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Do you usually have a white christmas? •

we have had snow flurries on and off for the last few weeks but no substantial snowfall! come on minnsnowta! get it together and give us a snowy white christmas ☺ (although hubs thinks maybe a ton of snow and a waddling 9 months pregnant wifey isn’t the best combo!) #viviandlulu #haveahollyjohnsonchristmas

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The greatest joy i’ve ever known is being a mom. having tiny little people look to me for answers and advice. feeling the pride of each accomplishment, no matter how small it may seem. always being there for them, whenever they need me. it’s not always an easy road to go down on, but it’s one of the most fulfilling.

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| going live in about an hour to share my big news!! eeep! make sure to tune in!! 😍🎉 also, these pjs from @evystreeofficial are my new faves. i may or may not be changing into them every afternoon after i pick the kids up from school🙊#noshameinmypajamagame

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I swear if i hadn’t been there for the birth of this child, i’d start to question if she was even mine 😅 chris on the other hand? no paternity test needed! they are twins! anyone else in the same boat as me?? my body made and birthed her, and she looks nothing like me...no fair! 😭😭 at least these two are super freaking cute 😍

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Eloise is still perfecting the ornament arrangement on our tree. anyone relate?
every morning she enchants the tree with a new little dose of magic.
also, we have a new bear! eloise found it in my last post. can you guess what the name is?
ps. i’ve shared my original version of this image (from last year) in my stories. what do you think? 😭 #enchantingeloise #timeflies .
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I locked myself in the bathroom today and cried. 😭 i cried a lot. some moments are just hard. like really hard. i’m not telling you this to gain any sort of empathy. i love my life. i am rich in gratitude and have so much love in my heart to give...but i’m also human. and just like anyone else in the world, i have super s**t days too. so what does this mean? that i’m going to be extra kind to a stranger tomorrow because the easiest and fastest way to feel whole again is to give yourself to someone else who needs it a little more than you. #justbekind

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