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Another look at the snake that never gave up // blue heron

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I spent a good four or five hours at middleton lakes today, mainly because the light was superb! i got several images which i’ll be working on over the coming days, and these two cormorant in-flight images are the first i’ve processed. so often these birds just turn out as silhouettes, so i was really happy to get some good light on them today 😃. (1/2000th, f8, iso 400).

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My absolute favorite bird of all time has been neglected on my feed for a few months, so i thought i’d post one. they are looking quite different right now because it’s colder, and they all fluffy and puffy...just the way i like them.😁i’m hoping to get out tomorrow to get a few shots of them if doesn’t rain to hard. have a happy night/day. 😁💙 please follow me: -@birds_s2_love

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The greater roadrunner (geococcyx californianus) is a long-legged bird in the cuckoo family, cuculidae, from southwestern united states and mexico. the latin name means "californian earth-cuckoo". some pueblo native american tribes, including the hopi, believed the roadrunner provided protection against evil spirits. in mexico, some said it brought babies, as the white stork was said to in europe. some anglo frontier people believed roadrunners led lost people to trails. -wikipedia
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Dawns early light and a flock of canada geese flying low over iona pond - tuesday 13 november 2018 - #nofilter #richmondmoments #canadageese #vancouverbirds #mustbevancouver #outdoorvancouver

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“she was the tide, always drifting in and out of the lives of those who loved her. eternally indecisive, unable to discern whether she desired the solidity and safety of land or the wild freedom of the ocean.” beau taplin - wild ocean

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