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Iconic | 1 // hello friends old and new!  this week's series is called "iconic", because it is about going back to that classic, postcard-ready view of hong kong's skyline that is famous around the world.  i have picked each shot within this series because they focus on one or more of our most iconic skyscrapers that make our skyline so memorable.  today's shot, taken from morrison hill at the back of wan chai, has the very pointy central plaza as its focus. (confusingly, central plaza is located nowhere near central, but is actually in wan chai north.) central plaza is very 1990s in its design - big, coloured glass panels for its exterior and polished brown granite for its interior - but built at a time when space wasn't as precious, the skyscraper boasts a rather refreshingly different triangular design, crowned with an elegant tip that has ever-changing coloured lighting.
two more icons are positioned on either side from this angle - international finance centre 2 to our left, and across the harbour, international commerce centre to our right.
wan chai is not traditionally thought of as an area filled with skyscrapers but this shot is a good visual reminder of the rapid development that has taken place in these parts over the past few years.  whereas perhaps two decades ago, central plaza would have soared far above the rest of wan chai, it is now flanked by a coterie of tall, slender and sleek new buildings.  a number of these buildings have great rooftop bars, which offers everyone the chance to see our town from up high - even if you don't have a drone or if you don't quite feel like being a daredevil rooftopper.  wooloomooloo @wooloomooloosteakhousehk (yes, friends in sydney - the name is one l short!) is one of my faves.  the drinks are perfectly serviceable, but it’s the casual vibe and the knockout views from all three sides of the rooftop available for seating make this location well worth a visit.

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“when you photograph people in color, you photograph their clothes. when you photograph people in black and white, you photograph their souls!” 👁
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Iconic | 2 // today's icon is none other than the tallest skyscraper we have in hong kong, the international commerce centre (almost always referred to by the abbreviated icc). boasting 118 storeys and standing 484 metres high (just a shade below maximum altitude for drones!), the icc is very much the jewel in the crown of the kowloon station development, and from this particular angle, the whole development does have some semblance to a crown with the icc at its rightful place at the centre.
as far as aesthetics go, the icc is unremarkable, being built at a time when hong kong's property prices were largely unaffordable and there was no space or budget for any groundbreaking design.  it is basically an elongated rectangular prism plonked down with little flourish or fanfare.  the icc does have two notable features, however.  first is that two of its surfaces are fitted with led lights, and every night they are lit up in what is billed as the world's largest light and sound show. (the show is revised now and then and often features seasonal motifs, such as cherry blossoms in spring.) second is that the base of the building has a small "tail", which you can see that in the shot.  this was supposedly a nod to fengshui sensibilities, but also had the practical function of providing a sheltered connection with the rest of the development, including elements shopping centre.
this shot also shows another aspect of the kowloon station development that i have touched on in my instagram writeups - its isolation.  as you can see, kowloon station really is an urban island with little meaningful connection to the rest of kowloon peninsula despite its proximity to mong kok and tsim sha tsui - surrounded on both sides by highways in front, and water at the back.  the completion of the high speed rail station and the waterfront civic space should bring about more physical integration between kowloon station and the rest of urban kowloon.

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Can’t deny it, you are the only one can make a 5’1 girl looks like a 5’5.

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i’m dying to go back there. the trees, the sky, the sea, the air, and you.

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