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Where were you, walking stranger, when i needed you?

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The gardens of the quinta are like something from a fairy tale. full of towers, wells, caves and mossy fountains. i’m going to go back tomorrow as they open, before it gets busy, to take more photographs! it’s hard when it’s busy and you’re tripping over people! let’s hope no one has the same idea! .

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Fountain place por i.m. pei & partners, es un rascacielos de oficinas considerado como el quinto mas grande de dallas, con una altura de 219 metros de 63 plantas. diseñado como un gran multifacético prisma, sus lados inclinados dan la ventaja de tener un perfil completamente diferente dependiendo del ángulo de visión. su estilo arquitectónico es moderno, construido en 1986 por the beck group. - | eng | -

fountain place by i.m. pei & partners, is an office skyscraper considered the fifth largest in dallas, with a height of 219 meters with 63 floors. designed as a large multifaceted prism, its sloping sides give the advantage of having a completely different profile depending on the viewing angle. its architectural style is modern, built in 1986 by the beck group. #impeiarchitecture #architecture #building #dallas

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Abstract lines bnw - serie 1/3
centro innovación uc, campus san joaquin, macul

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Hungry on the streets of barcelona???
#tbt #elnacionalbcn #spicollective #lensbible

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The missing piece

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9th street

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Wood wall, ‘louver’ design at duke university. linear wall system on the right hand side adds some warmth to this gothic masterpiece.

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