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Shaved my hair off - 24 inches to donate! 💇

there's a video up on the channel if you want to watch me do it 😅
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Donating my hair has been on my heart for quite some time but i just needed an extra push. last week, i felt that push when i saw my neighbor for the first time in a while. she was in the garage with her young kids. i noticed she had completely lost all of her hair, and there was a reason i hadn’t seen her in a few months. i instantly felt an overwhelming emotion come over me and knew it was god telling me, “do you still need another reason to donate your hair?” i feel fortunate i am able to give 10 inches of hair to someone in need. #hairdonation

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I did it! i cut my long hair 🙊 i’ve donated it, so now it’s on its way to someone who needs it more. 🥰
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Направих го! Разделих се с дългата си коса и сега тя пътува към някого, който се нуждае от нея повече, отколкото аз. 🥰 Благодаря на всички, които ми пратиха предложения за места за дарение.

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where is the best place to send hair for cancer patient’s wings? post address below.
my 9 year old wants to start doing this every christmas. she said it’s a gift she can give to others that really need it.

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