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Gorgeous virginia. and vote #democrat va-05!! #lesliecockburnforcongress and @campingcampingcamping love the #welcometosperryville mural!

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Real family, real farm, and a real congressional candidate. @leslieforcongress #lesliecockburnforcongress #sevenoaksfarm

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Update: don’t mark your calendars! the campaign needed to cancel and will reschedule, so stay tuned!

mark your calendars! hope to see you there! #lesliecockburnforcongress #flipthefifth #bluewave2018

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Farewell to my my so-called representative mr.garret. though i think he has been a very bad representative for my district, i wish him well and that he and his family are blessed by god so he may recover from him alcoholism. garrett forgot that he was ment to represent the people of his district and he did the total opposite. he was elected to one of the most gerrymandered districts. hopefully @leslieforcongress will replace him. she is what we need in this district. @reptomgarrett i wish you well. #democratsforthewin #virginia #usa #republicans #democrats #dumbtrump #lesliecockburnforcongress

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Proud to be a fauquier county delegate for leslie cockburn at the democratic primary convention! #flipthefifth #onetermtom #lesliecockburnforcongress #fauquiercountyrepresent

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Running av today for the 5th district democratic convention in farmville #lesliecockburnforcongress

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First caucus ever and it was a hoot! leslie cockburn picked up twelve more delegates and the democrats in fauquier county are energized and ready to vote tom garrett out this november! #flipthehouse #votethemout #turnvirginiablue #lesliecockburnforcongress

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Excitement building as additional time granted by candidates to accomodate record crowds #takebackthefifth #lesliecockburnforcongress

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Getting ready for a democratic caucus in bedford. #lesliecockburnforcongress

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Richard, my favorite voter at this caucus. he had another sign, year of the woman. #thefutureisfemale #lesliecockburnforcongress

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A spectacular night meeting with our congressional candidate, leslie cockburn. i am so impressed folks... after tonight there is no question in my mind who has my vote in this up coming local caucus on april 21st .. this is where delegates are chosen to represent candidates at the may 5th convention where the democratic candidate will actually be selected.. it’s a bit confusing.. i still have so much to learn about our democratic institutions.. and so much to say about this candidate but i’m sure i’ll be writing more about leslie as we edge closer to the convention. we are very lucky to have her running in virginia’s 5th district! ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••#turnvirginiablue #flipitblue #rockthevote #virginia #lesliecockburnforcongress #flipthehouse @leslieforcongress

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Check out wolfie - soho doggo and pawtecter of bears. he says don't shoot during hibernation. as a frequent napper, i must say i agree! #savethebears #flipthe5th #lesliecockburnforcongress

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Leslie cockburn, a progressive candidate for swing district va-5, virginia's largest congressional district speaking last night at the home of @kiravoneichel about #cleanair #cleanwater #renewableenergy #medicareforall #racialjustice and how to repair & restore our democracy.
sitting republican incumbent thomas garrett is member of the house freedom caucus. #flipthe5th #takebackthehouse #11.06.18 #lesliecockburnforcongress

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For 15 years as a reporter i kept my political opinions to myself. i’m happy to say that this is the first political button i’ve ever displayed. leslie cockburn for va-5. #lesliecockburnforcongress #flipthehouse

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Flip the house/ raise the roof
repost @oliviawilde - best party band ever.
⚡️ @dexterlakeclubband ⚡️ #lesliecockburnforcongress #flipthehouse

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Many thanks to @oliviawilde for the kind words and to her and @chloe_cockburn_art for having us at their ridiculously excellent party for #lesliecockburnforcongress and #flipthe5th !

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Many thanks to @oliviawilde for the kind words and for having us at her ridiculously excellent party for #lesliecockburnforcongress and #flipthe5th !

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