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Everyone has a guardian angel. the lucky ones have a dog. ❤️🐾 today is guardian angel day 😇 celebrate #lolabboston ‘s halloween costume parade all #october 🎃🐾 3. angel #halloween #halloweencostumeparade #dogcostumes #bostonterrier #bestwoof #ellendegeneres #ellenratemydog #guardianangel #guardianangeldog #evangerspets #evangershalloween

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Way too relatable 😊 here’s a quick prayer to say before bed: ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
good night, my guardian angel, the day has sped away; well spent or ill, its story is written down for aye. and now, of god's kind providence, thou image pure and bright, watch over me while i'm sleeping. my angel dear, good night! #amen ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
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Beruntungnya aku memiliki mu
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Suojelusenkeli kulkee mukanasi vuoden ympäri. 👼🏼💙
kuva | @peterlindenphotography
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pt: o nosso anjo não somente está conosco, mas vê deus pai. está em relação com ele. é a ponte cotidiana, desde a hora em que nos levantamos até o hora em que vamos dormir. ele nos acompanha. é uma ligação entre nós e deus pai. o anjo é a porta cotidiana para a transcendência, para o encontro com o pai: ou seja, o anjo nos ajuda a caminhar porque olha o pai e conhece a estrada. não nos esqueçamos desses companheiros de caminhada.

es: nuestro ángel no sólo está con nosotros, sino que ve a dios padre. está en relación con él. es el puente cotidiano: desde la hora en que nos levantamos hasta la hora en que vamos a la cama, nos acompaña y está en relación con nosotros y con dios padre. el ángel es la puerta cotidiana a la trascendencia, al encuentro con el padre. el ángel me ayuda a caminar porque mira al padre y conoce el camino. no olvidemos a estos compañeros de camino.

it: il nostro angelo non solo è con noi, ma vede dio padre. è in rapporto con lui. è il ponte quotidiano, dall’ora che ci alziamo all’ora che andiamo a letto la notte, che ci accompagna e è in rapporto con il padre e noi. l’angelo è la porta quotidiana alla trascendenza, all’incontro con il padre: cioè l’angelo che mi aiuta ad andare per la strada è perché guarda il padre e sa qual è la strada. non dimentichiamo questi compagni di strada.

fr: notre ange non seulement est avec nous, mais il voit dieu le père. il est en rapport avec lui. il est le pont quotidien, qui nous accompagne et qui est en relation avec le père et nous, depuis l’heure à laquelle nous nous levons jusqu’à l’heure à laquelle nous allons au lit la nuit. l’ange est la porte quotidienne vers la transcendance, vers la rencontre avec le père. c’est l’ange qui m’aide à prendre la route, parce qu’il regarde le père et qu’il sait quelle est la route. n’oublions jamais ces compagnons de route.

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Invoke your angel. he is more eager to help you than you are to be helped! ignore the devil and do not be afraid of him:
he trembles and flees at the sight of your guardian angel.
– st. john bosco
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As today is the feast day of the guardian angel i want to remind you all about your guardian angel. i have written many books and i talk of the guardian angel and the soul. i talk of love, peace and hope and how important it is to allow our spirituality to grow by allowing the human body and the soul to intertwine. ⠀
all my books are about growing spiritually and prayer helps us in billions of ways.⠀
prayer is like the key to spirituality. prayer is the key to the door to of the soul and to that intertwining that i speak about. it does not matter what religion you are or if you say that you do not have a religion, each and every one of us hold that key. we each have a soul and we each hold that spark of light within us. #prayer #spirituality #guardianangel

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🐶#security#guardianangel ❤️

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My #wcw always and forever.

this 4 foot 2inches little scorpio would have been 46 years old next month.

so this month is b****t cancer awareness. for those who knew my mommy, she was very quiet and rarely took pictures(the opposite of me obviously😂❤️) she lived in our hometown, charleston, south carolina. she did not party much but i do remember her bringing the family together to give me some attention while visiting home.
my mom is a twin and she did not drink alcohol or smoked.

no one in our family history had b****t cancer so i know what she ate (dairy, meat, seafood) was not the best thing but if i had known what i know now, she would be here because she would listen to her daughter (even though she may have challenged me because we are both scorpios😂😂😬) but what i do know is she is with me in spirit and encouraging me to help others. i hear her saying “the right crowd will follow” . my mommy heart was very pure. she was known for helping a lot of people and she gave her last to her children (three of us) .
i pray i am just as giving and helpful as she was and i know she so very proud of me. we miss and love you always and forever.

#breastcancersucks #eatright #health #helponeanother #cancer #itcanbeprevented #breastcancerawareness #mommy #wemissyou #guardianangel #promotinghealthyliving

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This number was double whammy for me this morning! 🤔 @enlightenedmeditation i think this is a sign from the talk we had yesterday before we ended our meeting!! time for teaching lol!
✨the message from number 1 is for you to become different. if you are a reserved person and an introvert, surprise people by being more outgoing, make more friends and meet new people. the new people who cross your path maybe the ladder you need to progress in your life. by getting out of your cocoon you explore another side of you that you didn’t know existed. others will also get to relate to a new side of you and it will leave them with a good impression of the person that you are.
✨the message from angel number 7 is that you are your strongest pillar. your inner strength is what will make you stand when you are faced with adversity. when you are in pursuit of your goals in life, when you lack self belief and a determined nature then it will be easy for you to be swayed. nourish your spirituality, have strong faith because this are the inner attributes that will hold you when you feel like giving up.
✨the message from number 5 is that you should not be a rigid person. a person who easily adapts to change is bound to go far unlike the one who is rigid to change.
✨angel number meaning 175 shows that when times and situations change, change with them. don’t hold on to old things which don’t propel you in any way. carry the experiences from the past to shape your future but don’t stick to old ways. #angelnumber175 #angelnumber #angellanguage #guardianangel #angelstalktoyou #lookfortheirsigns #spirituality #mindbodyspirit #grounding #meditate #prayer #spiritualwellness

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💔 to my mother in heaven💔
it never gets easier as the years pass.
i can't believe it's already been 4yrs since i last heard you laugh.
it's a pain in my heart that will always be.
and nothing can stop the tears that keep falling free.
i'll always love my mother though in heaven she may be.
i'll never forget the lessons she once taught me.
#rip #mom #4yrs #passedaway #missher #loveher #loveyoumom #missmom #angel #guardianangel #deppression #sad #itsokaynottobeokay #imokay

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Since i got this necklace from my sister @desireejoysparrow i have not taken it off❤
inside of my fathers nickle head necklace are the ashes of my guardian angels so they are forever near to my heart ❤️ #spiderina🕷 #fuckcancer #ikickedcancersass #roadtorecovery #guardianangel

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You may remember her better as gilda or for her dance of the 7 veils in “salome”, but today is the day we honor our lady rita of hayworth, your libra guardian angel of perpetual longing to be loved. we will drop a rita candle on #faf, but if you want to guarantee your own (that hasn’t been sitting out in the elements), you can get yours today in our #etsy shop (link in the bio). also, all of our guardian angels of the zodiac are available for purchase, and customization is always welcome. #ritahayworth #celebrityprayercandles #guardianangel #libra #libraseason #birthday #birthdaygiftideas

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Today we celebrate the day you were born and became our most precious guardian angel. we didn’t understand it then, why you left us so soon, but now we see it daily and feel pretty lucky knowing you are always watching out for us and so many others. thank you for continuing to watch over us (especially your sisters) and thank you for always guiding me in the right direction. we love you buddy. have an incredible day up in the clouds....🦋👼🏼#guardianangel #myson #ihaveasoninheaven #purpose #newbornloss #findmeaning #neverforget #butterflies

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Going live this morning at 9:00 am pdt!!! so in about 2 hours. listen in as i teach you how to start communicating with your guardian angels!
call into the live show and receive messages from your angels!!! 👼💗👼
📲call 657-383-0285 ***please keep your questions on the day's topic***
i'll be joining you soon!💗🙏💗

🚨link in bio🚨

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Bring on the light. when you find yourself in a dark space of moral injustice (and just plain absurdity & stupidity) you my very well need to “run away” or you may be called to step deeper in to stoke the fire 🔥 of retribution to right the wrong and bring the light! 💪💥 forcing people to own up, to be honest and do the right thing for themselves and others can exhaust even the strongest of minds, heart and body. be steadfast. don’t lose faith and never go it alone. use your resources of relationships and spiritual strength & power. know miracles are happening even ones you can not see...even miracles of awakening for those who are attempting to wrong you! but when you choose to go, go with intelligence, dignity, strength and....with god. remember the fight is not yours. you are being called to stand in this space for all. 🙏💪🔥 my rock of a son, who confidently and calmly stood by my side yesterday as i attempted to balance the scales (without loosing my sh*t) gently but firmly reminded me; as he prayed over me in the midst of the chaotic emotional challenge, “this is not your fight, mom. you can’t take it personally. you’ve done nothing wrong. this is god’s fight.” amen amen.
bring on the light my friends we all in this together! #itsnotaboutme #thelightprevails #spiritual #strength #karma #family #powerofprayer #dotherightthing #youarelight #guardianangel #love #heals #steadfast #strongerthanyouknow #lightbearer #godwins

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"ihv no idea who you can be. cuz you can be anything u want.
aku ga tau kamu jadi siapa. soalnya kamu bisa jadi siapa aja kamu mau.
what a genie! dasar kau jin!"
#ripenglish #genie #lover #satan #guardianangel #iblis #zakiaartstyle

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Let's play and deepen your intuition with these crystals/gemstones.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
before picking a crystal take a minute to center yourself, close your eyes and place your focus inward. take a couple deep breaths in and out and become still.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
1. think of a question related to your life that you would like guidance on.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
2. open your eyes and notice which one crystal you are most drawn to.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
3. post the crystal number in comments.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
see you tonight, wednesday october 17th at 6pm cst, facebook live reveal on my fb page silke's art!⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
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Guardian angel dog ornaments 😇$9.99 at dogloverstore.com and available to be custom painted for $39.99
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🙏😇 fly high g'ma...7 years to long #gonetosoon #liveinthesky #gonebutnotforgotten #guardianangel #restinpeace

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New in from @claudiabradby the amazing lyra wing ear climbers, necklace and bracelet. all in stock now! #claudiabradby #claudiabradbyjewellery #pearls #wing #guardianangel #british #design #bourneendjewellers #shoplocal

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18 years ago today i lost one of the most important people in my life💔 there is not a day goes by that i don't think you. i had an amazing childhood because of you, i have memories that will last a lifetime. there are not enough words to express how much our family misses you. i will forever be grateful to you for loving me like your own. you were an amazing woman❤ until we meet again i love you tia rosalba #familia #guardianangel #descansaenpaz

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Estamos muy emocionados de poder compartir con ustedes la nueva colección “holiday 2018”, ya disponible en nuestra tienda 😍❤️. .
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