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Awwww 😊 πŸ’›

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So adorable 😊 😊
from @cattery_greycat

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Like day and night - baby xafi left and baby auri right #throwback #weeklyfluff .
πŸ™‹ i know it's hard to believe considering their coat colour is very similar today, but the two had very different looks as babies. xafi still has a lighter coat than auri but it's a lot harder to see now. auri also had her aqua green eyes from a very early age whereas xafi grew into them more slowly. considering they had the same parents their difference is quite remarkable i always thought ☺️

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Sibling love! these guys are so happy together and they love figuring out that playtime exists of more than b**t biting. #socute #adorable #snuggles #fosterkitten #kitten #bottlebaby #babycat #tortie #tortiekitten #orangetabby #tabby #fosterkittensofinstagram #kittensofinstagram #fosteringsaveslives

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Happy throwback purrsday to my first week in my new home. according to the humans i am growing to be a big boy. but i'm already a big boy, am i not? πŸ€” #goodboy #weeklyfluff

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