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What a great f*****g experience today was. thank you to the sky and back @erik_andrew_evans and @paulrimmerphd for giving @jessie_mighty_mouse and myself a kick a*s workout. we’re about ready to demolish some burgers!! •

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Mmmmm debated on posting this because i thought very unflatteringly of myself in the first picture. it was 2014, i was about 152 pounds (couple pounds lower than my highest ever), out of high school for a year and the lack of playing all my varsity sports was catching up to me. at 5’7 it doesn’t seem like much, but my entire family have small frames, and i remember getting my body f*t tested and absolutely hating associating that number with myself. ~
at that age it didn’t take much to bruise my self image, and being told my bmi registered me as clinically overweight, borderline “obese” definitely didn’t give me the warm and fuzzies about myself. ~ 👉🏻👉🏻 2015- the year i started gogo-ing. also the year i started hitting the gym more and more every day, learning new things about my body and the way it moved. initially it started as a requirement to look good on stage and quickly evolved into an exploration. the idea of simply repeating certain motions over and over again with different weights and essentially forcing a change out of my body piqued my interest. ~2016- i had spent the last year diving into everything fitness related- i got my pt cert, i meal prepped, and i did cardio like nobody’s business (hence the baby 🍑). but i was still asking things of my body that wasn’t its responsibility; still trying to shape it into this form that i thought would make me the happiest. ~2018- i love the way i look, but most importantly i love the way my body performs, and i understand enough about it to give it what it needs. i don’t ever have to worry about being incapable, because i know this body i’ve built has got me ✊🏻and during the physical building process, i’ve built up an emotional and spiritual connection and love for/with myself that’s never going anywhere. you don’t have to love me, or even like me- because i love me enough for the both of us. ~do yourself a favor- look in the mirror today and tell yourself that you’re the shit, because you are. and then go out and live your best d**n life. ✌️ .
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On the left, i was still learning how to love myself fully but still so insecure with who i was. ⠀

make no mistake, lifting weights in and of itself can’t make you confident, but becoming fit and healthy was the first step for me. i started working out for aesthetic purposes (i wanted a nice b**t 🤣) but i soon realized how empty that was.⠀

there was no way for me cover up depression or hide insecurity anymore because i was exhausted. ⠀

my motivation to exercise for aesthetics wasn’t enough, and you could see the total lack of joy on my face. ⠀

i’m stronger, healthier, and mentally and physically in a much better place! ⠀

comment below and tell me how exercise has helped you mentally or emotionally! #transformationtuesday

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Rise and shine 🌝🥑

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My gym got some new equipment, so naturally i'm all over it. (sorry for the half video) also it's been a while since i did a gym video. this new squat equipment is 💣 and i never know what things are called so if you know the name of this piece of equipment tell me! lol get those 🍗 and 🍑 working!! i hope you're all utilizing your off-season training.

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Stop comparing yourself to instagram fitness gurus - most of them have incorrect form anyway 🤷🏿‍♀️

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4 8 0 for the very strong and intelligent and funny @acciobeastmode - what a perfect way to celebrate her birthday 💜
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Is it bad to say i ❤ my shoulders? too bad if it is, because i do 😍 these shoulders have had the weight of the world on them these past couple of years, and they carried it with as much grace, strength and dignity as possible. they are magnificent and fierce 💪💪 #bouldershoulders #ladylifter #strongissexy #perserverance #fortitude

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