy!” - cesar milan •
i think we could all learn something from that quote! live in the now, enjoy the life you have, make many memories, love with all your heart and soul! forgive & forget! 🖤
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