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Biz İstanbul’a geldik! yolda ilk çevirmemize de girdik. sınavlarına çok çalışmış öğrenciler gibi ruhsatımızı gönül rahatlığıyla verdik. artık arabamızın işleri bittiğine ve her türlü testi geçtiğine göre biraz da kendimize bakabiliriz. minik imaj yenilikleri için berber ve kuaför yolları tutuldu. son hallerimizi de “öncesi” fotografı olarak buraya bırakalım. 💇🏻‍♀️💆🏼‍♂️

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Humans are delicate. handle with care.

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Someone worth melting for... ❤️ #puppylove

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As much as i love this platform, the biggest issue with it is the expectation it sets that to one another that our lives are nothing but a highlight reel of awesomesauce. recently i’ve taken some more time away from posting—because why share a pretty picture when i’m not feeling my best? but of course you’re all seeing my photos on your feed because you expect to see these from me, and we find ourselves in this conundrum. .
anyways, i guess what i’m getting at, is to stop comparing your life to the highlight reel of others. cuz deep down we’ve all got our own sh*t we are dealing with and that’s okay. .
to add to the contradiction, here’s a pretty picture that was only made pretty by the crazy smoke produced from the california fires.

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By hegyi benjamin only 15 year old @hebenj 👍🏼 such an amazing lake in switzerland, the ticket costs only 5 chf (4,5€) for adults and 2 chf (1,75€) for kids. and a boat ride around the lake is included too🇨🇭🛶 (📷: @hebenj ) 🍂🍁 #switzerland_vacations

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Can’t force it

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What do your mornings start with? #inspiration #couplegoals ☀️

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When it comes to instagramable places in bucharest cărturesti carousel library is right on the top of the list. and it should be, because the people that manage the place understood that letting people be free to take pictures at their location without the need to sneak around the guard or being rushed is the best way to advertise.
what and where was your most pleasant and easy taking a photo experience? 🤩 ___________________________________________________ weariing: @baden11clothing dress and @nissa_official boots

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One of the main reasons why i came to paris is to experience ‘moments’ by @marriottrewards. as well as being able to earn and redeem points on hotel stays, marriott loyalty programme also offers the chance to put points towards a selection of over 8000 totally unique, money-can’t-buy moments, from food experiences to sporting events, to festivals and much more. as part of this collaboration i’m going to @lecordonbleuparis cookery school to learn how to make macaroons and i couldn’t be more excited! will share my experience on stories.
pictured here is jacquemart-andré museum, a beautiful hidden gem (caravaggio’s paintings are currently on display there) just a few minutes walk from @hoteldeberri!
#membersgetmore #ad

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