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This is truly amazing. so cool @smendes.edits8 can't wait for album three and i wanna know how it looks like and how the songs sound. × #shawnmendes #mendesarmy #illuminate #sn3

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Okok i am ready shawn #sm3

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There’s been some rumours going around so i went on genius and supposedly shawn’s new album will be called “flowers” and will be released in june 2018... but we’ll see what happens 👀

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@shawnmendes #sm3#shawnmendesbæ#shawnmendeslove#illuminate#handwritten#shawnmendes#shawnmendesisamazing

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I‘m so proud of you, i really am. that what’s going on right now is just so crazy, there are so many people who adore you. you started so little and now everything is so big. but you really deserve the world. all these awards, all these fands, all these bug lighting comercials. everything. i‘m happy, yet so sad cause i wish i had known you before you were famous. before the whole world loved you. i don‘t care about the money, the fame, the awards, anything. i just care about you. the person you are. you are just perfect. in any way. god, i‘m so excited for everything whats coming in the future about your carrer but i‘m so sad cause i see how far you‘re away. everyday. it‘s getting harder to reach you any second. don‘t get me wrong please, you really deserve everything cause you worked so hard and you‘re so talented but i love you. i love you so much, even tho i shouldn‘t. i love you every second of the day. and seeing all of these pretty girls screaming your name kills me. cause i know you‘d never choose me. but believe me, if you‘d give me a chance i‘d die everyday to make you the happiest man alive 💔 - #shawnmendes #mendesarmy #illuminate #handwritten #depressed #fangirl #sm3

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@davidmassey123 : mr mendes is fully ready and on 🔥. #sm3iscoming

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I think he might release something on march 23rd idk why

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I'm so excited like i'm afraid to go to sleep cause maybe shawn will post something and i will know nothing about it * * * #shawn #peter #raul #mendes #shawnmendes #mendesarmy #illuminate #handwritten #sm3 #excited #cantwait #newmusiccomingsoon #newmusiccomingverysoon #idol #beautiful #lotp #tnhmb #neverbealone #tyb #stiches #mercy #1998

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Beautiful 🌸 edit made by @tourwithshawn . i‘m happy it’s starting all over again. the promotion, shawn and everyone being active, i believe he’ll also do interviews and some sort of album q&a when it comes out. he’ll make music videos and his singles will reach number 1 on the charts. eventually he’ll announce tour dates and play new music at all kinds of events/ festivals, he’ll go on tour next year probably and visit new places. and then the sm3 era will be over and the wait for sm4 will start. i’m excited 😊

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But darling i'll go first 'cause i won't keep on saying those three empty words. . . . . . ps. there’s not one video that doesn’t have her talking

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Time flies #shawnmendes

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The darkness of the night doesn't conquer her, she conquers the darkness of the night . . . . . . #androthekimphotography #night #nightphotography #usc #uscvillage #feels #igcreative #creativeminds #illuminate #darkness

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