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When i start to fall off my routine and nutrition plan i think it's so crazy how much my energy drops😴 but literally just a couple of days of getting back on track and starting a new program ([month of more]) and my energy is through the roof yall🏃‍♀️! tonight i completed day 2✔ of my 30 day virtual bootcamp and it feels so good to sweat and work these muscles💪! i'm ready for day 3!

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⚠move of the day!! ⚠

this move is no joke. all you need are either sliders, or in my case, paper plates! #ballinonabudget 😁
for you mamas who are trying to strengthen your lower stomach, this move is amazing! after 2 pregnancies and c-sections, this area is my trouble spot for sho!! anyone else?!? ✋🏻✋🏻

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I’m a little late to the game (per usual😜) but where my girls at that love a good deal? 🙋🏼‍♀️ and getting free gifts? 🙌🏻
flash sale is going down!
if you’ve been thinking you may one day try out this workout thing i do, girl the time is now!

for the next 24 hours i’m offering discounts on all the best products i use everyday 💃🏼 including vegan superfoods and plant based preworkout ✨🦄 {the only way i get through my day sometimes}

and everyone who purchases gets a prize cuz who doesn’t love prizes and gifting is my love language so this is for sure a win win 😉 plus there’s free raffles too so....let’s do this!

are you looking for a 4 day a week lifting program? some nutrition help? some supplements to up your recovery game? i got you 👌🏻

but if you’ve been watching and wondering, and still reading...get a jump on this group, no obligation and lots of info! so, if you ready...
drop an emoji below to get added to our group asap 🥑👀

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current status 🤦🏻‍♀️ can you relate!?

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Literally clowns all day everyday 🤣🤣🤣 #clowns #suninoureyes #hotmessexpress

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@matthewpoulsen95 @ckartgallery @kikibear1988 @meganbradley1851 #bytheendofthenight #wealwaysmakeittomints🍌🍌#georgeforeman🤣 #whereisamanda #hotmessexpress #thatbackgroundthough👌 #thenightcindyrealized #shewastheoldestofthegroup😆

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| okay ladies, now let's get in birthday formation. |

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Just because the progress isn’t happening on your timeline dont give up!!!! little milestones are happening. celebrate non scale victories! keep going 💕

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To the day 1 steph: i know you are nervous. i also know you are scared of failing and are completely overwhelmed on what you are about to do. so let me start off by saying this....don’t compare yourself to anyone else on your journey. this is about you. you vs you. you are going to experience a lot...struggles, good times, bad times, hard times..i am not going to lie to you...your days aren’t going to be easy. there will be moments you are going to struggle, and there are going to be times when you are going to think you can’t do it...that there is no possible way you can do push-ups on your toes or do another d**n burpee. but be patient, trust the process, and enjoy the journey you are about to embrace. all the hard work you put it in, is going to pay off. -
that moment is going to come when you go to do a push up and you are able to do them on your toes and that moment when burpees become your favorite, or that time you are able to fit into that pair of jeans that have been taunting you from your closet, or that moment you finally wake up and love what you see in the mirror and you feel confident in your own skin....it’s all going to happen for you. you are going to get there. -
just keep on pushing, stay consistent, and show up everyday for yourself...because you are worth it. xoxo
#lettertotheoldme #trusttheprocess #youvsyou

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On labor day i returned to the states after a 10⁣
day trip back home to ireland.⁣

but ever since then i’ve been in a really bad funk i’ve struggled to get out of. it never gets any easier saying goodbye to friends and family and leaving the country you grew up in. but then i came home and jumped into playing catch up at work (you know how that goes post vacation) and also ended up getting sick.⁣

i don’t share any of this for sympathy or to be negative. but i think it’s important that people aren’t just exposed to the highlight reel we all see on social media.⁣

i have goals i want to reach....but those goals require a mental shift just as much as any physical changes in my lifestyle. and the mental aspect of it has been the hardest for me these last couple of weeks.⁣

i’m 9 days into this 8 week program, and every time i’ve pushed play on my workouts it’s been a battle. trying not to cave to emotional eating is a battle.⁣

but this weekend i took some steps to reorganize my living environment in the hopes it might help shift some of this funk. ⁣

i know that without my online challenge group, and if i wasn’t a coach myself, i wouldn’t be pushing myself to make the same effort i am now to make myself (physically and emotionally) a priority. i have a lot to thank this community for but ultimately it’s helped me never give up on myself.⁣

i’m not 100% me right now, but i’m trying to get back there. i haven’t been perfect these last 9 days....but i’m doing better with each day. ⁣

i’m pushing for my goals just like all the other women i coach in my groups. i’m right there, fighting my own battles as they fight theirs but the difference is we do it together. ⁣

it’s not always about losing weight. yes that’s a partial goal of mine....sometimes it’s about overcoming the challenges you can’t see on the outside.
and knowing you’re not alone.

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Love her! ❤️ #besties👭 #hotmessexpress

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Shhhhhhh...the beast is talking.
working on me and getting better with form & stronger than ever!! this was the cap of my shoulder & arms workout today.
never say never!! and never give up because winners never quit!! #pushupsfordays #igotthis #myfavoritepart #thegiftthatkeepsongiving #momsover40 #hotmessexpress #stillkillingit #ican #awohl #beastmode #strongerthanyesterday #fitnessphysique #findingmyway #mypurpose #lovinglife

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Can you imagine how boring life would be? #embracethemadness #allmycrazyfriends #hotmessexpress

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Have you ever read that meme that goes something like this....
girl: i’m so fat!
person: no! you’re beautiful!
girl: i said i was fat, not ugly.

i hate the word fat.

i love this because i have thought the same thing many times🤷🏼‍♀️😂
when people say, “but you’re beautiful in both pictures.”

well thank you...
butttt that’s not why i started this journey to begin with.

i started it because i was uncomfortable.
i was miserable.
i was self conscious.
i couldn’t stand getting dressed or trying to squeeze into clothes.

it’s not ever been about being “beautiful” or my appearance.
but most importantly, it’s always been about how i feel from the inside out.

anyone can work on changing their outer appearance, but until the change occurs from the inside first, true happiness and sustainability won’t be there.

that’s just my honest opinion coming from my own personal experience.

this girl is always cheering you on because your happiness and wellness should always come first.

enrollment for my next online accountability group is open now. i’m only accepting 5 for this month.

comment below or message me for details.

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