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“there is no shortcut. it takes time to build a better, stronger version of yourself” 💪🏻
i tried paleo, bob harper, low-calorie, detox cleanses, nutrisystem, and restriction. nothing worked. i’d see the number on the scale briefly go down, just to see it go right back up again!! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
the biggest problem was that i wanted a quick fix, instead of taking the time to learn. i was using methods i didn’t enjoy, and so they wouldn’t last long. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
it took a lot of failing and unhappiness with myself to finally accept that a quick fix wasn’t going to work for me. that i needed to put in the time to learn what would work for me. this journey is about bettering myself, and that is something i am now proud to take time and effort on. it’s not a race! yes, i lost weight between the two photos (which was my original intention) but i’ve also learned so much more in the process! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
i’ve learned so much about myself and my health. the gym has become an outlet for me now that i look forward to each day, rather than a punishment for the food i ate. my relationship with food has changed so much since starting this journey. i no longer see “good” or “bad” food. i have found a balance of eating foods that fuel me, and foods that fulfill me. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
there was no shortcut to this realization. making my health a priority rather than an afterthought, and understanding that it would take time to see lasting change is when it all finally clicked for me. that’s when i started seeing and feeling the change i’ve wanted for years. ☺️
nothing like a #transformationtuesday to stop and remind myself how much i’ve grown, and have far i’ve come on my own journey 🤗

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😋transformation tuesday! i’ve been all over the spectrum.. post-partum 🤰 stage lean 💪🏻 anorexic ☠️ iifym 📝 intuitive eater etc. i’ve worn about every hat 🎩 out there. now i wiggle in the middle of these two pics. so how did i get where i am today? swipe ➡️
i quit obsessing, tracking, and punishing myself with exercise. i started eating nutrient dense foods like eggs 🥚 , lean taco salads 🥗, cottage cheese, fruit 🍉 , spaghetti squash etc. i began incorporating protein cakes 🎂 into my daily meal plan because they fill me up for hours and k**l my sweet tooth 😈 my workouts became focused, short, and intense to maximize efficiency. no matter what the day looked like, i did not harbor guilt or shame. fitness should add to your life, not subtract. keep it simple, stay consistent, and whatever you do- don’t skip dessert 😛
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made a taco salad! grass-finished beef, lettuce, cheese grated from scratch, fresh guacamole, sour cream and salsa! super delicious! 🙌🏻 ( pic via @life_is_keto )
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#transformationtuesday ... although my body has significantly changed over the years the most important change has been my relationship with food 🙌🏻💫🙌🏻 ... for years i was an all or nothing dieter. meaning i was either eating chicken and vegetables or eating ice cream, pizza, you name it until i felt sick. one treat soon became 10 and i couldn’t stop! i lived with so much food regret and every sunday night i’d give myself a pep talk how the diet really starts tomorrow, but then before i knew it it was friday again and i was spiraling out of control. the yoyo 😐 .. i honestly had to train my brain to not look at food as good vs. bad, monday vs. friday, or dieting in general. i had to change my mindset to understand i don’t have to suffer to live a healthy life. again, this has been so hard for me and took years to get here .. here’s some tips on how i made changes 👇🏻
1. intuitive eating - at first i started eating intuitively but would shop the perimeter of the grocery store aka whole foods but i’d eat as much as i wanted (i never felt sick doing this bc it was all healthy food)
2. found alternatives - in the beginning i had cravings so i’d make similar things to my cravings like healthy pizza, @halotopcreamery, etc
3. ate 5-6 meals every 2-3 hours - i didn’t allow myself to get hungry - i constantly fueled my body (still do) so i didn’t feel deprived
4. ate healthy even on the weekends - i stopped looking at days as cheat days, free for all’s etc, bc each day should be treated the same
5. be kind - i knew i was going to slip up at times but i always knew i was one step closer to becoming the healthiest i could ✨✨✨ no day is going to be perfect and it’s going to take time but you are capable of beating the yoyo and living a healthy, realistic lifestyle — xoxo #beatthebinge

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L’uomo crede di volere la libertà. in realtà ne ha una grande paura. perché? perché la libertà lo obbliga a prendere delle decisioni, e le decisioni comportano rischi.
(erich fromm)#buongiorno

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Try our new program(the 28-day keto challenge) is a well-crafted plan to get you through the first month.
you get a 28-day meal plan to guide you every step of the way. you’re never left to figure things out on your own. nothing is left to chance.
simply follow the plan and you will succeed.
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meal prepped tomorrow's lunch 😄 dairy free keto egg salad lettuce wraps! 😅 i used bacon, hard-boiled eggs, mustard, avocado, pink himalayan sea salt - spread out in romaine lettuce leaves. topped them off with chopped pickles and paprika 👌 this made by @running_on_key_tones
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▶️crepes rolls 🥞
hello insta 🙋. ça fait longtemps que j'avais pas posté de crêpes rolls ici 😋. j'en profite pour vous remettre la recette que je vous ai partagé en story 😁. c'est la farine qui fait vraiment la texture ultra moelleuse que j'ai obtenu 🤤, alors oui sans ça, vous n'obtiendrez pas les mêmes résultats 😉. il vous faudra donc : 👉 80g de farine de petit épeautre 🌾 (acheté à biocoop)
👉 150ml de lait demi écrémé 🍼
👉 2 blancs d'oeufs 🍳
👉 50ml d'eau 👉 3g de levure 🥄
👉 20g d'arôme vanille
a vos poêles ! 🍴
bonne journée à tous ! 😊

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New cinnamon swirl doughnuts are out now at krispy kreme!

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Oh my beans. i scrolled and this is what i found...
this photo from 5 years (and 3 months) ago: august 2013. i wrote, “making sweet progress! cut my carbs, consuming diuretics and changed my morning runs to sprints/suicides. that's how i make gains...”

i ate 60g of carbs that day. i was doing daily cardio as well as resistance training at night (i would not call what i did as ‘strength training.’)

*note to my younger self: no courtney, that’s ‘not’ how you make gains. that’s how you make obsessive, unhealthy habits and set yourself up for failure in the long term because that isn’t sustainable.*

today i’m eating 340g of carbs. i only recently (4 weeks ago) added in 1 weekly round of hiit. i strength train 5-6 days a week. erm, and no diuretics (tbh i don’t remember what i was referring to...)

it’s a journey, a lifetime of change, lessons, goods and bads. progress isn’t linear. we grow and we gain and we shrink and we lose. the one thing that i will promise is that if you stay your course, stay disciplined and persevere, you’ll win.

get strong at courtneyforlife.com
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