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There’s been a shortage of sun this week, but this morning we have some light.
i’m still reading bellweather rhapsody but i’ve spent a lot of the weekend listening to brené brown and in a completely different vibe- ended up binging the entire season of dead to me on netflix. it’s been a wonderfully mixed bag content-wise!🤷🏻‍♀️
what stories have you been sinking into this weekend?
[image description: white bookshelves full of books line half the walls of a room, with a white table, storage drawers, an arm chair, a gallery shelves of framed pictures, and a brightly lit window.]

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“to build up a library is to create a life. it's never just a random collection of books.”
—carlos maría domínguez
yesterday, the lilacs in my garden were in bloom. of course i cut a couple vases full and then my husband told me he hates the smell. 😢 he asked that i not put them in our bedroom, which is a tragedy because i love waking up to the smell of lilacs. instead, i decided i’d decorate my library table with them! with the sun streaming in and the gorgeous smell, my library is all dressed up for spring. 🌸 i just may have to sleep here for the duration of lilac season. 🤣
what’s your favorite flower? and i’m curious, is there any flower scent that you don’t like?
also, i love to do find-the-library-cat when i post photos of my library but i went easy on you today. did you see pip?

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What do you think of this setup?

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🐌 oh hi! | #findhilma

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What do you think of this little nook?

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We couldn’t imagine a lovelier corner to relax in on a sunday afternoon. from the wonderful @stampsandstamps 😍📚
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There’s so much to love about this room! what’s your favorite feature?

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When it’s daphne du maurier’s birthday, i celebrate by leafing though all of her books i own. i loved rebecca and my cousin rachel! the house on the strand was pretty good too—and i look forward to reading many more of her books in the future!
which of du maurier’s books are your favorites?
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