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When the “side” salad is bigger than your face! 👍🏼
are you getting your greens injection over lunch today?! what are you having?

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Muy cierto se feliz 😁 vive tu vida con la bendición de dios y realiza tus sueños... para muchos pensarán que haz perdido la razón!! que importa que diga la gente! vas a ser un loco feliz 🥰....

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Monday views🍂we 💚our @solabeeflowers deliveries🌺

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Fear held me back from losing the weight.
i was afraid that i would be judged for wanting to change. i was afraid of the attention. i was afraid that i would fail. i was afraid of sharing my story. i was afraid of speaking the truth. i was afraid of everything,
i let fear hold me back for years. i let it control my life. i let it stop me from doing the things i love, saying yes to opportunities, and from loving myself.
i let the fear paralyze me. i would take long naps, binge episodes on netflix, eat all the food, just to get away from that feeling. i wanted to run away.
but the problem was, i couldn’t run away from myself.
and you can’t either.
it’s time to face your fears. it’s time to get a little uncomfortable because the thing people don’t tell you is that everything you want is on the other side of fear..
yes, it’s uncomfortable and scary to do the work. but on the other side is happiness, excitement, empowerment, confidence, and so much more. being uncomfortable for a minute allows you to feel amazing for life.
are you ready to bust through the fear?
join the deeper than weight loss mastermind!
link in bio or http://bit.ly/deeperthanweightloss
what fear are you ready to bust through?

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⭐some things i’ve resisted accepting at some point: my post-partum tummy, the terribleness i feel after eating a sugary donut, painful period cramps, my toddler’s frequent 6am wake-ups, and my huge nose. ⭐it is so common to resist accepting things like this, because it can feel like if we accept it, we are settling. so it feels like this heroic act to refuse to accept - as if this will somehow make our lives better. ⭐me announcing "my stomach is fatter than it was before my baby" is a statement of fact. it is absolutely true that it is. admitting & accepting something like, "i am currently not exercising & eating lots of halloween candy" is also a statement of fact. ⭐it is *not* saying we are going to continue like that forever. ⭐here is the ironic thing - usually the things we most want to change are the things we resist accepting. but, the moment we accept something, we have opportunity for change & growth, if that is something we in fact, desire. (my 👃, however, aint going anywhere...but...i *can* change how i feel about it.) ⭐when we resist our reality, we actually make it exponentially harder to change. it’s like trying to leap off a skateboard - you aren’t going to go very far. acceptance is like adding brakes to it - once it is stable, we can then leap off without falling flat on our faces. ⭐what are you resisting accepting for fear that it means you’re settling? .
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Esta quinoa dulce cremosa estaaa delis!!!! quinoa + banano + leche de almendra + mantequilla de mani + 1 scoop de proteina iso 100 (sino tienen proteina pueden agregar hershey en polvo) --》 todo a la licuadora hasta que este cremosito 😋😋 #healthymindhealthybody #loveyourbody #loveeathealthy

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Resetting to take on the weak ahead ✌🏽 had a pretty mellow rainy day- ran errands {got an açaí bowl 😜}, hit a back workout, and the sun came out just for a beautiful sunset 🌅 love a good sunset walk 🧡 #sunsetwalks #recharge #dontworrybeactive

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Haven't done heavy weights for a long time so was super proud of this tonight. 75kg deadlift for 3. defo nowhere near where i want to be. but a good starting place! my husband fully forced me to work out tonight but 5mins in i loved it!! #healthymindhealthybody #deadlift #homegym #busymumfitness @bejuststrong

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Tonight’s dinner: i made black rice, kale with brussels sprouts, baked sweet potato and sliced avocado. topped it off with a fresh young coconut for water! 😋 (well this isn’t my plate. i can’t eat so much avocado and i’m totally not a fan of coconut 🥥 water. my plate had a lot more veggies. this was hubby’s plate lol 😂)

what are you having for dinner?

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#mondaymantra  you can do it! all you have to do is believe it!  stop setting limits on yourself!  it will change your thinking and life forever.

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Cardio and ab circuits on this miserable monday night. i was sat in my room freezing cold, and that actually motivated me to go to the gym and sweat 😅 came home and made a butternut squash stir fry and had a nice hot shower 😌 monday : done ✔️ •

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Here is some simple advice to lose fat.

get your 8 hours sleep – by not getting at least 7 hours there can be hormonal changes that can make you feel hungrierthan you should

focus on habitual changes – little changes in your daily diet can have great influence. eat when you are hungry and choose items with greater nutritional value. changes to your general daily activity levels combined with small nutritional changes will serve you well. it’s not all about those scheduled bouts of exercise at the gym

lift weights – increasing your lean muscle tissue can help you burn more calories even at rest

do an activity that raises your heart rate and is fun – i said this in a previous post. if you are participating in an activity you do not enjoy, you will start to loath it and not go. make it fun and make it social

get into a calorie deficit – if you are trying to pay attention to what you eat. it’s more than likely not so much what you are eating but the sheer volume by comparison to your activity levels. if you are not paying attention to what you eat then maybe start. look out for what caloric content the food has vs nutritional value. i.e. it may be deemed as healthy and has high nutritional value for your body but also has more calories in there than you might think or there may be limited nutritional value (demonised foods) but the calories content is comparably low.

be patient – this will take time so don’t get frustrated. stop looking at the scales, you don’t need them. eventually you will notice and then everyone else will notice. then they will ask you how you did it

barry, honed 🌱

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I work in an office some of the time and every now and again i get into conversations with colleagues who discuss f*t loss. unsurprisingly, food, f*t loss and exercise can be a hot topic for office workers all over the country as they often have rather sedentary lifestyles. throughout your day how often do you find yourself sedentary and sitting down?


sitting down travelling to work, sitting at work in front of a screen or in a vehicle, sitting at lunch, sitting travelling home, get home and feel tired probably due to a lot of sitting andthen plonk yourself in front of the tv with a glass of wine or a beer. that’s a lot of sitting 😉

we wonder why we often see people stuck in cycles of;

damn i have put too much f*t on i need to go on a diet and fast

massive changes to diet/quick fix diet drink

start running, going to the gym

aww i hate running and going to the gym

i wish i could eat my favourite foods

lack motivation for exercise and start to revert to previous nutritional an activity habits

damn i have put too much f*t on i need to go on a diet and fast

and so on


when i was in my teens my dad explained the very simple energy input, energy output equation to me. now for those of you that are unfamiliar with this. basically, the idea is that imbalances can occur in your body f*t depending on how much energy you consume (food) vs how much energy you expend (exercise/activity). energy balance = energy input – energy output

i feel that over the years i got lost in the whirlwind of information out there which has made f*t loss seem overly complicated for a lot of people. i have gone full circle and once again see things rather simply.

end of part one

barry, honed 🌱

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Feeling happy & blessed, i just wanted to share through restarting my daily meditation and yoga practise i am starting to feel great inner peace and a real joy for life again. make time for you!🙏💚✨#behappy #positivity #yoga #meditation #healthymindhealthybody #soulhappy

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Some days, there's just not enough coffee in the world. today is one of those days! but, i pushed myself to get in a @onepeloton ride and i'll lift later.
do i want to? no! but i can...and tomorrow's never promised.

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You are the only person that you have to spend every minute of every day with. be the person you admire #toptip #goals #admiration #healthymindhealthybody #happyheart

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Throwback. i am absolutely heartbroken over stan lee's passing. i've been crying on and off against my will since i heard the news. i planned on going to a convention to see him this upcoming year, and thank him for creating dr. strange (and all the other hero's); dr. strange is a character i relate to on an extremely deep level.

i hope that stan's passing was painless and quick, with family and loved ones there for him in his last moments. stan lee was an amazing visionary and soul who inspired millions with his creative genius. he will always be missed, but definitely not forgotten.
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