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It maybe way past my bedtime (11:00pm) but i would stay up all night to never let this moment go!
• for those of you who have teenage boys you know what i mean! 💙

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Hahaha! this literally made me laugh out loud😂 purely because this was me about 20mins ago. i just cant have a shower in peace nowadays, if shes not in the shower with me shes in the bathroom on the changing mat or in the high chair. and when shes not i just always hear the ringing sound as if shes crying so im always rushing 😣😣 #mumlife #norestforthewicked #babygirl #showerthoughts #ohwell #illshowerin10years #iwouldntchangeitfortheworld #mygirl

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Shitty tattoos that mean the world to me 💕 #17yearoldmecouldntwait #iwouldntchangeitfortheworld #22yearoldmeisproudofit #shittytattoos #breastcancer#tattoos #μετησωτηρία 📸08.06.18

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Ain’t it funny how life changes?
last night i was happily paddling a canoe around the lake with my youngest and tonight i’m sitting in a hospital room recovering from emergency surgery.
i was woken in the early hours of the night in extreme pain, thought i could tough it out, but failed miserably.
turns out i had a triple twisted o***y that was full of cysts and blood clots and massively swollen so that b***h had to be removed. (yes, triple. it wasn’t happy to have a single twist, it had to go all out.)

i’ll be better than ever in about 6 weeks. this just means i’ll have to slow down and enjoy the last few weeks of summer like i should have been all along! 😉

i totally look like hell is the second photo and i don’t give a shit. i just came through 13 hours of the most intense pain and nausea that morphine, buscopan and gravol would barely touch plus surgery to remove another malfunctioning organ.
reality is, anyone would look like hell after that shit, and that’s just reality.
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One mummy and three boys 💙
4.30 wake up call this morning and a very busy day has made us all crash out. quick rest to see me through until bedtime. 😍👩‍👦🌎⭐️🌙 #myboys #30littlefingers #6littlehands #keepingmeonmytoes #mummytoboys #ineverstop #iwouldntchangeitfortheworld #sleepinginmyarms

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the “i am” bucky

i reach.
he runs.
i hold hands, he pulls.
leading me.
asking me to keep up.
as i ask him to slow down.
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Couldn't decide which picture i liked the best so i used them all. this is after a 6 am wake up after a night with the baby being awake, working all day and coming home to resume mom duties and a night of putting the kids to bed with the youngest fighting sleep. am i exhausted ? you bet. should i be in bed. um duh. however i'm taking a few minutes to myself to undwind. moms of kids all ages, when you feel like you just don't have it in you to keep going remember you were put on this earth to create and raise those tiny humans that depend on you. so at the end of the day take a moment to breathe and tell yourself to not feel guilty for taking a few extra minutes for yourself before making a repeat performance on the next day. #momduties #iwouldntchangeitfortheworld #fulltimemomfulltimeemployee

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A glimpse of next week. if anyone will be wondering....🤣 #livingonaprayer #iwouldntchangeitfortheworld

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Today is the feast day of st. ignatius of loyola.

did you know that he, like yours truly and maybe many of you, didn't go back to school until his mid-thirties and graduated at 43?? i was torn when i left college to raise my children, but looking back, had i chosen school over full-time parenting, i wouldn't have the same four fabulous children that i am so proud of today. in 1995, with 4.0 college gpa and years of hard work in high school in my pocket, god gave me the courage to let go of my path to accept his path. i won't say it was all sunshine and rainbows -- it wasn't. yet i am a living breathing example of how sometimes what we see as god's "no" is often really just a "not right now". i did eventually go back to school and graduated with my degree in philosophy in 2015 at age 40. i still have ambitions to work towards a phd. often i become discouraged when i think of how old i'll be if that dream should ever come to fruition -- ugh --- but i guess if st. ignatius could attend classes with students half his age and then go on to found the jesuits (one of the greatest religious orders in the world), there's still time for me to dream big. it's never to late to learn. ...and dr. tippett does have a nice ring to it, don't ya think?!? 😆

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I’m not sure whether i’m more excited for their bond as they grow up together or terrified of what they’re going to put me through together when they’re older 😅 #iwouldntchangeitfortheworld #siblinglove #siblingbonding #laugheveryday

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I can’t believe in just a few shorts weeks my baby girl will be three! where has the time gone💕

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Kinda blurry with a messy room. this is our normal. #iwouldntchangeitfortheworld

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