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Bridge burn!🔥same but different! 4 ways to target glutes, hamstrings, abs and deep core muscles in bridge pose. swipe left!

i’m so passionate about making movement fun & fresh because i know first hand how hard it is to motivate yourself to take care of your body. ⠀
here is the truth:

if you don’t enjoy it, chances are you won’t keep doing it.

plus, switching up simple things like pointing vs flexing is good for the brain and body!

effective and efficient movement is fun and when you start to feel better and see results, it becomes addictive.

tag a friend and try these 4 exercises!

ps: this new class will be out on monday!

#bygmethod use “five” for $5 off any of my programs.
(link in bio)

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Finally!! so happy to be back at it, and posting workouts for you guys again! 💪 here is an at home glute/ab workout (no equipment required except for maybe a baby 😉) i listed all the exercises for you below! ⬇️ don’t forget to swipe left 😘
. . .
exercise 1) wide leg squats
exercise 2) pulse squats
exercise 3) glute bridges
exercise 4) heel taps
exercise 5) plank ups
exercise 6) around the worlds
exercise 7) bird dogs
. . .
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Home chest, tris, & abs!
i hope y’all are having a great weekend! here’s a great home workout for you to try!
▫️3x30 db chest press complex (10 neutral, 10 supinated, 10 pronated)
▫️3x20 alternating db deadbugs (10 each leg. keep core tight to prevent arching in lower back)
▫️3x10 narrow push ups (drive elbows back rather than side ways as you lower down. modify with knees down if needed)
▫️3x20 cross mountain climbers
▫️3x15 db skull crusher
▫️3x10 raises leg crunch
▫️3x10 side plank with tricep extension (10 each side)
▫️3x20 lateral bear crawl (10 each side)
▫️3x10 quadruped knee to elbow crunch (10 each side)
make sure to save it for later and let me know how it goes!💕
my home guide launches friday 1/31 at 12pm et! bands and dbs are the only equipment need! feel free to message me if you have any questions!
@lululemon new ambition bra
@balanceathletica select joggers
@hydrojug “yager”
@bowmar_nutrition “yager”
music: feelings by @lauvsongs

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No matter what your circumstances are, remember this— you are exactly where you need to be🙏🏼 .

there are many things in life that are out of our control but the one thing that we can learn to control is our thoughts.

choose to only think good thoughts—the more you practice this, the more control you’ll gain over how you respond to your circumstances💯 .

wearing @gymshark camo seamless set
tag a friend & share the message⤵️

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Slimmer body in 4 weeks🔥
are you in?😅
follow 👉 @maxsbestbootcamp
follow 👉 @maxsbestbootcamp
✔️ do this routine 3x weekly
✔️ perform as a circuit workout
✔️ rest up to 1 min after each round
✔️ couple with a daily caloric deficit
✔️ that’s how we do it here
ft. owner @maxfit
💪 we hope this helps! if it did, feel free to share it & drop us your thoughts or questions below.⤵️
by 📸 @maxsbestbootcamp ft. owner @maxfit | #workoutroutine #workoutvideo #fitnessvideos #homeworkouts #workoutroutines #fitmomgoals #fittips #homeexercises #cardioexercises #exerciseroutine #fitnessgoals #weightlossgoals #exercisegoals

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🥵hiit workout 🥵

grab a set of dumbbells and a #bosuball and get ready to sweat💦 it out with this #hiitworkout . —
happy saturday everyone💕 and always remember to keep #fitnessfun 🙌.

swipe👈 for individual exercises. tap the❤️if you like this and save📌for later! also tag a friend below👇that would love this!!!

✏️ 2 circuits. circuit 1, 4 exercises. circuit 2, 3 exercises.

⏰ 20-30 sec. work, 10 sec. rest or adjust to your own fitness level.

🔁 3-4 rounds. finish all rounds of first circuit before moving to circuit two.
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♨️full body friday♨️

one dumbbell is all you need for this #fullbodyworkout . happy friday everyone💕 and always remember to keep #fitnessfun 🙌.

swipe👈 for individual exercises. tap the❤️if you like this and save📌for later! also tag a friend below👇that would love this!!!

✏️ 5 exercises.

⏰ 10-12 reps. of each exercise on each side except for the last one (dumbbel push-up with shoulder taps) do what you can without loosing form (stay on knees if you need to).

🔁 3-4 rounds.
#totalbodyworkout #fullbodyworkouts #dumbbellworkout #homeworkouts #homeworkout #workoutathome #upperbodyworkout #backworkout #lowerbodyworkout #legworkout #coreworkout #coreworkouts #corestrengthening #coretraining #workoutroutine #workoutideas #workoutsforeveryone #nogymnoproblem #nogymrequired #homefitness #workoutvideos #homeworkoutvideos
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Slimmer body in 4 weeks🔥
are you in?😅
follow 👉 @maxfit
follow 👉 @maxfit
✔️ do this routine 3x weekly
✔️ perform as a circuit workout
✔️ rest up to 1 min after each round
✔️ couple with a daily caloric deficit
✔️ that’s how we do it @maxsbestbootcamp
💪 hope this helps! if it did, feel free to share it & drop me your thoughts or questions below.⤵️
by 📸 @maxfit at @maxsbestbootcamp | #workoutroutine #workoutvideo #fitnessvideos #homeworkouts #workoutroutines #fitmomgoals #fittip #homeexercises #cardioexercises #exerciseroutine #fitnessgoals #weightlossgoals

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💚trx/medball workout💚

have you ever added another piece of equipment to your #trx workouts? try adding a medicine ball next time😊. such a great way to add some extra weight to your workout while challenging your balance at the same time🤸‍♀️.

happy thursday everyone💕 and always remember to keep #fitnessfun 🙌.

swipe👈 for individual exercises. tap the❤️if you like this and save📌for later! also tag a friend below👇that would love this!!!

✏️ 4 exercises.

⏰ 8-12 reps. of each exercise on each side.

🔁 3-4 rounds.

⛽️ workout was fueled by @bowmar_nutrition sour gummies pre workout❤️🧡💛💚💙💜. if you’re interested in this or any other bowmar nutrition products check out the link in my bio and use code:krista to support me😊. .
@trxtraining .
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Didn’t make it to fxb yesterday for my 6th workout but still got it in tonight at home! found some youtube videos, wasn’t in love with what i picked and am taking suggestions for next time :) #farrellsnoexcuses #fitmom #fitnessmotivation #homeworkouts

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Today, i was testing out some budget friendly and easy recipes. *sweet potatoes *natural unsalted tahini *onion salt
cooked in air fryer for about 25 minutes. added a little grapeseed oil before cooking.
everything came out great! i actually had to make seconds, cause i was really happy how good and healthy it was. definitely will add to the recipe book. lol ✨✨✨ #godisgood #healthy #health #veganjourney #vegan #wlj #veganhealth #veganfitness #type1diabetic #fitnessjourney #womensfitness #homeworkouts #veganfitness #diabeticfitness #fitness #makeupobsessed #makeuplover #beauty #dallascowboylover #singlemom #healthwithsass #naturalweightloss #mentalhealth #mindbodysoul #blessed #thankful #happy #sunday

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Today marks the end of the @strong.bold.healthy january challenge!
every time i run a challenge with the women of the sbh community, we all come away better than how we started.
we learn, grow and realize it's the small choices you make daily that have the most impact overtime like...
exercising for just 10 minutes a day can add up to a 70 minute workout by the week's end.
or eating 1 dessert a day compared to 2 can increase your caloric deficit to help you lose weight.
#strongboldhealthy .
i made the choice to exercise my body today 💪🏼then i took time to rest which is just as important for living a #healthylifestyle.
show yourself some #selflove tomorrow and complete this mini workout ⬇️
✔️squat jumps: 20 reps
✔️sit-ups: 20 reps
✔️push-ups: 10 reps
✔️plank: 30 seconds
✔️alternating lunges: 20 reps
✔️oblique crunches: 20 reps
by the way...
i'm excited to announce the next sbh challenge will begin february 3!
the entire month will be dedicated to self love while nourishing your body with plant-based food ❤️
ready to join me? subscribe to for details!
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Clients transformation 🔥
she is from australia and she is full time working of a 15 months toddler and off course she need to take care of her house too so yeah , .
how many of your really priorities being healthy ?? .
despite of her busy schedule i really did not expect her to loose tremendous inches this way ! i thought may be she is not giving 100% , and i was shocked to see result yesterday . .
i am really happy for people who priorities their health and manage their time so well and i asked her if she is sleeping for 7-8 hours she said yes ! - what do you need when you are loosing weight/ f*t in a healthier way ? -
more power to you my lady 💪🏻

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Push-ups + alternate toe touch.
this exercise will help you work on your major muscle groups, such as your biceps, core muscles, triceps, anterior deltoids and lower body muscle groups are activated to support your body while stabilizing your movements. 
it also helps to improve mobility.
#saurabhnashit .
#fitinspiration #fitindia #homeworkouts #homeworkout #workoutathome #workout #pushupchallenge #pushup #pushyourself #inspired #motivations #mondaymotivation #mondaymood #abs #stayhealthy #humbhifithai #stayfit #dailyworkouts #healthylifestyle #goals #fullbodyworkout #exercises #exercise #exercisemotivation #exerciseroutine

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A video discussing about the shorter rest period vs the longer rest period.

which is effective and why ?

study conducted on the same to prove tht linger rest period are more effective.. #fitness#fitnesscoach#onlinecoaching#nutrition#healthylifestyle#fitspo#beingfit#workingproffessionals#homeworkouts#researchbased#nutritiontips#healthyfood#nutritiontips#nutritionspecialist#quantifiednutrition#quantifieddiets

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Great to be back on the court and trying out the limited edition babolat flag racquet. 🇺🇸 .
➡️ follow us @fitnessjourney.go
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22 workouts left! 😲 my short term goal for this week is to transition my workouts back to mornings starting tomorrow. this will suck.

late night wedding planning is now over which is why i previously chose to sleep in and move my workouts to immediately upon getting home from work. but even with that stress gone, i've still been in a funk. 😵 need to get back to my original routine to hopefully feel alive again. i mean- it's called morning meltdown, dèja. 🤦‍♀️ time to shift gears.

waking up an hour early to workout and get a jump start to the day is the hardest daily challenge i put myself through. 😴😴😴 no, i am not magically motivated all the time. (hence why i've been slackalackin the last couple weeks.) but choosing my priorities, making time for them, deciding to do what's best for myself, and knowing when to make a change are all part of my chosen lifestyle.

there be no "quick fixes" or "magic pills" here. just female forces of nature radiating with #support, #hardwork, #dedication, and #badassery.

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No time to 🏋️‍♀️ run to the gym? not even to shop for an exercising machine to strengthen and shape those thighs and glutes? no 🙅 problem. call on the kids!! fit moms always 😅 find ways. double-tap if you agree!

photo: @chelseayoungyogi
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🔥 the benefits of wrist wraps 🔥
🏋️‍♂️ | do you use wrist wraps?
☑️ | credit @dailytoughfitness for daily fitness & workout motivation
📷 i courtesy to @wearefitlife
📙 | want to push your fitness journey to the next level? click the link in bio
#dailytoughfitness #liss #hiit #cardio #homeworkouts #program #exerciseroutine #hiitworkout #cardioworkout #program #walking #highintensity #yoga #mobilitywod #flexibility #physicaltherapy #yogi #bodybuilding #weekendyoga #deadlift #squat #hypertrophy #legday #workout #yogaformen #physio #irishfitfam #mobility #yogafit #iifym

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Sunday, the end to the weekend; but the start of a new week. with that being said, i’ve ended my weekend on a good note. grocery shopping for the week is done, meals are planned out and the start of my new work out regimen officially started today! #beingoptimistic #postivevibes #momlife #momswhoworkout #homeworkouts #mommytrainer15daychallenge #plantonourish

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As requested, trying my best to post a workout routine here in my feed once a week. 😬 #mondaymotivation
still working on my glutes— probably the hardest for me to build 🤯 but then, slow progress is better than no progress.

here’s a #workout routine that you can do on your next #gluteday this can be also be done at home. for beginners, you can do the exercises without the weights.(swipe ⬅️ for vids):
•prone glute raise
4 sets x 15 reps
•dumbbell sumo squat
4 sets x 15 reps
•reverse lunge
4 sets x 12 reps each leg
•single leg elevated hip thrust
4 sets x 12 reps each leg
•glute side kick
3 sets x 12 reps each leg —
more workout videos: #trainlikelushangel

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Tomorrow is the day! our barre blend group starts for day 1- and it’s not to late to get in!
#prenatalworkout #moveyourbody #fitnessjourney #pregnancyjourney #fitpregnancy #fitfam #balance #grace #muscles #homeworkouts

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Believe it or not, i don’t always want to be at the gym. after today’s arm workout i had to do hiit. but as i walked into locker room to change shoes i lost any desire to do cardio there. so i grabbed my gym bag (after snapping a quick post workout flex of course 😊), headed home, sipped some bcaas and smashes out some deadweight volley slams. sometimes a change in environment can give you the boost you need. @jessies_girls #jessiesgirls #jessiesgirls3k #armworkout #benchpress #triceps #hiitworkout #homeworkouts #mbmajesticaf

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And this is my day 5 of the #burpeechallenge
not all days are going to be "beast." ....maybe not even the majority...or any...just yet! but do what you can! and reach out when you are not "feeling it." ....and laugh on days like this. 🤦‍♀️💆‍♀️🤷‍♀️ #noexcusemom #sahm #homeworkouts #workoutinterrupted #justdosomething #morethannothing #momstrong #dontgiveup #fitnesssupport #faithandfitness

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Never forget...😘😘😘

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💰 1-year family membership to the ymca: approximately $1,200
💰 1-year membership to weight watchers: approximately $350
💰 once a week meetings with a personal trainer, for one year: approximately $4,600

i hear all the time that people cannot afford to make a change, to live healthier and happier, to invest in themselves… which is totally fair when you think about those prices!
but for less than $200, i can hook you up with: ✨ 12 months of streaming access to hundreds of programs through the netflix of workouts. body-building, strength-training, cardio, sports agility, dance, yoga, kid-friendly workouts... it's like having a personal trainer in your living room 24/7, whenever you - or anyone else in your family - wants to work out. ✨ nutrition guides and a portion-control system designed by nutritionists, to help you eat balanced meals. this is a lifestyle change, not a crash diet. ✨ 30 days of breakfasts, in the form of a delicious shake, including your vitamins, probiotics, prebiotics, and digestive enzymes. ✨ a personal coach/cheerleader/support system to keep you accountable to your goals, as long as you're working towards them (that's me 👯). ✨ access to a fit community, hosted through an exclusive, invite-only app! these groups are free once you have your workouts and your shake.

i mean, that value? at that price? how can you not invest in yourself?

my next group starts soon. message me or comment below if you'd like to link arms and rock our health and fitness goals together!

#bettertogether #firsttimemom #boymomlife #boymom #momlifeisthebestlife #selflove #homeworkouts #taketimeforyou

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Trying make 2020 my " #b***h “definitely fell off 90 degrees are weak as hell now. •

music 🎶 medicina de amor by @raulinrodriguezrd

#handstandpractice #love #static #struggle #lsit #yogainspiration #homeworkouts #straddlesplit

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If you’re not this excited for doughnuts (last picture) you’re doing something wrong 🤷🏻‍♀️ 😂 i like to treat myself every once in a while and by that, i mean every saturday when @dippeddoughnutco delivers to my favourite café 💟 the chocolate peanut butter one that i ate was absolutely delicious, it especially was after hitting that leg day. thanks @kimfrench87. i believe chocolate and peanut butter belong together like avocado on toast. and that’s a fact. who else loves doughnuts? what’s your favourite! #doughnuts #veganfood #vegandonuts #vegandoughnuts #loveyourself #treatyourself #ilovedonuts #gymshark66 #gymshark66challenge #gymshark #gymsharkwomen #homeworkouts #homeworkout #legdayworkout #legday

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Procrastination- we all do it to some degree but is it affecting your health and wellbeing?
many women tell me that they just seem to keep forgetting to do their pelvic floor exercises or just to exercise in general!!! physical activity, resistance training and pelvic floor exercises are pretty d**n important for women, especially as we get older or after having children. so why do we procrastinate about getting the work done? often it’s being unsure where to start or what to do- “analysis paralysis”. pelvic floor exercises should be done daily. cardio 3 times per week. strength training 2-3 times per week. sounds simple right! yet how many of you do it? if you’re not sure if you’re doing your pelvic floor exercises correctly, seek help. a doctor, gynae or pelvic health physio can point you in the right direction. if you need some reminders, tune into my pelvic floor live sessions on tuesday and thursdays and we can do them together.
cardio is your choice- don’t be put off by incontinence or prolapse- there are plenty of ways to get the heart rate up without causing symptoms eg swimming, stairs, cross trainer, bike.
resistance training doesn’t have to take you hours at the gym. simple body weight exercises or weights and resistance bands can all be used to strengthen and tone your muscles. if you’re needing some guidance or inspiration, my website has a huge variety of workouts from 10 min b***y blasts to 50 min pilates style workouts. these are designed for the needs of women, especially mums who may have pelvic floor weakness or diastasis recti. for a limited time, i’m offering to do a 4 week program for you like the ones above to help get you started once you sign up. so no more excuses! let’s work together to get you stronger and healthier (link in bio)

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Sunday, for us is a day of rest & meal prep for the week!
so check below 👇👇👇 5 easy meal prep tips to get you started & moving with confidence! .

1️⃣ plan your big meals: • a lot of people barely hit 3 meals a day, much less have an idea of what they plan to consume. sit down on your weekend and decide what you are going to buy and consume that week. write it down & put it into action! .

2️⃣ choose 2-3 proteins, vegetables, and fruits for your week at a minimum to place into meals (or snacks). • goal of @ a minimum 2c of veggies/fruits daily starting out. .

3️⃣ snag some good seasonings, change it up & have fun with your meals!! • you can literally flip the flavor of beef or chicken each week with the types of seasonings you use! • mrs. dash, everything bagel, sea salt are some of our go to’s 🖤

4️⃣ plan 2-3 small treats in your week, guilt free. enjoy them, get your veggies in and move on. •deprivation leads to binging, give yourself grace but also eat to feel good and healthy!! .

5️⃣ plan for at least 6 days. if you have a bit on the weekend it’s not the end of the world 🌏. but having no plan from friday to sunday... that can turn into a 💩 show. .

try these out & let us know how your first weeks go! 😉

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Double tap if you’ve got swagger today!🙌🏻 did you know that the reason i share workouts every day is because i am a health and fitness coach?

did you know that i run monthly bootcamps to help you start and stick to a program of exercise and healthy eating?

did you know that if you join me you will be taking control of your health and fitness on your time doing workouts that speak to you?

it’s true!! it’s all true! february bootcamp is coming up and space is limited!
dm me right now if you’re serious about getting on the road to your healthiest you! get your buns in this fantastic group and level up!!💪🏻

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Today's affirmation aligned perfectly with me finishing the first 3 weeks of barre blend. i can already start to see the results! barre and pilates are no joke. the best part is that i have been able to be persistent in my morning workouts since they are only 30 minutes long. loving this program so far and cant wait to see the final results in 3 more weeks!
#barreblend #progress #beachbody #shakeology #getfit #stayhealthy #barre #homeworkouts

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☀️day 🔫day
dumbbells and barbells and resistance bands, oh my!
every 8 days, i get my ‘dessert’ workout… bro-day: all arms, all workout. the @shred app put together an incredible 75-minute workout for me today, starting with a @bowlfex dumbbell circuit, moving to a @roguefitness curl bar circuit, then finishing with 2 cable circuits… i don’t have a cable station at home, so i improvise and use my @clenchfitness bands instead of cables. ngl, i believe i get a better workout with the bands than i do with cables.

if you’ve never use bands before, i highly recommend them - i’ve featured them in almost all of my posts, and am working on a comprehensive review now that i’ve had a couple months to really put them through their paces.

#suppstack: pre: @optimumnutrition preworkout and @redcon1 big noise | intra: @optimumnutrition bcaa | post: @redcon1 mre + @pbfit.official peanut butter powder

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Rip kobe byrant 🙏🏾💙gianna 🙏🏾💖 and the others that were in that helicopter today. sad day in the world & especially sports world. 🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊
love always and show love as tomorrow is never promised. 💜

push up row featured with
my year by #gashi & #g-eazy
#sunday #homeworkouts #sweaty #getit💪🏾
#resilient #fitmom #healthylifestyle
#personaltrainer @p10empire_
#workingonabetterversionofme #nopain

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“i was wanting to lose weight and never successful. i kept watching stephanie online, and knew one day when she came into the salon, i looked at her and said i am ready to try this beachbody. in reality i was so desperate for something to work for me, i hated how i looked and i wanted to exercise at home, this seemed like the answer.

stephanie got me on my way and has gone through some serious failures with me but she never gave up on me. i had managed to lose 20 lbs and keep that off, but i would not stay on track, i had every excuse.

last year my son got engaged and was set to get married within 8 months, i thought, oh shit! i knew i could not play games anymore, i knew i had the answer at my fingertips i just needed to follow the plan.

i called stephanie and cried and laughed and started again and then to push myself i got a gown, the boutique ordered the size i measured and i died inside. right then i vowed to do beachbody exactly like i should have been and i wanted to lose 50 pounds. stephanie and the entire group of ladies cheered me on and it took me up to the week before the wedding and i lost 45 lbs. i was never so happy and proud of myself.

i had to also get that gown ordered 4 sizes smaller a month and a half before the wedding!

i did all of this with the support of my coach, the help of so many friends in our group that i have never met, and because stephanie got me to believe in myself. i am now working on the next 40 lbs and i'm happy, healthy and ready for what life brings my way with a smile! this works if you do it and you won’t be alone!” the journey to a healthier life is not always 🌈 and ☀️ it is messy, imperfect, and sometimes downright hard.
but it’s also the single most important piece to leading a long, happy, fulfilling life.
angela’s story is beautiful because it’s hers. and she has worked d**n hard over the past 2 years.

we hope that her story will inspire at least 1 other woman to recognize that she is worth the commitment, too. “love your body challenge” kicks off this week. reach out if you’re ready to write your imperfect story 💕 (link in bio too)

p.s. as of today, angela is now down 58 lbs. total, and counting 😊

comment 1 star 8 2 hours ago

If at first you don’t succeed, refocus...and try again. 🙌🏼
not every meal, or every workout, or every weigh in is going to go as planned. that’s life. it’s so friggin easy to get caught up in all the things that didn’t go like we thought they should have went. brush it off!!!
this is something i’ve had to learn over the past year - breaking free from that dieters mentality. it’s a trap!!! just 🛑
when i became a master coach for upf, that’s when i realized that my mindset was still in diet mode. 🤦🏼‍♀️ i had still put an end date on when i needed to see results. let that s**t go, girlfriend! can i get an amen?! 🙌🏼
this journey you’re on, it’s not a diet, it’s not temporary, it’s for the rest of your life! so love your body right where you are, while working on the body you want...and never give up on you! 🥰
my virtual gym is open for enrollment right now for february!!! message me, or drop your fave emoji below to get more info on how you can join us! 💕

comment 7 star 18 2 hours ago

Just a reminder - people are going through 💩 ⁣

this is my reality..⁣

i may have bounced back quickly,⁣
but i still have feelings..⁣

i just don’t stay there 💯⁣

i rise up,⁣
i fall,⁣
i stumble,⁣
i have cried many times..⁣

i just don’t show it all..⁣
and more importantly i don’t quit..⁣

remember that girl you see now..⁣
she fought to get where she is..⁣

tomorrow is a new day..⁣
so let’s rise together with kindness ✌️⁣

love and prayers to everyone going through stuff.. ⁣

hold those you love dearly - especially tonight 💗

comment 3 star 41 2 hours ago

New week!!! 💕
bring it on!!! 💪

hustling for that muscle!!!🙌

comment 11 star 13 2 hours ago

29 weeks pregnant and feeling sooo good! great workout today! i'm so proud of myself for staying active throughout my pregnancy. i try to go at least 4 times a week, whether it'll be planet fitness or layover hotel gyms. i've learned to get plenty of rest as well. just a few more months left until i'm able to put in that work, work and snapback into this new mommy body of mine! 🔥🔥 i am sooo determined and motivated!! anyways, tomorow is our third trimester appt! baby boy is almost here!!💙🥰

comment 3 star 21 2 hours ago

A new week is upon us and the best thing to do is prepare! prepare for your workouts, nutrition and treats! prepare for what you can control and prepare a plan for each day. ⠀
prepare for your workouts everyday by setting out your workout clothes the night before. meal prep to ensure your eating clean and fueling your body with nutritious foods! ⠀
starting the week off being prepared is the key to success and consistency! ⠀
how are you prepared for the week?!

comment 1 star 15 2 hours ago

We've made it to 2020 🎉 and now it's time for a new you, don't you think? have you been making good on that new year's resolution to lose weight? no? why not?

what's the biggest thing holding you back? 🤔 is it... ❓ 1) money - the gym membership costs too much ❓ 2) time - i'm too busy to get to the gym ❓ 3) fear - i don't know what to actually do at the gym ❓ 4) social - i don't have anyone to work out with ❓ 5) vanity - i don't fit in at the gym because i don't look like the others and i'm not fit like they are ❓ 6) nutrition - i haven't found a meal plan that i can live with and stick to ❓ 7) age - i'm too old and set in my ways to change ❓ 8) other - (insert reason here)

these are all valid reasons but they don't have to prevent you from getting to your goal. 😲 i have my first free fitness help group of 2020 starting next week. i'd love to talk to you about how my online group can help you with any and all of the reasons holding you back. 👍 whether you are looking to lose weight, add muscle, or just tone up i know this group can help get you there.

comment below or message me directly and let's get you started to the new u! 😃
#homeworkouts #helpingpeople

comment 1 star 1 2 hours ago

Hey guys, so #beatskincancer is a big deal and so using self tanners is a great way to look like you've been in the sun without the damage! .
i used to do professional spray tans and have alot of experience in this department.. so when i found this new company and amazing product i just had to share. .
🚨 25% discount till the end of the day with code lafit
i'm going to show y'all how easy it is to apply!!!!
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comment 1 star 13 2 hours ago

Red face and all, but if i didn’t take a picture, did i really go? today was a quick 30 min workout. however, i was able to do some leg and resistance training. definitely drenched in sweat. loved it! small progress, still progress! how was everyone’s sunday? besides gym and errands, it definitely was a little off. but, still focused forward! 🙏🏼 love you guys and hope everyone had a great day! ✨✨✨ #godisgood #healthy #health #veganjourney #vegan #wlj #veganhealth #veganfitness #type1diabetic #fitnessjourney #womensfitness #homeworkouts #veganfitness #diabeticfitness #fitness #makeupobsessed #makeuplover #beauty #dallascowboylover #singlemom #healthwithsass #naturalweightloss #mentalhealth #mindbodysoul #blessed #thankful #happy #sunday

comment 2 star 31 2 hours ago

You can complain, lament
and avoid mondays.

but you really can’t. because when it comes right down to it, from the bottom of my heart, the things that make you dread monday are not really why you dread monday.

you are tired, overworked, underpaid, undervalued? maybe.
you have no energy, feel blah and uninspired? could be.
you want to change something but it feels like an all or nothing choice? yep.

girl, it’s all going to change if you want it to, if you can see that the stuff you can control, that’s your power.

monday rules.
1. pour into you first.
2. move your body.
3. empower your head and your heart.

for sure there are things you can’t erase, things that you can’t drop from doing, people you can’t change, places you have to go.

but because you have the capability to control the bubble of you, that’s where you need to concentrate. that’s where you will start to blossom and grow, create the positivity, block the negativity and see there is always a way to feel good if you want it.

don’t let the excuses, the money, the negative environment, the time you don’t have, the complications be the reason you don’t make a change.

let them be the reason you do!
ready to work on you and own

i mean it says it for you. it’s your day to live better, stronger and happier.
no one decides that except you.

ready to have a hand finding your way? let’s get going so that your next monday, this is you above, feeling empowered, positive and happier?

you into that vibe?
my february online group is open,
let’s connect! message me or drop a ❤️ to hold your spot! open to anyone who is ready to love themselves more and is tired of waiting to find the perfect day to start!

#healthandhappiness #myownboss #doitforyou #metime #momsohard #sweattherapy #runningmama #homeworkouts
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comment 0 star 6 2 hours ago

The secret to burning f*t and getting into shape? get your nutrition in check and work really d**n hard! 🔥

45 minutes, our bodies, some weights, and the floor. we blasted chest, back, legs, shoulders, biceps, triceps, and core. that crazy sweat in my shirt ain't for show...that's how you get it done! 💪

are you ready to work hard this week? what's your goal for the next 7 days?
#fitness #totalbody #legs #sweat #hardwork #noexcuses #motivation #struggle #musician #fitviolinist #fitmusician #workout #homegym #homeworkouts #weightloss #fitspo #weightlossjourney #cfd #defineyourlife #ripped #fit #shredded #arms #shoulders #lifting

comment 1 star 5 2 hours ago

Just finished the last workout of 21 day fix extreme! this program challenged me, but i loved it!
plus i toned in my stomach & legs
and lost 3 lbs in 3 weeks, i call that a major win! 🎉💃🏻 so proud of @tiulibbya and @blake3887 for completing this challenging program with me this month! what a way to start 2020! 😆🎉 #challengecompleted #workoutmotivation #fitnessmotivation #21daychallenge #21dayfixextreme #results #strongertogether #tiuteam #tiucommunity #tiugirl #homeworkouts #homefit #barreisnext

comment 2 star 20 2 hours ago

Losing the weight and gaining all the confidence. 💗
#fableticspartner #moveinfabletics #myfabletics @fabletics ⠀⠀
now that i have a health routine and business that works for me and my schedule, i’ve been rocking that sports bra and pants look like no other. that confidence, strength, and to be honest - badass boss b**e mentality - is through the roof.
i have a workout and health routine that gets me results, i have a business that is constantly growing and i have a team of rockstars that are pushing hard for their goals too.
so why aren’t you sitting at the table with us? there’s plenty of room for you, sis. start with filling out the application through the link in my bio. do it for the future you. ❤️

comment 27 star 70 3 hours ago

What a sad day today for so many people. i’m counting my blessing today and holding my family extra tight. none of us are promised tomorrow so don’t take any moment for granted. ⁣

#⁣sunday #blessed #grateful #momlife #family #livefully #churchoutfit #dailyquote #love #sundaybest #realitycheck #selfie #weekendvibes #sweaters #embracelife #teamwork #homeworkouts

comment 3 star 21 3 hours ago

[there are days you will not make it to the gym, but that’s okay. i can say it is very challenging to do workouts at home because the lack of motivation. whatever you put your mind to it, there are always workouts you can improvise. all it takes is dedication you put into yourself and the discipline.] -
#happysundayeveryone #homeworkouts #bodybuilding_and_fitness_ #calisthenics #calisthenics_athletes #performixdriven #asrv

comment 1 star 30 3 hours ago

Want to know one of the best ways to level up in any area of life?⁣

⁣i’ve read a lot of self growth, self development and business development books - and every single one says to do this one thing if you want to really upgrade your life....⁣⁣

⁣👉🏼surround yourself with successful people. create a tribe of level uppers! ✨⁣⁣

⁣4 years ago i craved more community. i felt trapped in my job with little time freedom.⁣ i wanted a tribe. i wanted to surround myself with people who would support and lift me up, but also who would give me the opportunity to do the same for them!⁣

when you surround yourself with your people, it’s about giving and receiving!!! ⁣
i’m thankful i listened to this advice. i’m thankful i read those books and heard what these other successful people encouraged. surrounding myself with positive, hard working, uplifting, and inspiring women has made all the difference in my life.⁣⁣

finding my tribe has empowered me!! and it’s my mission in 2020 to pay it forward and empower you!!! ⁣

empowerment simply means to give yourself permission to do something. ⁣

to own your growth. ⁣
to own your evolution. ⁣
to own your health and wellness. ⁣
to own your finances and prosperity. ⁣
to own your journey!⁣

are you ready to empower yourself? ⁣
are you ready to uplevel your tribe? ⁣
i want to invite you to join me for a free “coach trial week” next week. you will be able to try out what we do as coaches for 5 days and see how simple it really is and find out if it’s something you could see yourself doing too! ⁣

what do you think? you in? nothing to lose. comment below or use the link in bio to request to join the group!

comment 17 star 29 3 hours ago

No gym. no problem. quick workout at the park using a bench. there is awkward a way to get that workout in during the day. not being able to get to the gym is only an excuse.
👉🏻alternating step ups with hyperextension
👉🏻s/l repeater knee
👉🏻tricep dips
👉🏻plank w punch up to side plank
👉🏻mountain climbers
👉🏻box jumps
👉🏻donkey kicks
👉🏻fire hydrants
try it and let me know how it went.
sing up for my fitness challenge
#nogymworkout #homeworkouts #fitin40s

comment 0 star 13 3 hours ago

“i could never do what you do. i like food too much.” .....oh?

comment 2 star 20 3 hours ago

It doesn’t matter how long it takes. it only matters that you take that first step.⁣

my postpartum journey has been anything but perfect. i had great day’s, weeks, months. i had periods of no change and even backward progress. i have had countless sleepless nights and days where the last thing i wanted to do was push play on a workout. ⁣

despite all the bumps along the way, i have never once given up. i have continued on to get me where i am today⁣

i wanted to feel confident again⁣
i wanted to have energy again⁣
i wanted to feel strong again⁣
i wanted to feel good in my family pictures⁣
i wanted to fit into my clothes again⁣

wanting a change does not mean you love yourself less. it means you love yourself enough to want more⁣

if you have been looking for that something more, i can help you girl. i can show you exactly what i have done all while going on this journey with you. i’m not finished... so let’s do this together. ⁣

drop a 💕 below and i’ll add you my info session happening on wednesday to learn all about how you can do this too. ⁣

i’ve got your back.... ready to do this ?

comment 4 star 34 3 hours ago

Here’s this weeks program—a mixture of gymnastics, strength, metcons, and aerobic capacity work.


comment 3 star 31 3 hours ago

🕺🏾i don’t always wear @nike #sundayfunday

comment 13 star 207 3 hours ago

Meal • prep

trying a new baked chicken recipe to use this week. i am not a huge fan of baked chicken, grilled is always my favorite! i’ll share this recipe if it heats up well tomorrow. the true test!

is anyone else meal prepping today??

comment 3 star 10 3 hours ago

Even tito was into watching my chest and tricep workout tonight! he intently watched the cast for at least 5 minutes. 😻

comment 1 star 25 3 hours ago

💙liift4💙 feels good to get it done!!

comment 1 star 22 3 hours ago

@brittanylcarpenter jumped into a workout program with us around the start of august and has worked so hard! she completed the 100 workout program and is continuing to crush her goals every single morning. she is now one of the leaders of our team! i want to share with you what she had to say about these programs:
“the best thing that mm100 helped me do, was get into a daily routine. by getting my workout in first thing in the morning, i never have an excuse to skip a day. not only did mm100 help me get into the best shape of my life but my workouts also energize me for the rest of the day and help me sleep better than ever before! i continue to do these programs because i never want to feel held back physically when i climb a mountain, explore a new place, kayak for the entire day, or doing anything that i love.

i also want to live as long as possible with a healthy mind and body. a balanced diet and exercise help prevent so many diseases like cancer, heart disease, depression, and diabetes. so, until we find some magic to keep us healthy, i will continue to eat my fruits and veggies and make working out a priority.”
she is now helping others on their health & fitness journey as well! if you’re ready to reach your fullest potential in life and make your health & fitness a priority - i highly recommend reaching out to @brittanylcarpenter or myself! 💪

comment 2 star 26 3 hours ago

did you know my job requires of me specific physical strength and body measurements that i was meeting with no “issues”?!? i thought i was in good shape, not perfect, but good enough to continue my daily routines. but i wasn’t feeling healthy at all.
i hate going to the gym, so unless i wake up at 0400, the gym is not an option because i don’t like the atmosphere of being watched, nor i had the knowledge of how to condition my body, besides jumping on a treadmill, bike or stair climber, do some curl-ups and “push-ups” and done. like you probably are right now, i was so skeptical of these “at home workouts”. “what? working out from home 20-45min/5days a week will achieve me that body?”. “really?”. i asked myself this questions over and over… i didn’t thought it would be effective, and my idea of diet was eating light for breakfast, indulging during lunch and a salad for dinner. i was nowhere near close to meet my rainbow plate.
on a more personal note, i am a patient of endometriosis and pcos, which also gave me the perfect excuse to start any program and stop it every month because the pain will get unbearable. i found a good group, real people with similar goals... and... i gave it a try... ⬇️ 9lbs. 👖 10 to 6
i achieved these results in 3 months!!! (nov 18, 2019-jan 18, 2020 )and i have so much more to strive for!

if you are struggling... i know it’s not easy everyday & that the motivation will not always be there. but if every day you show up for yourself, the results will pay up in the end. your resilience will build a stronger you, and not just physically, but mentally.

show up every day, even if you are not feeling like it. allow me to help your reach your goals! join me in this journey, and if you have any question, feel free to contact me, no compromise! #endometriosis #pcos #livinghealthy #gettingfit #barreblend #transform20 #thework #onelegpushups #teambeachbodycoach #weightloss #weightlossjourney #weightlossmotivation #workoutfromhomeandgetresults #thework #workoutfromhome #homeworkouts #healthylifestyle

comment 2 star 31 5 hours ago

Today i tried something new and completely out of my comfort zone! i typically don’t like heights or having my body be out of my control..however, growth doesn’t happen when you stick to what’s comfortable! this bungee fitness class was so much fun, i’ll definitely be back! thanks for having me join you, ladies! 💕

comment 2 star 34 10 hours ago

When things don’t go as planned do you bring that with you through the day? do you know how to let it go and live your best day. for an uncut video check these out on my facebook lives every day. #controlyourmind #staymotivated #coaching #mindset #live #homeworkout #homeworkouts

comment 1 star 22 4 days ago

Sharpen your mind and loosen your body up. a section of my daily facebook live done week days where i get a stretch in as part of my morning routine. a new topic every day, unscripted, just whatever is on my mind. if you like self improvement, personal or business then check it out. #mindset #stretching #morningroutine #strongmind #homeworkouts #homeworkout

comment 2 star 25 6 days ago

Lower body 🍑 no heavy lifting or jumping! why? because as a working mum, i've learnt the hard way that heavy lifting doesn't compliment stress and jumping isn't great for your lady bits long-term. i enjoy the way exercise makes me feel but what i don't enjoy is suffering through burn out with a weak pelvic floor because of it. if you're a woman prone to stress, i've got you!! save this workout and let me know how you go 💪 -
1. donkey circles
2. reverse supermans
3. side lying leg lifts
4. clams
5. glute bridges
6. side shuffles 👉 just starting out with exercise? aim for 30secs work | 30secs rest | 2-3 rounds | 60secs rest at the end of each round. you'll be done is less than 20mins.

comment 1 star 34 6 days ago