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Got my free eos gift yesterday and man am i excited to create some magic with these ✨ look out for some chakra blends in the next upcoming days ☺️
hope everyone is having a beautiful sunday 💕✨
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🍕was calling my name this afternoon. it would have been way too rude not to answer don’t you think? 😉
i didn’t make the base myself but the topping was all mine. i think you can make them all out? i genuinely don’t like the taste of vegan 🧀, i think it tastes too fake 🤷🏽‍♀️
do you eat vegan cheese? do you like it and if you do, what’s your favourite brand?😊 #plantbasedpizza #veganpizza #cheesefree

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Just over here toasting to friday with some pink pitaya jam and @artisanaorganics cashew butter topped @berlinnaturalbakery sourdough because fridays should be deliscious! what’s on your agenda this weekend? -
deets on pitaya jam: to make add 1 @pitayaplus packet, 1c chopped blackberries to a medium sauce pan until pitaya thaws and berries begin to cook down (5-7 minutes)
add 1 tbsp lemon juice, 1 tbsp maple syrup, cook for another 3-5 minutes. take off heat and mix in 2tbps chia seeds. let stand until room temp and refrigerate overnights.
#fitgirltreats #flashbackfridays #sourdoughbread

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The greenery and the scenery 🍃👌 let’s talk meditation! .
one of the things that’s absolutely changed my life is meditation. as someone who’s constantly being distracted and feeling like i always have to be thinking or doing something, taking a few minutes every day to breathe and clear my thoughts has not only made me a much more relaxed and productive person, but has also increased my overall happiness and energy levels. it’s important to distance yourself from all the chaos in your life every once in a while, and this past week at @dominicantreehousevillage was the perfect place to do so since there’s no wifi, and you’re surrounded by beautiful scenery and nature.
my first experiences with meditation came from when i got into yoga a few years ago. but in the past few months, @tomstrickland has reintroduced me to the importance and benefits of straight meditation.
do any of you meditate or have questions on how to do it? .
also, happy #internationalyogaday !

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Sometimes a summer dinner consists of an appetizer platter because if snacking is wrong i don’t wanna be right 🤷🏻‍♀️. cucumbers + multi colored carrots + snap peas + watermelon slices + 1/2 an avocado + @marysgonecrackers + @simplemills sea salt crackers all around a big ol bowl of homemade lemony-dill hummus 🌿🍋.
yes, this is for one and no, i’m not sharing.
i’m a happy, happy, happy lady over here.
enjoy the rest of your sunday 🙏🏼

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It’s officially summer & i started my day with this cherry swirl nicecream parfait with chia pudding 🍒🍌 it was heeeeavenly! 🙌🏼 who else can’t get enough of cherries? 👅
i made this breakfast jar for anita’s @breakfastnbowl #heaveninajarparty
i actually hate taking pictures of nicecream because it melts so quickly.. by the time i was done shooting, it was running down my fingers 🙄😂 oh well, it still tasted great ✨
btw, my necklace is from @soufeeljewelry* - you can use the code „celfv15“ to get 15% off 💛

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I’ve been missing having a house to call my own but it makes me think about what home is to me. i’ve still got the same people, the same boy, the same pup, + most importantly the same faithful god. so maybe home isn’t a place after all.

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skin love with one of my favorites @ulivskincare
burning palo santo
card pulling and i got my spirit animal🦋
reflecting on abundance in my journal while reevaluating some of my life g o a l s and setting new intentions around them↠♡ .
carve out some time today just for y o u. you, above anyone, deserve your own l ♡ v e. so how can you show yourself some love today?? #fitbrittnutrition

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Un . shadow
approaching the full moon in capricorn later this week. 
we may find ourselves easily triggered, overreactive and ultra sensitive to criticism, faced with our 'i have to proof myself to the world' ego, that makes us our own worst enemy and limits not only our own spirit, but that of all we touch. 
capricorn brims with the archetype energy of the towering, ambitious, stoic, judgemental and result-driven father figure, dismissive of emotions, the mythical and the bigger picture (hey dad). _
so before this full moon on thursday/friday, lightly step out of the shadow cast over you by deep seated daddy issues, tend to your wounds with loving memory, gratitude and stand in the light where it's warm and everything is visible. claim your authority by being responsible for your own healing. rebellion is for teenagers;-).
oh, and if you fancy protection while standing in the sun, sign up to our luxe list via link in bio to receive your vip invite to the limited release launch of our new sun screen.☀️☀️☀️ _
linda byrne by  marcus tomlinson for visionaire nº 25, 1998
skin @lepaar
#capricorn #fullmoon #capricornfullmoon #vollmond #steinbockvollmond #archetype #cronos #healyourself #sunscreen #wholisticluxuryskincare

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Tomorrow is bdw time! theotherdada will be taking you on a tour of the construction site for convivium home, a living home that embodies our holistic design approach in the heart of gemmayze.

this tour will explain how technological and natural features and processes are integrated in the design of the built space. visitors will learn about the several sustainable practices applied such as the sustainable materials used, highly efficient mechanical systems with underfloor heating and cooling, domestic grey-water treatment plant, waste management system, recycling and composting, selection of native and beneficial plant species.

this event is free of charge & places are limited, so kindly sign up by sending us an email to katia@theotherdada.com

date & time: tuesday, june 26th at 1pm & 3pm

meeting point:  outside ginette cafe, gouraud street, gemmayzeh

#theotherdada #todresearch #holisticdesign #holisticliving #sustainablematerials #nontoxic #healthyindoorair #waterrecycling #landscapeecology #biomimicry #todactivism #sustainability #sustainableliving #conviviumhome #greenbuildings #bdw18 #beirutdesignweek

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Make a decision, commit to it and you will succeed 👊 trying my hardest to keep consistent with my meals 🥗 80% nutrition 20% exercise. i have always done 80% exercise 20% nutrition 🙃 eating intuitively worked for me to maintain my weight, but now i want to lean down and that means i have to watch what i eat .

to grow you have to step out of your comfort zone (posting this boomy was enough 😂), stay in your zone and nothing changes. we all have the same 24 hours, don't hate on others cos they're getting somewhere you wish to be at. i use to hate counting calories, but i also want to get shredded 🙃

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And the universe doesn't know no limitation. it doesn't know no man made rule.
its existence reflects total freedom and that should be experienced through us as well, as we are it.

so let us not be bound by limitations, let us not be bound by unnecessary rules. our birthright is absolute freedom.

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On the weekend our little man made his debut playing first grade men’s 😳field hockey. what made it even more special he got to play along side one of his big brothers. the smile on jesse’s face says it all. one of his dreams became a reality, he has worked so hard, it’s been difficult. jesse has had to deal with people who cannot stand seeing someone succeed. amazed at how much my little man has had to deal with when it comes to this negative energy. just because he’s extremely good at something he loves. we have worked together to create ways for him to deal with negativity and boy is it working. he inspires me everyday on his courage, dedication, strength, passion, determination and heart. he is a champion😘🌷

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Good monday morning!
today it’s all about exam preparation and later i’m going to celebrate one of my best friends who finishes her master today (say what! we are all so grown up now, later this week one of my other friends is getting married!). and i just feel like i just graduated from high school, but that is already 5 years ago! time is flying - anybody else feeling like that? 😅
remember to enjoy life, stop up once in a while and just see where you are and be grateful for this beautiful life 🙏🏼🌿
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The missing link between your current reality and your dream goal - action.

but not any kind of action and certainly, from experience, not necessarily *big action*. you can read, learn, educate yourself, think, visualise, desire, manifest, talk to angels (or whatever it is that you do) all you want, but unless you take action in the direction of your desired end result, you are unlikely to create what you want.

part of the issue is that the secret and the likes only give us the dreaming part of the equation, but not the system that will take us there. or take the low of attraction - it’s not that it doesn’t work, but people often misunderstand the action part of it.

second issue is the type of action required. big, bold, pushing actions won’t work for everyone as what’s usually missing there is the inspiration, truth, adjustment & flow as we move through the creative process. this is the feminine, intuitive energy (not the same as feminine sex). it’s very easy to get off track when we follow a structure of rigidity that doesn’t allow for nuances and new energy to be incorporated into the process.

assuming we have the above figured out, action has to be taken. and that includes not doing anything sometimes until it is clear what are next step is.

i see so much wishing and waiting happening when it comes to health and wellness. reading the book is great. taking the course is great. working with a coach is great. buying the right kitchen and fitness equipment is great. buying a gym pass is great. going on a retreat is great. setting a clear goal is great. writing a vision statement is also great.

but unless we do the work, consistently, nothing will change. and once the initial excitement and novelty wear off, we won’t always feel like doing work. doing the work won’t always come easy and produce immediate results. doing the work is not glamorous.

the coach (or any other form of help) is in the instructor’s seat to guide us, help us, support us, cheer us.

we are are the ones driving the car.

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Acupuncture 💗to work with your body's natural ability to heal.
many people have acupuncture to relieve specific aches and pains such as osteoarthritis of the knee, headaches and low back pain, or for common health problems like infertility or anxiety. other people choose acupuncture when they can feel their b****y functions are out of balance but have no obvious western medical diagnosis or treatment. many also have regular treatments simply because they find it beneficial and relaxing.💗#acupuncture #acupunctureworks #acupofteamakeseverythingbetter #holisticliving #relaxationtime #painrelief #balance #anxiety #headacherelief #infertility #diagnosisunknown

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Day 24 - core strength and definition!
an honest fact – not a single sit up was done to achieve what you see in the photo above 💁🏼‍♀️
- you can’t spot reduce fat. you can only reduce your body f*t % as a whole, until you can start seeing results in the desired areas👙
- engage in core strengthening exercises such as planks, press ups, oblique twist, squats, hanging leg raises and hip thrusts 🏋️‍♀️
- slow down your workouts every once in a while and use ‘mind to muscle’ focus, clenching and squeezing as you go 👌🏼
- sprinting on and off (like hiit), or running up steep hills and stairs are a great workout option. if you have good form and utilise your arms, the twisting and turning of your mid-section with each step will help sculpt definition 👟
- eat a diet low in sugar and unhealthy fats. stick to foods in their most natural form, balance complex carbs with lots of vegetables, fibre, healthy fats and protein 🌱
- eat a high protein diet which helps to reduce hunger levels throughout the day, as well as unhealthy food cravings 🥙
- limit alcohol, especially high sugar beverages like rtd’s and syrupy cocktails🍹
- incorporate new exercises into your workout (like boxing or swimming), to ensure you are constantly challenging your body and working new muscles!
for more helpful tips like this, click the link in my bio 💕
• • •

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We made a last minute decision to climb ben nevis yesterday. spur of the moment things are always the best! hardest thing i’ve ever done but so worth it 💕

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The wellness garden i zeal to heal

#thewellnessgarden is quite simply a celebration of our pride & gratitude! we invite you to join us in this celebration on 1st july:) to know more visit www.theothersong.com/thewellnessgarden
no fees.for registration call 022 42616666
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The wellness garden i zeal to heal

#thewellnessgarden is quite simply a celebration of our pride & gratitude! we invite you to join us in this celebration on 1st july:) to know more visit www.theothersong.com/thewellnessgarden
no fees.for registration call 022 42616666
#zealtoheal #storyofdoctor #medicalstudent #homeopathicmedicine #holisticliving #liveinspired #wellnessjourney #mindbodysoul #homeopathy #ayush #mumbaievent #healing #wellbeing #twg1718 #thewellnessgarden #theothersong #lookwithin

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The wellness garden i zeal to heal

#thewellnessgarden is quite simply a celebration of our pride & gratitude! we invite you to join us in this celebration on 1st july:) to know more visit www.theothersong.com/thewellnessgarden
no fees.for registration call 022 42616666
#zealtoheal #storyofdoctor #medicalstudent #homeopathicmedicine #holisticliving #liveinspired #wellnessjourney #mindbodysoul #homeopathy #ayush #mumbaievent #healing #wellbeing #twg1718 #thewellnessgarden #theothersong #lookwithin

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Post 9 essential oils & fitness lunchtime series

now that we’ve talked about the importance of exercise and the benefits of essential oils for fitness, let’s go over a few specific dōterra products that can easily be incorporated into your workout routine to help you reach your fitness goals.
whether you are focused on building muscle, losing weight, staying in shape, training for a marathon, or keeping up with your kids, there are plenty of essential oils and specific products that can help you on your journey to wellness.

an easy way to incorporate essential oils into your exercise routine is to keep a few on hand or in your gym bag that you can get regular use out of.
over the next couple of posts we will be talking about a few of the best dōterra products to keep close by when you are getting ready to work out.
first up is deep (ice) blue rub® - a clear favourite of mine!! remember post 3 where we talked about the warming, cooling, and soothing essential oil properties? well our deep blue rub is a topical cream infused with some of the best essential oils for providing the body with cooling, warming, or soothing comfort and will not only provide comfort to problem areas, but will also leave the skin feeling soft and moisturized.
commonly used by massage therapists and sports practitioners, deep blue rub is the perfect product to keep in your gym bag to help soothe targeted areas of the body after a rigorous workout.
tomorrow we will highlight some high performance athletes (world champion/olympians) who incorporate doterra essential oils, and in particular deep blue, into their training routine.

stay tune, you don't want to miss that!

if you would like a sample of the deep blue rub, please just message me*. *must not already have a doterra wholesale account or already be working with a doterra wellness advocate.

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Aromattouch technique.

new research provides evidence that the aromatouch technique® is a unique and powerful essential oil application method that everybody should be including in their self-care toolbox.
based upon initial results from human clinical trials being conducted by doterra scientists, we are just scratching the surface of understanding how effective the aromatouch technique truly is at promoting health.

read more here: https://goo.gl/drk6rk

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Post 10 essential oils & fitness lunchtime series: high performance athletes & doterra

jamie mitchell: world champion open ocean long distance paddler, big wave surfer, stand-up paddle boarder, international swell chaser, and professional lifeguard. jamie is an avid doterra user, and came up with his own “surfer’s traveling kit” that includes peppermint, lemon, oregano, doterra on guard®, digestzen®, deep blue, melaleuca, lavender, peppermint beadlets, doterra on guard beadlets, and doterra serenity™ softgels. read more here: https://goo.gl/t8kkfq

liz freeman is truly an artist in sky sports—as a professional skydiver, avid base jumper, and an aerial camera/stunt woman. all of these require a great deal of mental and physical preparation. “i have a routine i practice before every jump, which includes applying essential oils. i use blends of doterra on guard® and elevation oils to help keep me going on the long hikes [up to jump spots]. a calm mind is a focused mind, so i typically apply doterra serenity® oil and pasttense® on the neck to quiet the mental chatter. when my body is sore from hiking, i use deep blue rub from doterra deep blue products. it’s magic to tight muscles and a stiff neck! when needed, i use the doterra breathe® essential oil in my diffuser.” https://goo.gl/bdvcxu

timothy "tim" hightower, nfl athlete. tim credits the continued support from his family, chronicled faith, and commitment to living a holistic lifestyle for his continued success as a professional athlete. “essential oils are a game-changer for me and the family,” tim says. for optimal rest, relaxation, and support, tim incorporates doterra in his daily routine, regularly using products like doterra on guard®, peppermint, lavender, doterra breathe®, and deep blue®. tim’s favorite product is the deep blue oil, “after a long game, it helps my body and my muscles re-energize to get back and ready for the next game.” https://goo.gl/q6e3ca

alev is a national hockey and soccer medalist and an olympic rugby player who led her team at the rio 2016 summer olympics. she is the first american woman to ever score in the olympic games. some of her favorite doterra products include doterr

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What do you believe in?

i feel we must believe in ourselves and a higher power so we can have more faith and less anxiety.

it's easier said done, but so important.

believe in magic.

believe in love.

believe in dreams.

believe in laughter.

believe in angels.

believe in others.

believe in yourself.

believe in the universe.

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It’s never nice leaving my family but its always made easier knowing i am returning to this man- the real titan and king of kings - henke 🐕🦁 #number1boy #mansbestfriend #chowsofinstagram #selfmastery 🧘🏻‍♂️🧠🥑🏋🏻👨🏻‍🍳💚👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

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The only house you ever need to live in.

don’t neglect the physical from “low level consciousness” or ignore it from “higher levels of consciousness”

acknowledge it’s magnificence each and every day.
#selfmastery #consciousfamilyconnection #betterfamilyhealth #valuehealthmore

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