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When you want to participate in the #10yearchallenge but you're only 2 years old. .
i never realized how big kaden's paws were compared to the size of his body when he was a kitten !! this side by side really shows it off! clearly he grew into his big paws and large head nicely. 😂

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Fa-la-la-la-la la-la-la-la. we've finally compiled a holiday gift guide for the kitties in your life!! check out our list below:
1. we love these bow ties by @danesanddivas. there are many companies out there, but i think these are beautifully made with an amazing selection of adorable patterns.
2. katie and frankie go nuts for @tabbyjamesco catnip. we've tried a bunch of different brands in the past, but they can't get enough of the tj nip!

3. the ceramic bows from @vivipetofficial are the perfect combination of cute, functional, and safe. we especially love the "big head bowl" to reduce whisker distress and the ceramic material means it's easy to clean and doesn't leach chemicals!

4. everyone in our household is obsessed with these handmade felt toys by @rioccd28. ours are shaped like chicken & waffles, but they are open to other custom orders! the cats love them, maybe a bit too much.
5. this list wouldn't be complete without @thelitterrobot . it has literally changed our lives (and the cats too)! we have a full q&a about our experience with the litter robot in our highlights if you'd like our more detailed opinion!

it was so hard to choose just 5! would you like a 2nd version of our holiday gift guide with more of our favorite products?

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Ready for take-off! ✈


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