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Emma watson 😍 at the
- #theperksofbeingawallflower premiere

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Spent yesterday’s international woman’s day drinking bubbles on the qe2 in the country i call home 🧡
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Although my previous post was my real #internationalwomansday i just want to say thank you to all the strong, beautiful, intelligent, amazing, sweet, powerful goddesses on earth, who make this world a better place and inspire me daily to become the best version of myself♥️

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Honoring thy wombyn today. no, we’re not all mothers, yes we are all creatrix & destroyers. portals of life & death. happy international woman’s day! ************************************************please educate my about this artist, lets give credit.

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Today i got shamed for feeding my son. ⁣

i never thought it would happen to me, i’ve had nothing but positive experiences up until now. but this morning, i was at the park watching the little boy i nanny play while i was feeding leo. a woman walked past me with her daughter and without stopping, said “couldn’t you have done that at home? people’s kids don’t need to watch that.” i was too shocked to even say anything. i’ve heard of this happening but i never thought it would happen to me, especially by another mother at a place that is full of parents who you would expect to understand. ⁣

tears sprang to my eyes and i immediately felt so humiliated & like i was doing something wrong. until i thought about it for 2 seconds, and decided i wasn’t gonna give her the power to make me feel ashamed of something that i am lucky to be able to do. leo’s entire body was formed inside of my body, and now my body continues to be the source of everything he needs. it’s simultaneously a miracle and the most natural thing in the world, and it’s easy to forget what a privilege it is. some women would give anything to carry a child and if that’s you, i’m praying and believing with you. some women can’t breastfeed and feel shame and guilt about that, and if that’s you, great job getting your baby fed however you need to. ⁣

i almost didn’t post this. i didn’t want to make anyone feel uncomfortable, and breastfeeding isn’t something 25 year old moms shout about from the rooftops. while it is a personal and intimate thing, i still felt a responsibility to share on behalf of scared young moms everywhere who are nervous that everything they do is going to offend someone. encourage us. tell us good job. if our babies are screaming at target, don’t look at us like we should get them to be quiet. tell us we are doing amazing. ⁣

we are doing our best and we’re figuring it out. that being said, i’m so honored to be a mom and i’ve never felt more of a sense of purpose in my entire life. ⁣

and i have to say, women are amazing. our bodies are miraculous. #internationalwomansday was a couple weeks ago, but i’m feeling it today. #girlpower!! #normalizebreastfeeding #rawmotherhood

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Happy friday my lovelies 😘☕️☀️🥂
today will be very stressful, but i enjoy my life.
enjoy your life too🙋🏻😘 i send you 💯 kisses💋

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ya da düşersin kimi zaman uçsuz bucaksız.
bazen bir volkan olur yüreğin.
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anlamayana ömrü günlük, anlayana bir ömürlük...
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Foto × @rosselphotography / @camilagomezpower / @colectivalavozquebrada
el pecho sigue inflado con las mil emociones del viernes.
ya llevo hartas marchas en mis pies y garganta, pero en ésta mi corazón no podía más de felicidad.
la energía que se respiró por horas en esa columna interminable de cantos, bailes, gritos, sonrisas, compañerismo y amor, quedará por siempre en mi retina y en mi alma.
la tarea es grande. que no quede ahí. que no quede en un día. que nuestra lucha sea todos los días, y sea por todas, por las que estuvieron, por las que están, y por las que vendrán.
esto no para. y no va a parar. 💜
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