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The reason why i get to celebrate father's day. not a days goes by and the reason why i'm a changed person #beingdadtolilgirlsrocks #iwouldntchangeitfortheworld

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I love father’s day and i hand on heart love being a daddy to the 3 best little boys in the whole world.. dudes you make your daddy very very proud... i remember when they were all little and would want to spend time with me on this day.. not now tho!! malakai gave me a card and said he’s off to play fortnight, prestons gone off on his brothers phone and harper wants to stay in bed on his ipad... n thank you to my wife for helping me be such a great dad.. truth is i couldn’t do any of this with out you 💏 #family #love #fathersday #fathersdaygifts #prouddad #iwouldntchangeitfortheworld #happiness

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Have kids they say, it'll be fun... they forget to tell you about your raised blood pressure, increased anxiety and your patience is long gone in the pacific ocean. @daytona95 who else agrees with me? #iwouldntchangeitfortheworld #mykidsaremylife #buttheyneedtotonedownthedeathscreamsabit

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All three have the same yellow in their eyes and feistiness from me but beyond that they are a genetic muddle of both of us. every time i look at them i am constantly reminded how good god is and how truly blessed we are to call them ours. #lifeisbeautiful #blessed #ourbabies #iwouldntchangeitfortheworld

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breakfast shake; mint chocolate chip w/ vanilla protein. everything my body needs; protein, vitamin c, vitamin e, fiber, calcium, vitamin a. 21 vitamins & nutrients!....
tea; lemon tea w/ mandarin aloe. burns 80-100 calories, boost my metabolism, gives me energy, helps with my digestive system!.
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Cuddles on the couch with my two favorite people. 😍😍 #familytime #cuddles #iwouldntchangeitfortheworld #gwendalyn #myfirst #momlife

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Sometimes in life it’s often the #thesimplethings that help!!!! did you know that sever symptoms of #ptsd can include nausea and vomiting!!!!! this is because when it gets to much your brain goes into overdrive and you forget to breathe. this hasn’t happened in a long time now but i do need to remind myself to #breathe , whether that be literally or generally.. take that time for just me and escape the world!! have you ever felt like things were to much? what was the one thing that mostly helped you through?
#ptsdrecovery #arttherapy .
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This weekend we celebrated my daughters second birthday. it was a crazy party that started out hot and sunny and turned into everyone running to their cars to escape the thunderstorm. 😂 #makingmemories #thatsgeorgialife #iwouldntchangeitfortheworld .
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*sigh* only #parents truly #know what pix like this can do to a body. the flood of emotions, thoughts, hopes, dreams, fears... all from something so simple as a photograph..it’s sometimes overwhelming. #iwouldntchangeitfortheworld. #repost @goddesstomiko
our little boys are graduating from preschool this coming friday!! 👨🏾‍🎓👨🏾‍🎓🎉🎉😎😎🌟🌟👑👑❤️❤️ @professorom and i are so proud of our babies and can’t believe how quickly time is flying. 😢

thanks to all of our family, friends and community for your continued love and support of our family. it means so much to us. ❤️ i’m sure i’m going to be a blubbering mess on friday. 😭😭😭😭😭😭 #kindergartenbound #twins #proudparents #lovelikenoother #timepleaseslowdown #ourbabiesaregrowingup

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There was a time when i would be on the dance floor on a friday night to this 🙌🏻, now it’s the perfect track to knead pizza dough along to #iamsoold #fridayfunday #faithless #parkendclubdays #90snostalgia #iwouldntchangeitfortheworld #mykitchenisrocking

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I am a #momof10 with getting custody of our #nephew so changed my name to #raising11 #life can be and #is #hectic #iwouldntchangeitfortheworld

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The only items that remain from the original purchase is the titled frame, grab bar and the main shaft on the transmission. #iwouldntchangeitfortheworld #2stroke #longlivequads

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My boys wanted to play me a song after dinner! 😍🤣 connor was clearly in charge. keegan is my goofball. and if you follow me on snapchat you know camjam just loves to jam out 😂 #lovemyboys #theymakemecrazy #iwouldntchangeitfortheworld

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We have been going to kenny concerts for one decade. #lifechanges #iwouldntchangeitfortheworld.

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Happy june 1st! this graphic brings me back to my childhood; the school year would be winding down and we’d be getting ready for summer vacation. for me this meant visiting my grandparents in the country. my mom is one of 9 kids, so cousins would come from all over to spend summer with my grandparents. sometimes there’d be like 15 kids staying at the house! we would pile onto mattresses on the floor in the living room at night and my grandfather would let us stay up late while he told us funny stories. he was hilarious. i remember some of those stories now and honestly they’re not that funny, but back then we all would just be cracking up. my grandmother made the best chocolate tea ☕️ and huge dutch pots of fried dumplings and crispy chicken back or mackerel for breakfast, and days would be spent climbing mango trees and picking big sweet juicy julie and blackie mangos with my cousins. we would peel sugarcane with our teeth while the juices run down our faces and we’d get so sticky 😆 then take a bath in the stream with “soap bush” while our clothes dried on the rocks. i “helped”my grandfather milk cows- he’d milk the cow directly into a giant enamel mug and i’d sit beside him and drink it while it was still warm and frothy. he would say “fus milk mek pickney grow strong!” i would then get to ride the donkey home. friday and saturday nights there were street dances; you could hear the music 🎶 for miles around and smell the j**k chicken and mannish water cooking over open fires. somehow that time seems so far away! it makes me think that maybe, just maybe, my family wasn’t truly poor after all. what are your favorite childhood memories?
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National doughnut day should not be celebrated once a year. it should be celebrated daily with matching shirts of course. #nationaldoughnutday #theirsmiles #iwouldntchangeitfortheworld

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Why do you foster? difficult? hard to let go?

so many questions, so little space. i will make multiple posts about this. (photo shows almost all the babies we have taken over the last 8 months or so.)

long story short? there’s no better feeling than knowing you are making a difference. fostering makes me a better human & my furrever b***s more well rounded. i’ll touch on some biggies & elaborate in the future.

each foster i bring into my home learns to accept love, & while most instinctively, & sometimes against colossal odds, give it freely, they learn it’s safe.

this translates into my own life & relationships. my abused animals, we don’t speak the same language. they don’t know i am different from those who hurt them, yet they give me a chance. ones who come to me after a long life with one human family don’t know that i won’t leave as well, yet they love me unquestionably. ones who come as strangers to human contact can‘t know they are safe, yet they settle in with faith. it’s indescribable how rewarding taking in these babies is to my own life.

they make my adopted babies more well rounded, accepting, adaptable.

is it difficult? yes. it is hard to say “no”. it’s hard to say “i can’t take another” when i know there’s a spare bathroom. hard to say “no. i’m tired & i don’t have the time to commit to another” when i know the reality is that baby i turn away may be left in a shelter with little love & time because of over crowding, waiting on death row, or on the streets. hard to say “no, don’t chew on that shoe” when i know they’ve never felt so comfortable before. these are the difficult parts. but is opening my door difficult? no.

fostering is flexible. you choose what you’re comfortable with & when. the community is supportive. financially you’re golden. through donations you are provided with all you need.

is it hard to say goodbye?

every. single. time.

i invest all my love & energy into every baby that comes through my door & remember each one. but i served my purpose. gave them all i had so they could find their family. my job is to make them ready to accept love & when they are, someone else needs me.


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