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Have you taken a toxic inventory in your home yet? let’s start with one of the most commonly used household products full of toxic ingredients that are harmful to you and your family:
d r y e r s h e e t s

even if you don’t add oils to them, you should still run to your laundry room and throw that box of sheets away!

the majority of dryer sheets use harsh chemical perfumes that rub off onto clothing and come in direct contact with the skin, the most absorbent o***n in your body. most of them contain ingredients that react with the air to create formaldehyde, a probable human carcinogen. other common dryer sheet pollutants include acetaldehyde and benzene, things also found in vehicle exhaust that are not considered safe at any level.

this can lead to respiratory issues, increase asthma symptoms and disrupted hormone levels, not to mention they take years to break down in landfills and they are what you call “toxic fertilizers” that are increasing the growth of algae in our waterways, which is depleting the oxygens levels in the water.

we’ve been using these @traderjoes dryer balls for sometime now, and now i add lemon to my kitchen towels, lavender to our bed linens, and purification + thieves to our other loads and i’m heaven. #nontoxicliving #livingclean #dryerballs

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1. would you like to be famous? i would love to be famous for loving well and empowering and inspiring women to love themselves and be who they were meant to be.
2. superpower? i am very intuitive and read people well and love to create space fir them to be in process and walk through hard things. i would love to be able to fly though if i had one super power. ❤️
3. what would your perfect day look like? it would be getting up. doing my quiet time. sitting out on a deck on a bluebird am in southeast, alaska and halting coffee... going for a run and then beach combing with my kids and husband and then just having a beautiful pick nick out on the water and building a fire on a beach remote some where and having no agenda.
4. what did you want to be growing up? i want to be a professional basketball player or a journalist.,
5. favorite ice cream flavor? chocolate.
6. favorite song? i love amazing grace.
7. if your personality had a color? teal
8. pet peeve? people chewing their food with their mouth open.
9. what could you teach a class in? leading life with your vulnerability.
10. life lesson you live by? that i am not in control of life... i can be proactive with many things. but i higher power is leading me with gentle love. i have had much loss starting young, and i learned i could not do anything to stop these losses.


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Love these goofy boys and the great season they had!

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Because it’s rare that all four of us are in a picture and actually look halfway decent. i’m sorry for the influx of pictures while i sort through and edit them ☺️ •

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These two self portraits really do reflect life atm, grey hair and sleepy eyes!
the house is so spacious compared to london, we have yet to find our groove in terms of knowing where to go and people to see.

the hardest thing is prob the public transport being no where as good as what we are used to. i was hoping to delay buying a car (until 2080) but looks like it will be a bit sooner.

another challenge is seeing less of andrew, esp for the girls. the trains have been ridiculous and run late a lot it seems.
i'm a woman and i'm made of strong stuff!
have you done the big move do you have any words of advice?

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Two of my favorites. i’ve been photographing this mother daughter duo since the beginning ❤️ thank you for always letting me drag you through my creative chaos @jessie_fin_fit

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Even though today is a travel day for us, sundays are when i mentally prepare for the week. i seek out photos like this one and often realize that the photos that make me the most excited for monday aren’t the ones i carefully composed, they are those sweet inbetweens, like a quick snuggle between father and son.

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Not all hero’s wear capes - some of them also wear dinosaur feet • happy monday - hope you get a hot coffee and a wee without children ☕️💃🏽♥️✖️

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Happy birthday, magical friend. 💙 #mickey90 #joeychou

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Currently googly eyeing over alex’s homemade apple crisp 😍✨🍂🍏 #friendsgiving #delish

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✨ “christmastime is here, happiness and cheer. fun for all that children call, their favorite time of year.” 🌲

magical memories with my favorite people today ✨

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I was walking through hyde park today thinking about how best to photograph #whpcommunity and i was really struggling until it struck me that’s not my community this is! this @instagram network of mums you’re my community and i’m thankful for every single one of you. it was this community that rescued me from the isolation of sickness and still rescues me each week from the isolation of motherhood what a blessing it is to know you can always reach out and find that there is someone there!!

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The twinkling pockets of light in our house in the afternoon breaks my heart. we’re so lucky to have stumbled across this little space that suits where we’re at in our journey so perfectly.

it recently went on the market (we are renting) and it was so difficult having strangers wander through every weekend for open house inspections and never knowing if we’d have to move out as soon as it was sold. those were some really dark, unsteady days.

it ended up being purchased by a lovely local couple who are going to retire in it in 10 years time - so we’re comfy for now in our little nook along the coast. ♥️

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