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What did we do to deserve barceloneta? wowza!

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Love when @nestjewelryandinteriors takes over the chateau and creates the coziest spaces

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When i decided to start my journey as an online coach over 3 years ago i honestly hadn’t a d**n clue what i was doing.⁣⁣

i remember seeing these women online taking this coaching opportunity and running with it, going on these incredible trips they earned, paying off debt, buying their dream homes and so much more.⁣⁣
i listened to their stories, stalked them behind the scenes on social media and one day said to myself, “what the hell is my problem? why can’t i do that too? why do i keep holding myself back?”⁣⁣
i was scared, because i was stepping into very unknown territory.⁣⁣
i was worried that i wouldn’t be successful.⁣⁣
but i knew i had the chance to positively impact other people’s lives, while changing my own for the better.⁣⁣
one of the first goals i set myself was to be able to go on the 2017 “success club” trip to the hard rock resort in punta cana.⁣⁣
i printed a picture of the resort and had it pinned to my goal board. so i would see it every day and know what i was working for, why i gave up netflix time, or sacrificed some sleep to work on my business.⁣⁣
yes this takes time, hard work and sacrifice....but the rewards? very few other industries or opportunities offer you bottomless income potential, trips and the chance to create your own work schedule.⁣⁣
i remember standing at the hard rock and having this picture taken and soaking in the moment that i had earned this trip! i was finally there! ⁣⁣
this weekend we found out we’re going back to the hard rock in 2020 and i could not be more excited.⁣⁣
🌟i am so proud of my growing business and team, but over time my dreams have evolved and i want so much to pay this opportunity forward and have some strong, motivated , hungry for change boss b***s with me next year! 🌟⁣⁣
so if you’re looking for an opportunity like this, or you just want to learn more about the options out there to do life differently, drop me your favorite emoji 🏝☀️💃🏼🦄 below, or send me a dm and let’s chat! ⁣⁣
let’s make our dreams for 2019 a reality together, then celebrate on the beach in the dominican republic! 😉

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Do you like my dress?🌹💕💋👀 i think is perfect for valentine's day and it only cost me $3 in the flea market. 💫💬😝thrifting is one of my guilty pleasures. 🙈i love the thrill of finding beautiful pieces. 😄🌟🙌

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Backbends always shake me out my comfort zone. ⁣
it presses me to either develop patience or to drop-out......
and i’m not dropping out 😉⁣

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It’s true 🤗
i’m listening to all your most asked questions. i finally updated my site and guess what it’s not perfect! but it’s done ☺️
and i’ve added some new ways for us to work together 😉
content that’s coming up next:
✨how i managed to read 50 books in 2018
✨sup with all the spirituality
✨ being you on social media ✨ being a boss ✨self love and body positivity info and resources
✨ and obviously what the people want to know most: my skin care and make up routine 💁🏻‍♀️ so here is your chance to tell me what i can help with.
drop it here or send me a dm 😘


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