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Not a bad weekend... hopefully the first of many desert towers! 📷: @brandonhillselfie #jahman #sistersuperior #deserttowers #tradisrad

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Basecamp rainbow ✌🏻️✌🏻️ . . . #jahman #persaudaraantanpabatas

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You've got to make it sexy, it's all hips and nips 📸: @brettski95 #jahman #sistersuperior

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No tears on the birthday climb this year. does that make me a grown up now? #jahman #nahman #birfdayclimb

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Kojoten am start? 💗 #jahman

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Rastamannn🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲 #jahman

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Tb..ma niga bfre he was a #jahman #rastafaria @jordan_john_ jah bless na man kyan curse 😃😃.!

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So um... is 2017 ... we still doing this?? @stronjeh allyuh cyah be serious mannnnn.... at least credit allyuh inspiration nuh... #jahman #pplwokkinghard #leavesomethingsalonenah @christianboucaud 👏👏👏 ****************** i have been a designer for over 14 years and a creative all my life; till this day i still struggle with the saying, “imitation is a form of flattery.” i am in no way flattered when my creative property is plagiarised, reproduced and sold with the pretence that it has not already been done. i am aware of many imitated “versions” of my creations and to this i say; i will not directly approach anyone who i will describe as creatively barren. i urge my clients to continue identifying every culprit as the imposters that they are. ps, my neckline is way more impressive. also, you need to be very careful when finishing the crotch area because if the stitching is too bulky it will be uncomfortable for the client. have a great carnival! #trinidadcarnival #peoplecopyus

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Someone pretty amazing doing her early set at mesterens summerparty! 🦀🌴

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Imajinasikan dirimu in lapangan tunjuk utara tabanan ✌🏻🌈 #onelove #twofingers #threecolours #reggaebali #rastafara #jahman

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