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Use this sequence to energize and wake yourself up! can be used in the mornings or mid workday for a quick pick me up 💪🔥 read below for full details and for the modifications, progressions, more flows, and foundational poses, check out our ebook (link in bio) 😍❤️ share this with someone that could benefit and save it so you remember to do it!! thanks for sharing @yoga_scoop #inflexibleyogis ・・・
flow friday, we are going to wake our bodies up!
getting going in the morning is a struggle for most of us. doing a couple easy movements that stimulate your central nervous system as well as really activating your breath can boost you more than a cup of coffee. use these any part of your day for a quick pick me up.
☕️cat/cow with the hand and wrist stretch, gets your spine moving wakes up your central nervous system. ☕️squatting with the extended forward fold opens the hips, lower back, and hamstrings. these are the areas of the body that are usually the most tight and getting them feeling free will make you want to move more!
☕️flying lunges are big, full body movements, that have an element of balance. take big inhales and exhales as you move in them!
☕️side lunge always feels amazing, and smiling is mandatory for this one.
☕️crow to head stand gets us upside down and balancing. super big boost to our brain & central nervous system to feel the shift of our body position in space.
enjoy using your body in amazing ways!

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What a beautiful drawing of a sun salutation! don’t you think? sun salutations are the go-to warmups in yoga for moving the energy, and it is said all postures are contained within this sequence. to learn the traditional two sun salutation sequences, foundational postures, modifications, and progressions, check out our ebook (link in bio) 🙏🏻❤️ share this with someone to spread the love of yoga and save it for your personal practice!! thanks for sharing @callyjanestudio #inflexibleyogis

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Hello beautiful people,
do you remember my breakthrough video for the chin stand with blocks? (10 posts ago) well i passed the next level: no blocks are needed anymore! how awesome is that ?! 😁
what is the last breakthrough you had?
hope you are all doing well!
lots of love,
roxy 😘
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Try out this quick flow to balance the body! hold each pose for 5 breaths and don’t forget to do both sides! for more foundational postures, flows, progressions, and modifications, check out our ebook (link in bio) 🙏🏻❤️ share this with someone that could benefit and save this so you can practice later! thanks for sharing @pocketyoga @halonayoga #inflexibleyogis

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Who is working on headstand?? here is a tip (explained in more details below) that can help you!! for the foundational postures, their modifications and progressions, check out our ebook (link in bio). don’t forget to save this for yourself and share it with someone that could benefit! they will thank you! thanks for sharing @miss_sunitha #inflexibleyogis ・・・
learning to press up into a headstand isn’t an easy thing to do. but one way to learn effectively is to build awareness during the preparation, while walking the feet in to stack the hips above the shoulders.
i always say inversions generally begins when we still have both feet on the floor. as we walk the feet in, we want to maintain a lift in the body so that we create a lifting session that promotes lightness, reducing weight on the neck and head. so as the feet comes in, energy continues to move upwards instead of sinking down.
how? before walking the feet in:
▫️press the forearms down to push the floor away
▫️lift the heels high
▫️imagine a block between your thighs (or use an actual block!) - press the imaginary block up, as if you’re trying to lift the block up with your thighs and your lower belly
when walking the feet in, try to keep all of that. so as you walk in...
▫️press heels up
▫️press thighs up
▫️lift lower belly up
▫️lift hips up
▫️push the floor away
when you’re walking the feet forward, essentially you’re not just moving forward, you’re moving forward and up! in fact, when you maintain the lift up, you wouldn’t need to bring the legs in so much. over time, the feet become lighter and the lift floats you up!
check out my igtv for a full video tutorial. you can also use the hashtag #sunithalovesyoga for more yoga tips and tutorials
if you’re in singapore, my next #yogaworkshop ‘root down to rise up’ (oct 20 & 21) would cover more tips like this to deepen your inversion & backbend practice. more details in the link of my profile. hope to see you there!

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I love lying to do stretching 😂😂seems easier (just a feeling!) try! -
teacher @alexzandrapeters ・・・
let’s talk spilts🍌⁣

gaining split flexibility isn’t something that happens over night - more like over months and years, if you put in the consistent work and make them a part of your daily/weekly routine. ⁣

key tips in warming up your spilts:⁣
start off by doing 1-2 minutes of jumping jacks to get the muscles warmed up. ⁣

never hope into a spilt without warming up ⁣

which leads me to my next tip and the most important it tip.. always warm up! ⁣

the longer you practice holding the warmup drills, the deeper your ending result split is going to be.⁣

here’s my go-to warm up before i enter a split: ⁣
⁣ ⁣
-forward fold for 1 minute⁣
-triangle (with foot flexed) 30 seconds - keep hips squared and spine long.⁣
-triangle with 5 foot raises ⁣
-high lunge: 5-10 breaths ⁣
-low lunge (with backbend): 5-10 breaths⁣
-low lunge (work on taking your knee off of the ground while in a backbend): 5 breaths⁣
-half spilt (foot flexed, hips squared and spine long): 5-10 breaths ⁣
-quad stretch:10 breaths ⁣
-split with backfoot flexed (keeping the back foot flexed helps square off the hips): 10 breaths or 1 minute. ⁣
-resistant holds (30 seconds each)⁣
5 kicks (important to keep hips squared and legs engaged)⁣
-over splits with blocks under both legs ⁣
-over split with blocks stacked under front foot. ⁣

*do your best to keep your hips scared and activated, as well as your legs activated and spine long, in all of these warm up drills ❤️ ✨✨also if you want to see the cutest cat ever swipe left 😻

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Scroll through to see all the inspiration and definitely read below 👇👇👇👇 for the foundational poses and how to progress or modify them to reach your goals, check out our ebook (link in bio) 🙏🏻❤️ make sure you share this with someone that could benefit! thanks for sharing @janiceliou #inflexibleyogis ・・・
you were born flexible.
as babies, we were epitome of flexibility - we were the image of moldable magical creatures, tumbling and moving freely with no inhibitions, simply exploring the new range of motions now available outside of mom. our entire lives, a blank canvas waiting to turn dreams into realities. as babies we embodied hope, opportunity, possibility, and magic.
but overtime, something happens. life. experience after experience, story after story, we lost flexibility of both mind and body.
as adults of our minds became less flexible as well as our bodies. “no way, that’s going to hurt, i can’t, too hard, ouch, i’m uncomfortable, how is this good?, i have to do this, i need to do this, i don’t have time” when the mind has become resolute in its decision, how can flexibility be attained? most try to push through. and with pushing, comes tendency for injury. in my personal opinion, flexibility is a state of being when both mind and body experience freedom at the same time. to push through while still gritting your teeth thinking this sucks, is just suffering. can you stay in the state of discomfort and instead smile softly, and say “ok i’ve got this, let’s breathe. it’s not easy, and will take years of consistent practice, patience, love, and awareness at all times, but the results travel far beyond the flexibility of the body, you attain the flexibility of the mind - and a flexible life
here’s a roundup of some #transformationtuesday photos
note: what’s not shown is the hours of work put in, the up and downs of growth (see #8/9), and all the mentality shifts that had to happen (#10). i never danced ballet or practiced gymnastics and i’ve been there, gritting my teeth, holding my breath, pushing through. it was only when i changed my mindset that amazing things happened - to body, mind and soul.
transformations will look different

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Read below for an awesome handstand tutorial! to build the foundations to safely attempt inversions, check out the ebook (link in bio) 🙏🏻❤️ make sure you share this with a friend that could benefit and save it for your practice! thanks for sharing @riva_g_ #inflexibleyogis ・・・
if you're working on your handstand & the first part of this video looks all too familiar, (ie. 'kicking your feet up & hoping they just stay there'), i have news for you: many of us have been there before... 🙋🏻‍♀️
and you shouldn’t sweat it because balancing on your hands is hard! it’s a skill that takes time, patience, practice, & dedication. 🙌🏼
but if you’re looking to get a little more hang time in this pose, allow me to give you a hand(stand)... 🤦🏻‍♀️ ( #sorrynotsorry 😂)
below are 4 exercises to help you with the strength & alignment needed in handstand. for most of these moves you’ll want to wear a pair of non-slips socks (to protect the tops of your feet & to prevent you from slipping) 👣
🔸 floor tucks:
press your hands firmly down into the ground as you lift your hips all the way up. keep your core engaged & arms strong. (3 sets of 8)
🔸 pike slides:
from high plank (with tops of feet on floor), press the ground away from you & use your core to lift your hips up. bring your legs in toward your arms, then slide back to plank. (3 sets of 8)
🔸 handstand shrugs:
facing the wall, get your body as close to the wall as you can. completely straighten your arms, then imagine trying to make yourself taller just by shrugging your shoulders. then relax the shoulders, but keep the arms straight the whole time. (3 sets of 8)
🔸 l handstand:
walk the feet up the wall, until the legs are parallel to the ground & shoulders are over the hips. lift one leg at a time, keeping the core engaged & shoulders over the hips. (10 reps)
when you’re ready, slowly bring the second leg up.
remember: 👇🏼
🔹don’t force anything. listen to your body, & take your time, the most important thing is how it feels (& it should feel good!)
did you guys find this helpful? tag a friend who is working on their handstand, & let me know if you want me to keep sharing more tutorials! ❤️

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