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Wanderlust ✨

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The last of the true romantics - mehreen fatma ⁣

i call myself a mediocre, gaze at the yellow lilies and don't utter a word.⁣
i b**w wishes on dandelions and read wordsworth's ⁣
remember the mole on your left shoulder.⁣
your golden brown eyes. ⁣
unsent postcards;⁣
i wait for you like an apology,⁣
maybe we are last of the true romantics.⁣
it's almost maghrib'⁣
you swing in like summer in spring.⁣
but then i burn all my ballads.⁣

but i'm white lie addicted, love. ⁣
so you can tell me all the why's.⁣
7:30 pm⁣
and i cant stop looking at the moon even when you are around ⁣
there's a lot of negative space on my plate ⁣
when we are sitting in the same cafe ⁣
three yard from my room.⁣

somehow, all your favourite songs now make sense to me ⁣
and this one is still playing in my head.⁣
"phir le aya dil..."⁣
you are looking into the horizon ⁣
in this pale moonlight ⁣
and that doesn't make sense to me ⁣
or maybe it all does.⁣
you turn and give the 3am look of regrets. ⁣
the air thickens.⁣
my roommate waiting with bottles of bourbon.⁣
i need to leave⁣
the song doesn't stop.⁣
it plays ⁣
it still plays. ⁣

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❁ that's right
love is an act of will.
love flower will bloom
on the soil of feelings
not on forceful actions.
so stop blaming other person
for segregation of your heart
into million pieces.
afterall, you don't have a right
to blame others for
your own falling, do you? ❁
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