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Magnificent sites .... destroyed by us
it was really heartbreaking to see nature filled with litter.
the urban lands are already drowned in garbage but even the distant places have fallen in it's grasp.
india can't be swachh untill we mend our ways. the same people when they go abroad carry a bag with them for garbage but in india they feel our land itself is that bag. it's not long when we will have to pay a price for it.
one person can start the chain of change be that person.

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#explorejaipur: located at 15 km from jaipur city, on jaipur-amber street, gaitore is the royal cremation place of the maharajas of jaipur. for every maharaja, there is a cenotaph, constructed in his honor.
when are you going here?
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Even when i lose, i win🌈

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