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The sooner you step away from your comfort zone, the sooner you realise it wasn’t really all that comfortable ~ eddie harris junior
have you grasped your true potential?
are you truly aware, has it really landed yet, just what your life could be, who you could become, what possibilities life really holds for you?
you have within you almost unlimited potential to be, do and have pretty much anything you desire.
you have unique gifts and astonishing talents that these your love and the wider world would get untold benefit from.
and which in turn would reward you with abundance few can imagine.
but to unlock all of requires doing something that nearly everyone shies away from.
it means stepping outside your comfort zone, doing something new, attempting something different, growing.
it means actually blowing the dust off those talents and gifts, off the incredible potential inside you and actually using it.
how often have you read the quote (or ones like it) that life begins at the end of your comfort zone?
how often have you done more than read it and actually applied it?
because your comfort zone isn’t a place fo safety. it’s a graveyard for the possibilities for your life.
slow down and consider that, don’t just read it and speed past it as your ego wants you to do.
your comfort zone is where your horizons shrink, your talents atrophy, your growth stops and your potential reduces. is that where you want to spend your time?
a mentor of mine once told me to make the feeling of being uncomfortable my friend, because it was my friend. i had simply and wrongly learnt to avoid it. and my life suffered as a result.
each time you step outside your comfort zone and do something amazing, big or small, is a victory. is another step towards you living the life of your dreams. is another step towards you unleashing your incredible talents and gifts.
each time you choose your comfort zone is a step backwards, away from the life you want.
so follow that feeling of discomfort, because it’s lighting the path to exactly what you want.

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Angelique stond vanochtend vroeg op om de bloedmaan te fotograferen. hoelaat ging jouw wekker? gefeliciteerd!! @angelique.salimans 🏆 jij bent onze ontdekkingsreiziger van de dag!
bedankt voor het gebruiken van #dutchwoods en het delen van deze prachige foto! vergeet niet zijn/haar gallerij te bekijken! ✦
je bent uitgekozen door: @jeanine.verbraak
volg je mij al?

☑ volg @dutchwoods
☑ plaats je mooiste foto!
☑ & tag #dutchwoods ↟i

meet onze moderators: @wildwithchris / @jeanine.verbraak / @travels.of.yvette.e_

kom ook bij onze fotografie groep 'dutch travelers' op facebook! link in bio!

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И заключительное направление в дизайне интерьеров, по версии #ambiente :

quiet surroundings

Естественную среду создают простые вещи, близкие к природе, мягкие оттенки, натуральные материалы, освобождающие от стресса, привносящие спокойствие и умиротворение в пространство. В тренде шерсть, шелк, лен, пенька, камень, дерево, ротанг, керамика. Цветовая палитра схожа с tasteful residence, однако цвета становятся более приглушенными, появляются иссиня-черные, болотно-зеленые и другие природные тона. В центре внимания — традиционные ремесленные техники и переработанные материалы.

Для таких интерьеров конечно мы рекомендуем ковры ручной работы. Это поддерживает экологичность и идейную целостность дизайна.

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