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Take me back to bali 🌴❤️
what‘s your favorite place on earth??
einen super donnerstag sportsfreunde 🙌🏻 wie gerne würde ich jetzt so ganz spontan nach bali reisen 🙄 jetzt gibts aber erstmal hier noch einiges zu tun und mal schauen, was dieses jahr noch so bringt 😏 was ist euer lieblingsort wenn ihr einen flug frei hättet? 🤔 bei mir geht’s jetzt gleich ins gym für ein shooting, die bilder gibt es dann schon heute abend in der story für euch, also schaut dort später gerne mal vorbei 😀🙏🏻 habt einen tollen tag meine lieben ✌🏻
📸 by @dreamteam_ftnss

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Gonna throw my phone out the window after this 😬😭💩😳😖
i 100% was planning on hiding this photo & never letting it see the light of day because #rolls...you can ask @nickceg - he took the pic. 🤷🏼‍♀️ as i was skimming through our lil photo shoot, i was disappointed when i saw this one. i asked him why he didn’t tell me that my back f*t looked like that. he looked at me, looked at the photo, and then looked back at me and said that he hadn’t even noticed because he thought i looked beautiful in coral. it was so weird, i had like 12 emotions overwhelm me in that moment but 2 stuck out the most: 1) wow am i lucky that @nickceg is mine and i can keep him forever and 2) he’s d**n right! i look amazing in coral! and so do my #rolls! ✨💁🏼‍♀️
and that leads us here...to me posting a photo i never ever ever would have posted if it weren’t for you. because none of us are perfect. because we have #rolls and #stretchmarks and #scars and random imperfections that make us who we are. and it’s time we start embracing these flaws and wear them with pride! 👀💖🙌🏻
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Just muscle and skin 🔪💀
rate his chest striations from 1 to 10 🔥
🎥 @andreideiu_

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I took 2 days off after going 12 weeks straight, feels good to be back to work 💪🏽 .
#neversettle #summer18 #befit2018

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👴🏼you ever feel like you’re body is getting older?
workouts are becoming way more difficult than they need to be?
for the last year my body had been feeling like it was failing me... aches & pains daily.. workouts struggled and just thought i had to fight through the pain.
then i thought... how’s my nutrition been? 🧐🤔
pretty d**n half assed with a side of brotein...
i’ve been locked in lately and here i am, back at it! feels good to still be able to dunk! 🏀 not bad for a 6’1” white boy 😅😂
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Hey guys sorry i’ve fallen off for a few weeks. a lot has happened. my house that’s in the picture flooded so i had to move and i was homeless for a couple weeks. i was starting up my summer job and just couldn’t find a way to fit the gym into my schedule. i’ve been doing some at home stuff but i miss the environment of the gym! 😩 i’m all moved in now and i’m getting back on track and used to my new schedule. thank you all for the positive comments and encouragement. social media has just been last on my priority list lately. i’m coming back!!!🤪💗😁💋
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Few sets of light, controlled flat-bar cable curls to finish off today’s upper body session😁

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Heavy partial side laterals from yesterday’s upper body session!
sometimes, you don’t need a full range of motion to stimulate muscular hypertrophy🔥

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...fast schon m.belucci 👑

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It’s hard to get fit but it’s absolutely worth it.💪🏼 because nothing feels as good as feeling fit does and i love it!

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Change of scenery for quads today!
managed to hit 9.5 pps for 6-8 on the inverted leg press. definitely going for 10 plates next time!😁

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- 24/05/18 -
oats, cherries, half a banana, spoonful of @alpro soya yogurt and a tsp of almond butter topped with cinnamon and walnut pieces 🤗 could eat this allllll day long.

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Thought i’d share one of my favorite heavy leg workouts for targeting the glutes but also really hitting hamstrings and quads 💪
warm-up: banded squat walk
1️⃣ sumo squat 3x10 (quads, glutes)
2️⃣ narrow stance squat on smith 3x10 (quads)
3️⃣ sumo deadlift 3x10 (hamstrings, glutes)
4️⃣ sumo squat on the cable 3x10 (quads, glutes)
4️⃣ hip t****t on smith 4x10 (glutes)
5️⃣ single-leg prisoner extension 4x12 (hamstrings, glutes)
6️⃣hip abductor 4x15

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Unposed vs posed .
you see a lot in fitness posts that people work really hard for their bodies. as such they want to promote their hard work by posing their bodies to best reflect this 💯
i’ve wanted to ‘build a booty’ for a while. i mean....i’ve always had one, but i really don’t want to have to break my back to do it justice anymore 🤦🏽‍♀️🤣
it’s nice to feel like i’m getting to a point where the results are speaking for themselves. my unposed picture, i feel, does my body as much justice as the posed shot.....& it hurts much less 🍑❤️ win win!
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Light db curls to finish off today’s pull session.
it was nice to be back down @fitness_studio_1 today, for a solid session all-round!! 😁

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20 double unders -10 burpees
this is a simple but very serious conditioning, f*t loss, strength building sequence... u can’t beat a double under/ burpee combination this sorts the men from the boys
throw in 20 crunches optional as an active recovery 💪🏽😅🏁 #russfit1000#personaltrainer#burpees#doubleunders#cardio#fitness#lean#muscle#muscleandfitness#instafit#gymshark#crossfit#ripped#shredded#dedication#skipping#gymlife#core#abs#london 🏁

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Transformation pic✨
left photo: 1/17/18
right photo: 5/9/18
🤗i am so happy with the results that my hard work has sowed! my tummy was always a trouble area for me. when i first started my fitness journey, toning my midsection was my number one goal. i paired regular exercise with healthy eating habits and shabam! love the results but this is only the beginning! i’ll get to that chocolate bar status one day! for now, keep striving!💪🏼

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Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. the time will pass anyway.

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