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🥂 poppin' bottles over here in celebration! 🎉
okay yes this is an older video of me burping our kombucha bottles... but we are still celebrating! because the first ever kombucha article was just published on homestead and chill ~ "brewing homemade kombucha: supplies list"
i figure before you start, you need to gather the right tools, yeah? then recipe and how-to posts will follow in the coming weeks!
💡 head on over to the link in my profile to read more about it! 💜
who is ready to get their brew on with us? 🤚🏼
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#sundayfunday is for puppy hugs and gingerade love. post a pic of your fur baby with your favorite #gtskombucha bottle! ☺

🐶: @a.vizsla.party

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Today is booch brew day! ✨ when i first started brewing my own kombucha, i’d set aside 20 minute every sunday to prep my new brew. those 20 minutes gave me a week’s worth of natural probiotics and antioxidants! and now that it’s strawberry 🍓 season.... this brew will be ohhhhh so delicious 😋 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
have you brewed your own kombucha? what are your favourite flavours?

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Giveaway! ✨ at the heart of gt's kombucha is the magic of fermentation. rooted in ancient tradition, fermented foods have long been known to promote wellness with raw goodness & naturally occurring probiotics. that's why we're partnering with our friends at cleveland k***t to offer 5 lucky winners a gift pack of fresh, gluten-free sauerkraut and a case of gt's enlightened kombucha.

to enter:
1. follow @gtskombucha and @clekraut on instagram.
2. like this post and tag 2 foodie friends.

no purchase necessary. winners will be notified by 3/29/19 via dm. good luck!

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Saturdays are for bubbly rose 💞
shoutout your favorite flavor below!👇🏾
📍link in bio to search for this flavor near you!
via @supacoffee
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Have you tried our new and improved pesto quinoa? with the addition of leafy greens an macadamia nuts, the flavor is delicious and even tastier than it was before! we aim to make our salads easily accessible, tasty, and equally healthy for everyone! if you are constantly on the go or even if you dislike cooking, our meals are designed for you! ⠀
we make our salads fresh every single day and it’s always something different like kelp noodles, breakfast parfaits, or quinoa salads! 🌴🌺🌈🌴🌺🌈🌴🌺🌈🌴🌺🌈🌴🌺🌈🌴🌺🌈🌴🌺🌈🌴🌺🌈🌴

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Want to try fermented garlic in honey?
here the recipe from @ferment.works! 🍓🍈🍒🍑🍍🍅🍆 1 ¼ cup garlic cloves (about 5 heads)
1 ½ cups raw honey, or to fill a pint jar

1. peel garlic cloves. press each clove with the back of a chef’s knife to lightly bruise. this will help release the peel and release some of the garlic’s juice. this moisture will stimulate the honey to begin the ferment.

2. place the peeled, lightly crushed garlic cloves in a pint jar with a tight fitting lid, about 3/4 full. pour in honey to cover the garlic leaving about an inch and a half of headspace. this space is important as the honey will become quite bubbly and active, this will give it the room it needs to keep from overflowing. place lid on the jar and tighten.

3. place on a place on the counter. every other day, or more often as needed, you will c***k open the lid and allow the co2 to escape. retighten and turn the jar over and allow the honey to recoat the garlic that will float to the top of the honey.

4. ferment for a month. the ferment will be ready when the bubbles settle down, the honey becomes runny and dark, the garlic mellows. 😍😘👍
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Green ginger tonic 🍃 sunset sherbert 🍍 mexican blanket 🔥 guava & fig 🍹passion vanilla pear-adise 🏝 ...which one would you choose 🤔

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