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I regret n̶o̶t̶h̶i̶n̶g̶ everything now 🛁😖 #rubadubdub
because i refused to leave this country haven, the 2nd part of our (gifted) stay on farncombe estate is now up on my “cotswolds” stories highlight and soon on le blog! you all know how i don’t like to compromise so i checked myself at the fish (@thefishhotel ), in a treehouse complete with stunning views, loads of walkies nearby, swing chair and bath tubs on the deck, retro furniture and much more! .
sadly for me i didn’t do my research well enough and found out too late that this “much more” includes a bath tub for mucky pups, complete with warm water and shampoo on hand 😝
the £30 fee per stay for dogs staying at the fish include a dog bed, bowls and a towel for use during the stay, as well as treats and toys to take away. there’s also a bath tub for dogs on the property, an agility course and dogs can join their humans for breakfast, tea and dinner in dedicated parts of the main building, so i felt truly welcome! there’s even an afternoon tea for dogs!

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🔥you know me name, not my story.
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Something i've learnt through it all

in life when you encounter mean and hurtful people,
treat them like sandpaper.

no matter how rough they may scrub you,
you end up being polished and smooth

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So many differences between these photos but the smile remains😁. i’m seeing a lot of post show/post holiday struggles and thought this may help. you know, in the name of #transformationtuesday .
🚨not current photos🚨 .
the left is 3 days out from 2017 ifbb tampa pro, which was my last show of the season. believe it or not, my pre peak week caloric intake was higher then than it is now. but d**n do i look rough🧟‍♀️💀. i did not feel as bad as i looked though and the photos from that show day are some of my fav to date😊. i was exponentially excited to compete at the tampa pro and it showed in my smile🙌🏼🎉. the right is 10 weeks into my 2018 prep, after gaining a lot more weight than i ever intended. despite being very disappointed in myself for how i ate post show (like an asshole), dealing with resurfaced binge eating issues and having packed on fat, i still put my bikini on and took progress pictures with a genuine smile. i was far from comfortable, having put on 20 lbs in a few months (i’m fun sized & petite). but i look prettier in the right photo, my hair is richer and those miss steal your man curves😘. so you may not exactly be thrilled with your reflection right now, trust me, i get it. the version of me on the right is not my ideal look, but neither is the one on the left. no matter where you are in life, learn to #appreciate what you have while you continue to work for what you want. you can’t go back and undo what is done but you can learn from it and choose to make the best of right now❤️ #shine #neverquit #learn #dothework #confidence #progress #grace #bekind #grateful #beautiful #ifbb #npc #believe #lessonlearned #resilience #bestself

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Sometimes the best decisions for ▪you
▪your brand
▪your buisness
will not please everyone but we have to go onwards and upward. one guaranteed thing in life is change for better or worse
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The important thing is not the miles you’ve driven but what you’ve driven in to your head with those miles #trucking #olddominionfreightlines #linehaul #snoqualmiepass #snow #chainingup #spokane #longdrive #miles #lessonlearned

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For me in this order
1. right
2. left (in many of lifes ways)
3. middle
what's your order?
comment below, you can make it anonymous 😉
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Sometimes you learn the hard way #lessonlearned #dontgiveup #ipackedmyboxestoo

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Today monday 20th of january, 2020 readington american international school celebrated an icon, a great leader, a change driver and a human activist. his legacy lives on - martin lurther king.
see above an introductory presentation titled 'a man named martin' by 3rd grade.
#presents #presentation #lekki #legend #lessonlearned

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Hey friends!!! to celebrate my office & 1k followers, here’s a giveaway of my favorite things that have helped me: start, think, feel, rest, receive, heal, & be.
to enter, like this post and share your favorite tiny truth or another post of mine to your stories and tag me using the @ sticker (this is your entry). if your account is private, screenshot and message me your story with the tag —otherwise i won’t see it! i will choose the winner at random tomorrow at 5pm mst with the order your story appears as the number for your entry.✨
here’s what i’ve put together to help you:
start: 12oz bag of worka sakaro from gedeb, ethiopia roasted by @ sweetbloomcoffee
their arvada location was my “office” last year. i’m so grateful for not only their coffee, but the space they’ve created that’s helped me, and others, start.
think: the orthodox heretic and other impossible tales by @ peter_rollins this book will turn your brain upside down in the best way, and if recovering from spiritual trauma you will find these parables healing as well.
feel: we are the luckiest by @ laura_mckowen this book is can’t-put-it-down level incredible. her words walk right into your heart and sit down next to you like a friend, letting you breathe and feel seen as she shares her story, giving you permission to heal, and own whatever your thing is, wherever you are. she’s changing the world with her words.
rest: @ whenbeautyus travel mask is the best mask ever, and i believe such things are a way to offer kindness to our own face.
these last three items are from @ thalkenmercantile .
receive: handwritten notes from humans have healed me and this card has our reminder to notice #whateveris for you to keep or give to someone else.
heal: the rose quartz is similar to a stone i’ve kept in my pocket to hold when i need a reminder i’m safe and still healing, even if it is a long journey.
be: and last but not least—the grass candle i’ve told you about, that smells like a spring morning in childhood as your invitation to settle in and be with your heart.
this giveaway is not sponsored, endorsed, administered by, or affiliated with instagram or the companies or authors’ listed here.

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The amount of times i heard family members f*t shaming one another during my recent trip to colombia was honestly shocking.
it was mostly coming from my female relatives towards the men. comments like “you’ve gotten chubbier, eh?” or “he’s looking even fatter than x” or “maybe you shouldn’t drink so many beers” were very common.
the fact that most of the people receiving this criticism were men made it even harder for them to speak up. my family knows better than to call me fat, cuz i’ve cried or screamed at them for saying such things in the past #lessonlearned lol
but if you’re a man, you just gotta “take it”? just smile or laugh about it?
fuck that.
i was shocked & felt quite sad any time someone made a comment about another person’s body.
it’s such a common thing, and i’ve seen it all my life. but it wasn’t until recently that i actively paid attention to these comments and started speaking up about it.

i often hear my mom comment on other people’s bodies. strangers, friends, family. and this weekend i heard my grandma say many similar comments. “so that’s where that comes from”, i thought.
and maybe years ago, i would say similar things to what my relatives said. i grew up with that mentality. but just because it’s what everyone did, doesn’t mean i can’t question it or change it.

maybe these comments stem out of love. or maybe it’s just this engrained family “friendly” bullying we all are so used to. but it bothers me.

because it’s such a normal thing, and it shouldn’t be. it should not be ok to talk about other people’s bodies, and least of all in a negative manner.

let’s make 2020 the year we stop commenting about other people’s bodies. unless it’s a compliment, nobody wants to hear it, mkay?
#stopfatshaming #stopcommentingonmybody #stopcommentingonmyweight #gainingweightiscool #losingweightiscooltoo #justletabitchliveinpeace

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As a new reseller i'm learning a lot, sometimes i have to learn it more than once 🥴 so i thought i'd share my mistakes along this reselling road in hopes of helping another find their way...thanks for following.
first lesson i learned as a new reseller is never ever estimate your shipping. never charge flat fee shipping and not compensate for it in your pricing, especially when accepting offers or having a sale 🤪 twice i did this!
#lessonlearned #newbtonewb #resellingcommunity #resellersassemble #resellers #ebaycommunity #etsycommunity
#resellers #picker #reseller #resellingcommunity

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I made a new blog post, it’s a new realization and a resulting new recipe! i have always promised to be real as real can be on this page and this is no different. health and cookies don’t necessarily go together but now it has to, my life depends on it (the extra dramatics courtesy of it being bachelor season) take a read, link in my bio ♥️
#newblogpost #newpost #health #healthylifestyle #cookies #recipes #healthycookies #makingadjustments #newlifestyle #hypothyroidism #beinghealthy #makingchanges #changes #nosugarcoating #thisislife #behealthy #behappy #blogger #bloggerlife #reallife #life #lifelessons #lessonlearned #yegmom #canadianmom #mostdramatic

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Training day! @cali_adventurer was out on the water in newport beach last weekend with @paddlecalifornia for a technique lesson in the surfski. what new skills are looking to develop in 2020?
#training #surfski #lessonlearned #tophandguidesthepaddle #paddling #secondlesson #clouds #bluesky #stillcold #sunny 👊🏽
@oxendurance @sheltahats @vaikobi

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All. of. this!👏👏👏👏 i can say with true certainty that i have gone through it these past couple of months. i've been through worse over the years, but the stuff that i have been through recently, would break most people! 💚

and i'm not saying that for a pity party, by any stretch, because i'm not even bothered by it? i should be upset, crying, asking why these things are happening to me? but ya know what, i'm not! 💚

i have changed as a person, in literally a few months time! i have changed the way i view the world, and the people in it. everyone has a reason for why they do the things they do, or feel the way they feel. and even if it's hard to understand, you don't need to. 💚

i respect the choices of other people, and i have accepted that i can't change them. and to those who have wronged me, who walked away from a relationship with me, friendship or otherwise, i just wanna say thank you! 💚

you have all taught me things that i will keep with me forever, and made me realize i am a hell of a lot stronger than i ever could have imagined, even without you in my life, or without your support. 💚

things don't happen to you, they happen for you, so when people walk out of your life, thank them for the lesson, and be happy for all they brought to your life, and realize sometimes some doors are meant to be closed for a reason! 💚

you weren't put on this earth to live up to other people's expectations of you, so now is the time to live unapologetically as yourself, and make the choices in life that are best for you!

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College wasn’t right for me during the previous decade but now its is!
bad habits had to be eliminated and new ones had to be developed!

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Happy to say i had a productive day trading, especially after the markets dropped with unfortunate coronavirus case in the us.
i lost €40 early on with a dodge trade in gold, but pulled it back in the end.

#cfd #risk #forex #trader #money #investor #dreamer #investing
#cfdtrader #forextrader #mistake #lessonlearned #contractsfordifference
#pound #yen

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So i just had a #healthscare today, the 21st of january, 2020. my #bloodpressure shot up to 227/97 on a first reading (thought that was a machine error) before midnight last night and i took 2.5mg of ramilich and hoped it would normalize. when i woke up this morning, i was dizzy and nauseous. at 9:20am i was at 170/97. i panicked as i was alone. i took a whole ramilich tab then. by 11am it went even higher. i guess that was me being scared. it wasn’t until around 1pm that my #bp got down to 137/83. whew! so now it’s almost midnight and checking again. thank goodness, it’s my usual normal bp again. #lessonlearned high doses of #ibuprofen elevates your #bloodpressure so much. ask your doc for other options to manage #pain. #painmanagement #kneeinjury

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I can relate; i was brought up this way. to handle it all and not count on anyone’s help. it was a very harsh growing up because, in reality, people genuinely are there for you or want to be there for you. lesson i learned: the person giving the advice was the one who didn’t want to help others. #lessonlearned #lifebalance #babysteps

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Ouch...... disaster strikes, lesson learned
hopefully theres still hope for a bowl
#lessonlearned #learningstill 🙃

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I learned that, the hard way 😬
if viewing follow ( @p3rra.spamm_ 💗)
#explore #trending #lessonlearned

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I don’t give up, i won’t give up because i really want to see how far i can go, how much i can really push myself to reach my goals. i spent so much of my life being unhappy (no one else’s fault but my own) that i owe it to myself to be happy. and this makes me happy... this new healthier lifestyle, this new life living on my own, being independent. i’m enjoying it and learning to deal with the struggles (emotional, financial, etc) as i go. god knows this has not been easy but i will not give up. .
#movingforwardinlife #newlifenewme #neverlookingback #happilyeverafter #focusedonmygoals #divorcedmom #bossmoves #dramafree #lessonlearned #selflove #trustinggod #patienceiskey #keepitmoving

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Stabbed! i could tell you a story about a child running into me with a pair of scissors, or maybe a home invasion, or maybe i saved someone...but no.

in my own typical clumsy fashion, i managed to stab myself this morning 🤦‍♀️ i was crafting away at my desk early hours this morning before heading off to work, when a pair of my cricut craft scissors fell off my desk

as you do in autopilot, i closed my legs to catch them, but instead of catching..the full blade went into my leg and all i could see was the handle 😳

i pulled them out in a panic (without thinking) but no damage. just a couple stitches, tetanus shot and now im off back home to get decent n get on with some work 😂

p.s yay to chunky thighs and having enough flubber to not feel it go in at all

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In the last couple of months, i have changed alot, some think i changed for the worst some for the better, i think i've changed for the better, i had some time to think, did somethong wrong, i wanted to right my wrongs, and i did. well most of them.. one wrong stayed unfixed, and i think i will never be able to fix it.. lesson of the day, if you hurt someone, one day you will be hurt back, but the pain will spread even worse.. so when you come to a happy point of life, stay there, dont try to find even more happines, respect and love all those moments , because maybe one day they will just become memories that you won't be able to get back!! #classy #theclassyissue #suitedandbooted #medivaltower #deep #quotes #sad #young #respect #love #wrong #pain #change #lesson #life #past #baddecisions #lessonlearned #hopelessromantic #burned #deadinside💔 #fault #fuckedup #sorry #change #style #depressionhelp #broken💔 #idiot #dontdeserveyou #hopeless

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“life lessons pt 2” i’ve learned a lot from my dad. he’s a no nonsense kinda guy...old school, but full of wisdom. can’t put a price on having a male role model at home. still working on applying it all...definitely need to travel!!!!

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When you promise to be there for someone then make sure that you stick to it. .

know that you have made a bond. a bond of pure trust and commitment of being there for the person. .

being there means, despite all the odds, the most unfavourable situations, the worst scenarios, you have got someone's back to lean on. .

without any disappointments. .

if there's someone in your life like that, whom you know would not hurt you ever through mere words or actions just because of the moment. . who knows that phases of life passes through but what scars the heart forever are the words spoken at that moment. .

if you know someone who cares for you this much, you are blessed. .

or if you don't know any such person then be one. .

you will be receiving countless blessings from people who need such ones in their lives. to hold on to. to live .

#support #supportive #bond #bondingtime #bonding #bondoflove #love #trust #commitment #committed #life #lifequotes #lifelessons #lifestyleblog #lifestyle #heart #care #caring #loving #relationshipquotes #relationshipgoals #relationships #forever #ever #everyday #lessonlearned #lessons #lessonsoflife #goals #instagrammer

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I know my social presence has been lackluster lately, but i’ve been pressin’ up (get it) some new thangs. after a busy holiday, and me being out of commission with my foot... it was nice to have a break. i like to put my own spin, creativity & passion in my soul into what i do. sometimes you need the calm, the break, the time away to really rev that spark inside. i still work full time, but this is my soul, kimmy vibes is growing, and i’m adjusting and growing with it. i wish i could spend all day everyday working on new things and your orders... but the long nights, early mornings, missed date nights & weekend nights staying in... are worth it to see where kimmy vibes has come. the falls, the rises, the highs and lows. there’s beauty in all of it. there’s lessons learned, bridges burned, new friendships made & education earned. it can be hard to stand out in a world so cluttered... thanks to everyone being a part of this little peace sign throwing chicks journey - and stay tuned for all the magic to come. ✌🏻#spreadthevibes .
#findyourself #lessonlearned #passion #hustle #babessupportingbabes #bossbabe #ladyboss #babeswhohustle #selfmade #creativity #fuelyourhustle #buildyourempire #kimmy #kimmyvibes #vibes #goodvibes #positivevibes

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😜😜😜🗣️ 🗣️ 🗣️ listen listen ⠀

you are a work in progress! we sometimes fall apart so we can ultimately rebuild back together even more beautiful than before.
remember to take care of you, and your tribe is here. ⠀

oh, and enjoy the tacos! 🌮 🌮 🌮 🌮 ⠀

#tacos #workinprogress #worktogether #support #tribe #tacosarelife #cometogether #buildeachotherup #fallapart #lessonlearned #selfawarenessiskey
check out my 🌲 link tree 🌲 in bio page @pritiyoga for ways i can help support you!❤️❤️❤️ @pritiyoga

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