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I have a super simple snack/treat recipe for you: pb protein fudge using @happwayau peanut butter vegan protein powder. 🥜😋 the perfect midweek treat for all the pb lovers out there! 🥜🥜 tag a friend who would like that below! and make sure to save/ like & comment if you like them! 💕😘⠀
pb protein fudge: ⠀
1 1/2 cup of peanut butter ⠀
1/2 cup of peanut butter protein powder⠀
3 tbsp of coconut oil⠀
2 tbsp of maple syrup⠀
1 tsp of vanilla essence⠀
- melted dark chocolate for the swirls on top. ⠀
1. in a bowl combine the ingredients together then pour into silicon moulds or cups. ⠀
2. stir some dark chocolate making swirls with a knife. ⠀
3. leave to set in the fridge for a few hours. ⠀
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this one will challenge you!
don’t forget to save!
kneeled leg extensions
raised cannonball squats
pistol squats on smith machine
front squats cable
leg extensions.
you want to build your quads definitely give this one a go!
happy monday ❤️

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Salted caramel protein slice 🍯 @betterbeingsteph

▪️10g coconut flour
▪️20g oat flour
▪️30g @happywayau peanut butter pea protein powder
▪️30g honey (or agave, rice malt)
▪️30g nut butter
▪️30ml almond milk
▪️1 tsp vinegar
▪️50ml almond milk
▪️50g honey (or sticky sweetener of choice)
▪️50g nut butter
▪️2tsp granulated sweetener
pinch of salt
▪️30g dark chocolate, melted
▪️20g @happywayau chocolate pea protein powder
▪️10ml coconut oil
▪️60ml almond milk
is up on @betterbeingsteph blog!
serving information:
✔️serves: 12
✔️macros per slice: 140 calories, 8f/10c/7p

enjoy 🤤🚀 www.happyway.com.au

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Workout ready with my @happywayau protein shake and @p.e.nation leggings from @gluestore thanks to @tailormaidpr🌟#happyway #happywayau #proteinshake

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Morning ☀️
current update on my physique if you have been following me you’d know i don’t count calories etc.
buuutttt, i’m running an 8 week challenge & have a few clients that i’m training to win ✔️well we are going to give it our best shot!
one of my clients being my partner @trotts73 🙈this could break us 😂”kidding”
but i figured i’m going to put my body through the grime of the 8 weeks too & see what i can get out it.
we will be training 4-5 strength training sessions with 2 cardio sessions the first 2 weeks, then slowly go up in our strength to 6 per week along with 4-5 cardio sessions.
it’s going to be tough but i want to do it with my clients as i’ve never really done a strict 8 weeks straight and just want to see how my body responds.
will keep you guys posted!!!
personal trainer
goodlife belmont

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Post workout shake @happywayau
i get asked a lot! should i purchase a protein???
answer: my opinion 😂yes unless you are a big meat eater.
i struggle to get my protein in daily without having my whey.
everybody has a different opinion but i find it’s the easiest way.
each serve contains nearly 22 grams of protein. so you have 2 of them daily, there is 44 grams already consumed.
i’m currently consuming 150 grams of protein daily so it definitely helps boost the numbers quite quickly.
always get your protein in, helps repair damage muscles & growth 💪🏼
any questions comment below👋
i wanted to keep this short & sweet so you didn’t have to read one of my novels 😂
if your interested in happyway
use my discount : happyjacklyn
vanilla is my favourite flavour ❤️
have a good thursday guys!
personal trainer

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Why am i not losing weight❌❌❌❌
i get asked this one a lot💁‍♀️ if you don’t want to count your calories and have no idea about what foods are high in calories & not getting results “ i ask why”
why wouldn’t you want to learn about what you are putting in your mouth?
by tracking for a short time you will learn the importance of what good food is, you’d probably be surprised at about how much processed foods you are consuming & too many calories.
i get it, i never liked tracking my food either, i mean who can be bothered scanning every bite they put in their mouth!
but i did do it at the start and i still do from time to time and still get shocked as to what i thought was healthy, wasn’t ❌ .
if your not losing weight, 99% of the time your over eating, you might think “but i hardly ate much”
did you add those sugars into your ☕️ or 🍵.
did you have that extra serving?
did you buy takeaway today?
so if you were to pop every single thing you eat & drink into my fitness pal for a day, you might be surprised at the calories you are putting into your body.
if you aren’t getting results, try the app for a few days, you’ll be amazed at what you find out.

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Shoulder workout 🏋️‍♀️ it was a quick workout this morning!
military press
arnold press
db frontal raises
round the worlds
car drivers
geelong ladies, i’m going to be running a glute class sunday mornings at goodlife.
we will be doing squats/dead’s and everything else that targets the glutes 🍑
enquire if interested, i need 3 more ladies.
even if your just starting out in lifting you are very welcome!!! ——-
personal trainer
goodlife belmont

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