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Watch & share @power_106 @lilnasx talks inspiration | | vlog, watch & share with friends in our app lyv tv | 😁 also available on youtube • app link in bio  | have fun sharing 😎 #hiphop #rap #vlogsquad #interview #lilnasx

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💥freddie on his performances💥
"i couldn't get any more theatrical...(oh give it time freddie you always outdo yourself 😁 )
that's the way i wanna perform you know. it's taking, grasping a song and delivering it the way i feel.
i don't mean...i don't like sitting on a stool and doing the whole performance, at the same time i don't wanna run around all the time. i like to pace myself depending on what the song content is. i mean there are ballads, b***y songs, there are songs that demand a lot of energy apart from just the singing energy...a lot of visuals. and i think i need to do that."
👉p.s. other than the fact that freddie looks absolutely gorgeous in this interview with his open collar shirt and those big beautiful eyes and eyebrows and his full lips and jawline and that perfect nose (yes i have an obsession with his nose!) 🔥❤🔥
what was i saying? oh yeah apart from all that gorgeousness (and also those videos mama mia) i'm always amazed at how intelligent freddie is when he talks about his songs and his performances fully aware of what he's doing and why he's doing it. as much as he improvises, freddie's super successful performances are not accidental and there's professional thought and unique perception behind every live rendition of the songs. so let the musicians and performers who wanna make it today watch the master in all his wisdom and learn how it's really done 💪❤👑
📌i've started making a surprise video combining two of our favorite things and i'll be posting it on youtube as soon as it's ready so make sure you subscribe to our channel (link in bio) 😍😎
🎥 et 1982
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Deleted scene - newt debrief (escena eliminada- interrogatorio) / maze runner: the scorch trials | subtitulada -
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Džejson kid je obavio razgovor sa čelnicima lejkersa o preuzimanju tima!

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credits: @bleacherreport

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