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Overnight waffles with whipped meyer lemon cream and strawberries. friday night plans include making this easy waffle batter and waking up to saturday morning waffles with lemon cream and all those early spring strawberries...plus plenty of real maple syrup. the best. recipe is up on halfbakedharvest.com today (link in profile). #brunch #spring #waffles #halfbakedharvest

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Helping mommy put up streamers for daddy's birthday dinner. on the menu are his favorites: #halfbakedharvest hawaiian poke bowl and black russian chocolate cake

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Tomahto never dies. 🍅| @halfbakedharvest's cheddar tomato tart (but i substituted my own carrot pesto).

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Hearty. healthy. goodness. 📷 by @halfbakedharvest

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This salad's got my #pulse racing 🥗 i've been seeing @usapulses ads all over insta lately and it inspired me to swap the meat for lentils in my salad tonight // mixed green and spinach salad with mini heirloom tomatoes, shredded carrots, basil, avocado, peach, sunflower seeds, #lentils, and last but certainlyyyy not least-- @traderjoes burrata 😍 recipe loosely based off of a recipe by @halfbakedharvest #burratagram #vegetarian #halfbakedharvest

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La noche más terrorífica del año ha empezado ya y con ella las risas y disfraces de un montón de niños y no tan niños. yo ya tengo mi tarta para esta noche: manzanas, chocolate y caramelo. mucho caramelo. receta en el link aquí @loletabyloleta. happy halloween! 🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃 the most terrifying night of the year has already begun and with it the laughter and disguises of a lot of children, and not so children too! i already have my cake for tonight: apples, chocolate and caramel. lots of caramel. recipe in the link here @loletabyloleta. happy halloween!

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Winter weather calls for soup art over smoothie art! @zoefoodcollective thank you for this beautiful inspiration! 😍 • just arrived in berlin and its’s cold - warming thoughts and soups will get me through these next few days, i’m sure! ❄️ • what’s your favorite soup? i need more inspiration and recipes, please! 👇🏼

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There are those who bake everything to perfection, then there are people who remember they left out sugar after they poured the cake into the pan. i’m the second kind of person but not gonna let that hold me back from 4am baking attempts. last night, @halfbakedharvest 5 ingredient peanut butter cookies and lucky for me this recipe has no sugar. dates provide sweetness! sprinkled some sea salt on melted @valrhonausa dark chocolate because i forgot to put salt inside 😆 #f52melty #superbowlsnacks

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I hope the dinner in the slow cooker tastes as good as it smells😋 i have been slowly cooking my way through the @halfbakedharvest cookbook and every recipe is 👍 so far! . also see my son’s attempt at photography, we got to work on his aim 😜 . . . #doingneutralright #littleaccountlove #interior #interiors #interior4all #interiordesign #interiorstyling #apartmenttherapy #sodomino #stellarspaces #howwedwell #howyouhome #currenthomeview #currentdesignsituation #kitchendesign #kitchen #kitchenremodel #openshelving #shelfie #smallspacesquad #halfbakedharvest

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Peanut coconut chili noodle soup 😋 quick and delicious soup for a cold sunday 🍲 recipe via @halfbakedharvest #healingfoods #sopitarica #peanutsoup #noodlesoup #vegansoup #vegandinner #halfbakedharvest

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Another @halfbakedharvest dinner ready to pop in the oven...asparagus and prosciutto tart with gruyere and “everything bagel” seasoning. whatcha don’t see is the soft-boiled egg that gets plopped on top...perfect! #halfbakedharvest #whatsfordinner #asparagus

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Garlic and herb mascarpone roasted chicken, from the half baked harvest cookbook by tieghan gerard. . we received this cookbook at christmas from our good friends deb and matt. everything we’ve made from it has been outstanding, and tonight’s meal is no exception. loving it! . #yyc #yycfood #yycfoodie #chicken #halfbakedharvest #sundaydinner #homecooking #roastchicken #roastchickendinner

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#halfbakedharvest turkey, sun-dried tomato and ricotta meatballs 💯🍝#sundaysupper #sundaysustenance #meatballs #garlicbread

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Come. to. mama. #cheatingontacoswithenchiladas (al pastor beef enchiladas courtesy of #halfbakedharvest )

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Artichoke & brie penne pasta with lots of lemon, spinach, and basil. #sundaydinner #artichokes #pasta #lemon #brie #basil #creamygoodness #yum #instadinner #halfbakedharvest

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New meal prep monday post up on the blog today! buffalo cauliflower quinoa bowls with tahini ranch. super tasty, vibrant and healthy. ps the cauliflower and tahini ranch recipes come from @halfbakedharvest and are deeeeelicious. #halfbakedharvest

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I wanted to share with you this very pretty mezze platter i made last night. i just love an informal and relaxing evening while sharing a big plate of food on a coffee table with a good bottle of wine, of course. it just warmed up the atmosphere instantly. i made this middle eastern spreads and the sundried tomato muhammara has been the favourite. recipes by #halfbakedharvest. #mezze #sharingiscaring #appetizers #middleeast #foodbloger #foodphotography #inspiration #foodandtravel #foodie

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@halfbakedharvest salted brioche cinnamon rolls...oh my. happy to be baking a little again and this one is a winner! #notafoodphotographer #yummysunday #breakfast #halfbakedharvest

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Getting some inspiration for ‘summer of love 1968-20018 50th anniversary party . ‘half baked harvest cookbook’ by tieghan gerard #halfbakedharvest , this one is a winner! interesting recipes beautifully photographed and nice writing.totally recommend! check her insta for photos following her cool barn renovation 😊 #oldfarmhouseadventures #thisbuckscolife

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Two galettes in one night! first, a sweet raspberry and blueberry galette with a sweetened crème fraiche -- pastry recipe courtesy of #honestlyyum. second, an artichoke, spinach, and lamb galette with mozzarella and basil -- i tweaked the recipe but my inspiration came from a recipe by #halfbakedharvest . even though the kitchen became exponentially hotter as the day went on, it was such a nice night to cook. ☀️❤️

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Eat your greens 🍀#saintpatricksday #halfbakedharvest

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Today’s living room view. loving my new pillows from @arrohome, my new cookbook and my happy place. spot the kitty, rosebud. #westelm #anthropologie #arrohome #halfbakedharvest #homesweethome #home #homestyle #homesweethome🏡 #homesofinstagram #myhappyplace #flowers #flowersmakemehappy #cats #cats_of_instagram #catsofinstagram #cat #catlady #plantlady

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Guinness bread, guinness cheese dip, chocolate guinness cake. #happystpatricksday #stout #guinness #halfbakedharvest

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So yeah.. this happened this morning. i have zero regrets. it was freaking awesome. get yo self this cookbook.. pronto! #halfbakedharvest

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Best gift ever! stoked to cook through this whole book. starting with the bibimbap 🍳🥩🍚🥕🥑 @halfbakedharvest

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Bringing some green to your feed today 💚☘️ with these avocado brownies from the amazing @halfbakedharvest 🥑. tieghan’s recipe helped me convince my coworkers that you can, in fact, add avocado to brownies and it not be weird. the silky smooth texture that the avo gives these brownies is like nothing i’ve ever tried before 🤤. i topped these with @simplemills vanilla frosting mixed with a couple chlorophyll drops as an all natural food coloring (which also has a naturally minty taste) and peppermint extract. minty chocolate might be up there with bomb combos like peanut butter chocolate. hope everyone has a great st. patty’s day! 🙌🏼

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