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Crazy how life works🙃 one day your in the military flipping pancakes and passing out towels tryna survive in that afghanistan heat and then boom, twelve years later your reading books, training in one of the top acting schools in the world to become a better actress and living as a ceo independently in nyc🙌🏼😍🎄 🎭this year has literally been the fastest and most growth year i have ever had in my entire life🔥🔥🔥 i am crazy amped about all the wild thangs in store for 2019...and thank you for all the followers that’s been riding with me for years 💞💓💞 i may have never seen you before in real life, but y’all are the biggest supporters that i feel😍😍😍 and that’s real, and i don’t regret a drop💋💧💋 da unicorn loves ya baby..believe dat!💋🦄💋 good evening my red velvet love scones 🍰💕 sprinkle sprinkle on ya weekend baby🧚‍♀️✨✨✨✨✨ #imadeit 👑#goodevening #theoriginalunicorn #iloveyou💋💋💋
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🐍 serpent mood tights @thasscrush🐍
📸 photography by @flawedsoulnyc 📸
💞 beauty box braids by @kwaiteforit 💞

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Most don’t know but i fell into a deep depression and lost 30 lbs it just 2 weeks. it has taken me 30 months to get back to my weight. thirty! i can’t believe it....treinta! thought i would never make it but i did. ❤️ #happymonday #mondaze #bootygoals #instabooty #bigbootygirl #instafit #bootygainz #imadeit #selflove #latina #mexicana #curvywoman #fitthick #2019goals

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Coming soon...the longbourn scarf ✨ free knit pattern will be up next week (and for all my crocheters out there: the next 4 patterns after this one will all be crochet ❤️)! any guesses what yarn this uses 🤔?
during the day of this shoot, i checked the forecast and it was going to snow all day ❄️❄️❄️. i asked ryan if we should try again for another day, but he said, “let’s do it! the snow will make it even more epic!” i love the romanticism that the snow bokeh adds, and i tried my best to keep my eyes open as the wind was blowing snow in my face haha 😆 (check out my stories to see the snowy and windy conditions)! can’t wait to show you more pics of this statement scarf that i’m super proud of 💪🏻

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10 years, some tattoos, a few piercings & a lot of love for this planet. #10yearchallenge #imadeit #seeyouinthenext10

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Have a nice friday!💖
Всем чудесной пятницы!💖
У меня сегодня вот такая солнечная тарелочка😍
Дерево, диаметр 20 см. На заказ😘
По вопросам заказа/ приобретения пишем в Директ👆
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~ still life on a freezing cold friday. ❄️ you would not believe how much time i’ve spent today trying to gather up the courage to toot my own horn. i don’t mean going on and on ad nauseam about how amazing i am, i’m just talking about finding the right words to let people know about things i can do with my unique skill stack. the last thing i want to do is come across as conceited or full of myself and that’s when i sort of freeze and say nothing at all. i’ve made mention of the templates i’ve started offering but really need to tell you all about them, for reals!

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Yeni ördüğüm motif hırkam 🧡💙 iplerin çoğu @alize.elorguiplikleri superlana midi, tığ no 6. modelin ilhamı pinterest' te gördüğüm bir hırkadan (pinterest profilimdeki "knit knit" board umdan bakabilirsiniz) detaylarını yakında blogda yazacağım. #crochet #imadeit #diy #bohostyle

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This method of colorwork crochet is called intarsia! it's where you work with little bobbins of different colors to create color sections. you drop each color when you reach the next and pick them back up when you flip so there are no ends to weave in 😲 it looks tedious (it is a little) but you get the hang of it after a while. it's how many plaid patterns are worked! .
if you're curious about more cool types of crochet, listen to today's episode of the bhooked podcast 🎧 i talk about aran, bavarian, overlay and entrelac too!
episode 97 | on itunes, stitcher & google play or check out my stories for the link to listen from your browser.

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This is my story.
from dean’s list to college dropout.
as i ended my freshman year of high school my mom suggested that i should apply for a technical school. “it’ll be a great way to pay off your way through college”. the only thing that caught my attention was the cosmetology program. i didn’t want to do it. it never interested me, but hey! i went with it. i got my first job at a salon the summer of junior year of high school and boy did it change my life... only problem is that i had not realized it yet. as i enrolled in community college and attended mc for two years, my mom was right. i was able to pay my way through college. i changed my major twice while i was at mc. i never really “fit in”. i was a good student. i loved to learn. i was part of the dean’s list but for some reason something was off. most of the time i sat in class i would just stare at people’s hair and started painting pictures in my head about how i could change it. as i graduated mc and moved on to umbc something clicked for me. “i don’t think this is for me” i thought to myself countless of sleepless nights. i don’t think i’m meant to be sitting here day dreaming about what i actually want to do in life. also not counting the fact that tuition is a whole lot pricier. i started playing with the idea of “what if i just stopped coming to school?” at this time i was working full time and going to school full time... i was miserable. i talked to my family about the idea. they were not onboard. “we did not come to this county for you to become a hairdresser”. trust me, i understood. my parents sacrificed their lives to give my brother and i the life they never had. i remember once telling my mother at a young age that i was not stopping till i got to harvard. uh. okay. i was wrong. there were countless conversations with many people. many tears shed. no one understood. i had fallen in love with the industry and no one was changing my mind. this is what i wanted to do with my life. i wanted to make people happy. i wanted people to feel beautiful. i devoted two more years to umbc.
if you have made it this far. thank you. continue in comments.
. 📸 @do.or.dyed

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