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Top picture i was 7 months with ivy bottom i was 8 months pregnant with evan. feels like yesterday! #nationalbumpday

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Meet 6 years ago, got married a short 12 months later & since then life has kept us super busy! ivan had over 20k in debt at the time, i was a full time student and then he joined me... we been dirt poor to now, debt free.... the last two months life has been amazing!!!!! it truly feels like we are newlyweds. doing so many things we had to sacrifice to be where we are today! if i could change one thing, it be joining itworks 3 years when i first heard of them. i couldn't had planned our life better than the way it's worked itself out. #bestsummeryet2015 #happylife #hernandezadventure

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His first time riding the muni! and he smells body odor, chinese food, & stank! #sanfrancisco #muni #hernandezadventure

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