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You know, i’ve never really told you guys a large reason why i share these images with you. i left dental school in part to focus on my passion, my art through photography. i enjoy creating images that are able to resonate with people. whether they were parents and grandparents who enjoy seeing childhood in art, or perhaps anyone who wanted to feel nostalgic for their own childhood, when times were simpler. in any case i feel as though each time we post we share just a sliver of positivity and we do this almost every day. one of the ways we support ourselves is through advertising on here and we do so in the same aesthetic and storytelling that our regular images possess. i’ll expand on this post in a future blog post. however, it’s time for church. cheers!

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"you'll meet only a few people in your whole life, who are truly abandoned houses-rundown, worn out, collapsing at the seams. i'm not asking you to take a hammer and nails and pin up their rafters, fix their leaky faucets or put new panes on glass in their broken windows, i am asking you to simply open their door, and spend a little time memorizing their floor plan. get to know them. and when the time comes i want you to draw back their curtains and, once and for all...let the light in." ~ unknown . . #letthelightin #angelwings #openheart #love #lovefrequency #44 #divine #helpingothers

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And so here we are, back at it - renovating houses. are we insane? many days i say yes, but then i see a before and after and i see its worth it. creating a little scandinavia in canada; i call it scanada.  #renovation #architecture #scandinavian #letthelightin #cleanlines

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• let the light in ✨ #houzzdk 📷: @miamortensenphotography

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In all your activities, have a single purpose.

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The light is just getting better and better each day. who else is excited for springtime? . . #blossomandbrush #letthelightin #windows #windowstickers #windowfilm #privacyfilm #interiors #interiordesign #homedecor #springtime #floralblooms

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This is my “it’s monday and it’s a holiday and my parents and brother are vacationing in florida and i’m at work” mood.🖤 #neesonfoley #moody

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What is that one area of your life that you keep locked up? is there a place of hurt or bitterness that is marked no trespassing, do not enter? listen, i know it's scary.... but hiding a wound won't cause it to heal. that thing needs to be dealt with in order for healing to take place. whatever it is, however hard it may be, reveal it. expose it and let it see the light. then and only then can you walk out a path of liberty. #liberty #freedom #truth #light #healing #hurt #doitanyway #doitafraid #chicagophotographer #metalphotography #railroad #railroadphotography #indianaartist #indianaphotographer #encouragement #localphotographer #grey #lock #rust #openup #letthelightin #openthedoor #livetoday #reallife #reallove #jesus

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I wanna contribute to a world where we all wake up happy & healthy. but what is the point if i’m not a good role model with happiness & health? you don’t need to have the ambition to change the whole world but let’s start with yourself! you wanna reach a goal regarding your job or fitness? you can read all the books that exist, go to all conferences out there & talk to each and every specialist about this topic you wanna work on. but do you think anything will change if you don’t start executing? no, of course not. there’s something wrong in your relationship? communication is key, yes. but if you don’t act according to what you communicate, you could also rather save the energy and don’t say anything. you wanna raise happy & healthy kids? wonderful! love it! are you the happiest & healthiest you can be? if not, get your things together before you start to teach something you just theoretically know how it should or might be like. i’m not saying you gotta be perfect! you don’t have to know it all! we are all always teaching & learning. but don’t teach something you have never achieved yourself. i’ve learned how to prepare clients for a marathon. i know exactly what to do. but i’d never take on a client who’s goal is it to train for a marathon because i’ve never done one & right now i’m not planning on doing so. it’s more than theory. nothing can substitute experience. hope that inspires you to start acting, if you really wanna change something. 💪💜 remember you are stronger & smarter than you think! you can change anything if you really want to! anyone can get the information, thanks to the internet. but if it was that easy we all would do it. but you, you are the one who’s going to do it! (whatever the “it” is for you! what’s your heart telling you? follow it! it’s about time!)

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This picture looks a lot like the view from our window today! we vamped up the drama around this mini grand piano with an incredible painting, already owned by the client, together with @osborneandlittle wallpaper (actually quite a cheerful wallpaper usually!) and this very spiky @alexanderandpearl sputnik light #classiccontemporary #suemurphyinteriors #londoninteriors #letthelightin #interiorinspiration #uniqueinteriors #luxuryinteriors #luxuryhome #pianoroom #musicroom

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Somos os únicos capazes de nos enxergar como realmente somos... com todas as nossas falhas e acertos. ninguém é capaz de saber tudo a nosso respeito como nós mesmos. no entanto, em diversas situações, camuflamos quem realmente somos por medo do que não queremos enxergar, por medo do que realmente há por dentro. é fácil identificar e apontar erros na vida do outro. o difícil de verdade é tirarmos nossa capa de fumaça e nos vermos com clareza. autoconhecimento, esse é o melhor caminho para mudarmos o mundo. nossa descoberta começa de dentro para fora. portanto, olhe-se no espelho. enxergue-se. não o que reflete pro mundo, mas o que é em essência... e quando se enxergar realmente, sem as amarras da hipocrisia, com todas suas as qualidades e defeitos; sabedor de que és uma mistura nem sempre equilibrada dos dois, então, e só então, será capaz de analizar tudo, fazer um balanço; e assim, reverberar para o mundo o melhor que pode ser. deste modo, torna-se-á capaz de conviver bem consigo mesmo e não deixará nunca mais que o mundo te atinja desprevenidamente, uma vez que será capaz de reconhecer suas forças e fraquezas como nenhum outro - caroline lopes 📷@franlopes67df #eu #myself #vida #life #umjeitodeolhar #awaytolook #deixealuzentrar #letthelightin #deus #god #abençoada #blessed #agradecida #greatful #espelho #mirror #fotografia #picture #paixão #passion #natureza #nature #natural #amor #love

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And more beautiful details #jsbdesigns #neutralpalette #letthelightin

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We are loving this beautiful and bright living room #neutralpalette #letthelightin #jsbdesigns

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7 months old, this girl is chasing us across the house (or hollering at us because we didn’t bring her.) she loves her sisters and warms up to them immediately. she is a huge fan of table food, bottles and all toys someone else is playing with. her curiosity is higher than any baby i have ever observed... but she acts all low-key around strangers. she wants to see what you’re up to. always. she is a people watcher. this is gonna be interesting. #letthelightin #lionheartgirl #openhands18 #spiritualfocus #motherhood #7monthsold #girlmom

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Winter fatigue? at least the days are getting longer 🌞 this light filled kitchen with windows in every direction makes the most of the daylight 👍 #rinfreltd #greenwichstyle #letthelightin #kitchenwindows #ctkitchen

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Riding with top down yesterday was so therapeutic #sunnyday #topdown #seeingnature #letthelightin #driving #spendingtimewithnicepeople

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And she’s buying a stairway to heaven. #sky #sunset #clouds #amazing #beauty #stairwaytoheaven #raysofsun #letthelightin

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