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This horse really has grabbed my heart kver the last year. never have i had such a roller coaster journey with a horse. after 3 months of her vein sound i come back from holiday and she is lame on the left leg again 😓 but since she has improved a little so i’m hopeful she’ll come good again. sorry for the terrible lighting but wanted to share a little video of our recent development - bounces! 🤸🏽‍♀️#libertyhorsemanship #naturalhorsemanship #theintegrityofahorse #love #heart #bounce #journey

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Ich habe eine entscheidung getroffen... eine entscheidung für eine zukunft voller frieden und liebe! ✨❤️
ich werde nach deutschland zurückgehen & mich voll und ganz auf meinen herzensweg konzentrieren! ich habe das gefühl, dass die tara, die damals die entscheidung der reise getroffen hat, nun einfach nicht mehr ich bin... ich bin eine neue - stärker, bewusster und voller liebe! ich spüre einfach, dass diese entscheidung für mich eine große veränderung bringen wird. ⭐️
ich trenne mich nun von orten und menschen im drama & werde mir stattdessen mein eigenes leben der freiheit kreieren... reisen wird immer ein teil meines lebens sein und wahrscheinlich ist deutschland nun auch nur ein stop für mich. aber jetzt in diesem moment, ist es ein stop an der richtigen stelle! 💫

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@weston.hannah & @nidhuinnimagery riding in the stubble field! here's a tip from hannah about how to keep your horse calm in this situation:
"a great way to help your horse relax and tune into you when excited, such as in a wide-open space, is to practice turns, circles and flexions. focus on slowing your breath, feeling your weight in the saddle and reward your horse for all those moments when they soften, slow and tune into you. relaxation comes before everything!"
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#despooking #desensitisation

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A great way to help your horse relax and tune into you when excited, such as in a wide-open space, is to practice turns, circles and flexions. focus on slowing your breath, feeling your weight in the saddle and reward your horse for all those moments when they soften, slow and tune into you. relaxation comes before everything!
#connectiontraining #targettraining #positivereinforcement #horsetraining #forcefreehorses #horsebond #clickertraining #clickertrainedhorses #positivehorsetraining #libertytraining #libertyhorsemanship #libertyhorse #horsesofinstagram #equinesofinstagram
#despooking #desensitisation

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Packing to leave for mongolia ... saying goodbye to my dear family & friends will be hard especially my mom & my daughter love you all & can't thank everyone enough for all your support & love please go to the #cheo link here pledge !
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Sorry for my sudden absence!
i haven’t had time to work with rana recently and now we’re at a local fair (with some rescue donkeys), so i haven’t been home with her! it ends on sunday, then i should get back into training and regular posting. 😌

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Working hard to make more positive associationes towards the bareback pad 😀 he gets rewarded alot for his calmness and relaxed state- i do not start the exercise until he touches the pad with his nose - it's a signal for me that jonny is agreeing for the bareback pad to be used and as you can see i do not reward him for touching it - i think it's important for it not to be associated with the reward otherwise he might be just touching it to get the food and not actually because he's happy for me to start the exercise. i reward him for standing still when i lift the pad and then each time he relaxes his head /neck towards the target. engaging with the target is another indicator that shows me he's happy with me to continue, his head pops up few times but goes back straight away and he relaxes. if i felt that he wasn't happy /his head stayed up for longer /he had a negative expression i would stop the exercise and take few steps back but because he does engage i place the bareback pad on him and he relaxes straight away after the initial slight head up- judging from what his body is telling me it might more of a little pattern that he developed through negative associations he used to have towards the saddle but now it is slowly turning into something positive
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Ieri ho fatto provare l'esperienza dei gradini a leila e @martinaadallangelo 😂 nerone li ha passati come le persone, un passo-un gradino era deciso e sicuro di se
siamo partite alle 08:00 e siamo arrivate più o meno a metà montagna poi ci siamo fermate a pranzo e per le 15:00 siamo scese.
mentre eravamo sedute nerone si è rotolato dietro la mia schiena e questa cosa mi ha fatto molto piacere perché significa che si trovava bene in quel momento e si fidava (nerone non si rotola mai in presenza di nessuno, poche volte lo ha fatto davanti a me) ❤️ mi ha pure rubato un pezzo di pane e prosciutto mentre ero distratta, ho un cavallo carnivoro 😂
il prossimo obiettivo è di arrivare in cima 💪🏻
---> fate mai passeggiate di questo tipo? <---
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“the essential joy of being with horses is that it brings us in contact with the rare elements of grace, beauty, spirit and fire.” #🎆#horsepassion#libertyhorse#libertyhorsemanship#buckskin#lusitano#horsesofinstagram#equestrianart

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When i first met jonny i had mixed feelings about him - he wasn't my type. he was defenitely too big, too spooky, too sensitive...he brought some anxiety in me - "should i even continue with him? it feels like we are getting nowhere" - these were my regular thoughts at the begging. i was a bit afraid of the challenge ahead of me but decided to stick to it. the first few weeks were the most difficult ones. of course i hardly knew him but also i was using pressure - release techniques and i saw how terrified he was even of the slightest pressure - he would either freeze and shut down or explode in panic - and i'm not talking about swinging ropes or sticks at him - i'm talking about gentle steady pressure... the thing with aversive pressure is - only horse decides how much pressure is too much for him, some horses seem to cope better with it. jonny wasn't that horse. seeing him react so much made me think alot. i started researching and reading many blogs and then decided to start with something completly different, something that would change everything i knew about horses forever....5 months forward and i feel falling inlove with this big, majestic, intelligent, funny, affectionate, still a bit too sensitive, still a little bit too spooky creature. he opened my eyes to things i didn't know existed, he made me a better person, he helped to fight my ego. he made me realise that there is no need for aversive pressure in horse training, that everything can be done through positive reinforcement. it feels natural and empowering.
#horseandhuman #horseaddict #horsedaily #horseworld #positivehorsemanship #mindfulhorseman #horsemanship #trust #bond #pferd #caballo #instahorse #nature #polishgirl #horsetraining #groundwork #horselover #modernequestrian #libertyhorsemanship #horseatliberty #irishsporthorse #cantering #horseofinstagram #horsewisdom #naturalhorsewhisper #clickertraining #positivereinforcement #exjumper #barefoothorse #weclick

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Vandaag is het dan zover! onze eerste oefendemo! 🦄 🍀 ik hoop dat de mensen er iets van leren en inspiratie uithalen! ik ben blij dat @pyramidhorsemanship en indian deze dag met mij in de ring staan!! trots op hun! we gaan dit rocken 💪🏾❤️
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Tђє “๒ค๔” ђ๏гรє
often the equestrian world fluctuates between *negative* and *positive* concepts of equine behaviour. we see a horse pinning their ears near or sometimes; at us. we see a horse turn their back end towards us. we see rearing, kicking, biting etc. these are common behaviours, and somewhere along the line mankind decided that the horse must be reprimanded for behaviours that come naturally, in the presence of humans. it’s understandable in the traditional sense, that we use punishment/response cost (also a part of operant conditioning in the psychology of all animals) to “fix” these behaviours. but does that make it right? 🤔
after years of repetition in a negative reinforcement based approach with horses (the majority use of aversives, punishment/response cost, usually with little understanding of the effects) we begin to have these *reflexes* where, if a horse turns away from us (and their b**t is facing us) we say something like “ut” or “no” sternly; or if a horse pins their ears we make some kind of threat (physical or verbal, both *work* short term). it’s an immediate reaction because we, as smaller beings, believe that the horse is “out to get us” at times. i can admit to having this reflex, and i don’t know a single person who doesn’t have this reflex, it’s a defence mechanism that we use, our brain is flooded with an alarm of needing safety. but, i believe it’s important to be able to recognise the reason behind a horse’s behaviour; and be able to think things through carefully before acting (and to also not be so h*****n yourself for reacting in a way that doesn’t sit *right* with your beliefs). ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
instead of labelling a horse: “bratty”, “pushy”, “rude”, “dangerous”, “spoilt” etc (the list literally goes on 😅) - work out why the horse is behaving this way. have you rewarded ears pinned or turning away? have you scared the horse previously and unnerved them? there’s millions of possibilities. the horse does what they believe we want them to do, and the horse does what they believe they need to do to survive (never forget the fight, flight, freeze processes). 😉⭐️💓

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