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Playing with colour 💙
eyes @bperfectcosmetics x @staceymariemua carnival pallet
lashes @unicorncosmetics
lips @kyliecosmetics ginger lip kit

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Tak sengaja terserempak sambutan ulang tahun ke 9 highlight sewaktu dalam perjalanan ke bookxcess tadi. singgah la sekejap. bukan selalu berjumpa kpoppers irl walaupun bukan sama fandom.

kali pertama saya dengar tentang #beast sewaktu ke cube entertainment tahun lepas. kata @emi_kavana , sekarang namanya dah ditukar kepada #highlight . the price of leaving the recording company - brand/ band name pun terpaksa ditukar.

9 years is a long time for a kpop group, imho considering bangtan is 5 yo, svt is 3 and skz is still a baby.

nice meeting you guys, malaysian lights!

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First halloween look 👻

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New beginnings 🌺🌺
foundation: @fentybeauty 290
concealer: @colourpopcosmetics light 16
highlight: @jeffreestarcosmetics liquid frost ‘canary bling’
eyeshadow: @hudabeauty rose gold
lips: @nyxcosmetics butter gloss ‘creme brûlée’

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Your eyes speak the truth when everything else is a lie💬


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Halloween makeup on @thetrashmask 🔮 the glam life 🔮
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Wow @cakefacerj 🔮 the glam life 🔮
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Halloween eye makeup on @swayzemorgan 🔮 the glam life 🔮
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Show us some 💜for this stunning bridal hairstyle?

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